New From Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary … Part 2

 Continuing with the images from Sting’s latest download “Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary
Officer Carter’s first encounter with laying on discipline is to one of his own lads, Trainee Pratt (Sebastian) He had ‘done a runner’ in Borstal terms and being absent without leave deserved a swift disciplinary response.

To add to the humiliation and punishment Carter orders Pratt’s backside area to be shaved by the barber to prepare for an exemplary bare bottom spanking.



 This being done Pratt now is ordered over the bench to receive both the junior then senior heavy leather straps. Pratt’s recently shaved backside is literally roasted by the cruel biting leather. He will not be so keen to abscond again. 

Another incident occurs where fellow officer Mr Labowski (Margusta) is required to deal with a badly behaved young lad called Collins (Toby)

It’s the strap again but this time with the delinquent youth hugging the vaulting horse and taking the stinging leather lashes across his bare bottom wishing for sure now he’d behaved better.

At the end of the day it becomes another successful entry in Officer Carters Borstal Dairy.

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    Anonymous says:

    Sebastian has a pretty hot ass. Good for spanking, but also for bottoming as in his movies…

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What ass cheeks
    what an ass cherry!