Interview with a Spanker – Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

  Mr X, Bailey and Brett in “Bailey the Humiliation”

Hi Mr X. thanks very much for agreeing to do an interview for JockSpank. I have a number of questions I would like to ask, and have also included some questions from fans who have written in.

Question 1: You first appeared on JockSpank’s radar working with Brett Steven’s at his Studio, was that the first time you became involved in making male spanking movies? Or have you made other adult films in the past

Answer: Answer: I’m glad you are breaking me in with an easy question! I had never had any experience making films, adult or otherwise, until just a few months ago! I’m a movie making virgin! This whole adventure is brand new to me! ………….. (Ok there have been a few things I filmed in my bedroom on my camera phone but we’ve all done that before……… haven’t we)?

What made you decide to start making male spanking movies?

Answer:…erm, well I never really did make that decision. It just kind of happened. I was drawn into it! I have a feeling though we will go more into how it all began soon enough!

Now a question which was submitted by PTB was “How did you meet Brett Stevens, and are your websites separate ventures?”

Answer:Ok, so about Brett. First of all let me say that Brett is an awesome guy! It was a fairly random meet to be honest in the very first instance, we live very close to each other… However, some time after I first met Brett he got in touch as a bit of his editing software got corrupt and he needed somebody with a decent computer to help edit some clips. That is how it all began……. It was a blast doing some work with Brett and with me living so close I found myself getting out with some filming too. I really enjoyed the whole process and I guess that is where the ideas for Straight Lads Spanked came from.

So yes PTB, Straight Lads Spanked is very much a separate venture from Brett’s work. However, Brett and I are still very much in touch and happily support each others studios and work. I feel quite sure that our work will cross over in different ways at some point. I can’t see any reason why Brett would not appear in further future Straight Lads Spanked movies (in fact I have some plans for that as we speak) or why Mr X won’t appear in Brett’s productions. In fact, Brett has already featured in new clip “Don’t Steal from Mum Part Two” on Straight Lads Spanks in an extremely intense and rapid OTK hand, belt and slipper butt blistering movie!!

You opened your own Studio Straight Lads Spanked earlier this year, what made you decide to focus on Straight Lads in particular?

 Bailey in “Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 2”

Answer: Hmmmm, where do I begin! Ok, let’s focus on the spanking aspect first. For me spanking, in spanking movies always has to be a deserved punishment and not something done because either the person dishing it out or the person receiving it is getting sexual gratification. So in my mind having a spanking site featuring Straight Lads who are not attracted to men makes this situation more achievable.

Of course there are plenty of popular sites offering more erotic spanking and that is great but not the direction I wanted to go down… I also appreciate that my theory is somewhat flawed in that it would be ridiculous to suggest that all gay men enjoy getting spanked and straight men don’t!!

But why Straight Lads? Well for me as an individual and somebody who is attracted to men, I have always had a self-confessed……..erm……, fondness (my friends would say obsession) with straight lads. Completely ridiculous of course! Quintin Crisp describes it better than I ever could when he says…” The … problem that confronts homosexuals is that they set out to win the love of a “real” man. If they succeed, they fail. A man who “goes with” other men is not what they would call a real man. The conundrum is incapable of resolution, but that does not make homosexuals give it up.”

The new studio appears to have developed quite a large fan base, what do you think it is about seeing Straight guys getting there bottoms spanked that is such a turn on for so many people?

Answer: Well I think a lot of what I answered in the previous questions applies to a lot of people. However, more than that. I think there is something very rewarding about seeing masculine, straight lads submitting to going over another man’s knee for a spanking. Somebody once commented about Bailey saying that Bailey is type of confident (slightly arrogant) guy that they see in the gym or workplace that they would love to see ‘brought down to size’. Well on Straight Lads Spanked that is exactly what you get to see! As for having a fan base? Well that is pretty cool! 🙂 I like that a lot!

What were the main challenges you faced when setting up the new studio?

Answer: It all just seemed to just happen rather easily to be honest. The biggest issue was not having great cameras at the beginning. I look back with some regret on some early shoots that could have been so much better if I had better equipment. Thankfully that has been resolved! I remember clearly though the first day of shooting as Straight Lads Spanked. Bailey, Billy and Danny were all there. The support I had that day from all three guys was incredible. They could see I was bluffing it and doing my best and they did everything possible to help me out!

Danny and Bailey in Office Junior Spanked

 It was like having an all day group hug from the guys! We were there for most of the day! Danny is a mate of mine anyway so it was great having him there. Bailey though was simply awesome that day and was actually a good influence on the other guys. So much got filmed that day as well. Office Junior Spanked, Graffiti Artist Spanked Part Two and the entire Bailey Bullies apprentice!. We reshot a lot of Bailey – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home that day too. I have no idea how we managed it all! I suspect all the lads stood up on the bus on the way home that day!

To what degree, if any, were you influenced by descriptions of corporal punishment and spanking in literature, in movies and of course in the, much less politically correct, comics and magazines of the sixties and seventies? (all of which would be banned now) Do you believe that any of these have influenced your work? (if so are you able to give examples?)

Answer: 60’s and 70’s????????? I mean 60’s! Really! How rude! How old does Jockspank think I am? Lol!

I was born in the mid 70’s probably only started reading comics in the very late 70’s early 80’s. However, what I did read featured a lot of spanking! In particular there is a Scottish creation called ‘Oor Wullie’. That naughty lad was always getting spanked! I also read the Beano and recall Dennis the Menace getting slippered from his Dad! I’m not so sure they have influenced what I do now but they no doubt sparked an interest in CP!

I also remember an old black and white film or maybe it was a TV drama. It might have been Nicholas Nickleby and it featured a rather brutal caning with a lad attached to some frame. I remember my Mum being shocked and switching it off. Which of course only made me more determined to watch it so I ran upstairs to my big brothers room and watched it on his telly!

Another question from PTB was How do you compare what you are doing with the guys at Sting, Spanking Central etc?

Answer: I’m not so sure I compare them as such or that I am in a position to compare. Let me say this though. What Sting do is superb. The attention to detail is something I aspire to. I think though the themes I do are a bit different. I’m very much aware of Spanking Central too. I think maybe Cliff’s work on Spanking Central is closer to what I do in that there is a more modern feel to it. Maybe the biggest difference is that with SC there is more of a big budget studio setting feel. Where as my stuff is a bit rawer and looks like it has been shot using a hand held camera in my home (which it has)!

Do you feel that any of the other studios have influenced or inspired you?

Answer: I have absolutely no doubt at all that I have taken (probably more subconsciously) ideas from other studios and added my own touch to it. I think I possibly spend more time trying to build a story for the spankings than most of the studios do. …… It also works in a different way, you don’t just get influenced in a good way. I have seen things on other studios and thought, “I really don’t want to do that”, or, “good idea, but if you had done this it would have been better” Of course all of this is subjective.

“Give me some examples” I hear you yell!

Ok, well some studios don’t have any reason or build up to guys getting spanked other than asking the model “why are you here”? …… “Because I need money to pay the rent and fuel bill and my daughter needs new shoes” …… “Ok, well get over my knee, look at the camera whilst I spank you to tears”!!!!

Now let me make this 100% clear. I am not criticising! These studios are popular. It’s just not for me. I like my spankings to be about punishment. Not some guy just enduring so that they can feed their family. (I’m also aware all my models are doing it for cash but I try and present it in a different way)…. The other main thing I have picked up from some other movies that frustrated me was lack of facial reactions during spankings. This is incredibly important to me and I have tried to feature it in everything I have produced! It’s one thing seeing a bottom getting spanked, but as a viewer I feel you need to relate to whom the bottom is attached and how they are reacting to the spanking…

Andy and Bailey in “Builders Gatecrash a Spanking Party”

Two of the mainstays of Straight Lads Spanked are Andy and Bailey. They are two very masculine men, the personification of Straight Lads, what are they like to work with.

Answer: They are an absolute joy to work with! But both in very different ways. Andy is definitely more of a joker. He really is full of fun. All the time! Put him together with Bailey and sometimes filming can be a nightmare! For example, on a very recent shoot (not yet released) I am trying to film Andy and Bailey together. There is no camera man that day so I am directing, filming and being Mr X. There was a lot going on! Andy had just had lunch so was rather, erm windy…. Which caused much disruption! Bailey had to leave the room gagging at one point! Then it comes to them both being naked. 

Andy in “Andy Chinese Birch

Now Andy is very blessed in a certain department so decides to do Windmill impressions with his willy! Bailey decides to join in! Sword fights are happening! I’m trying to shoot film! The ironic thing is that it crossed my mind that I should be enjoying this and finding it erotic….. IN any other situation I would dream to be in that situation! Instead all I’m doing is tutting, trying to get some order and shoot some film! With hindsight I wish I had it on camera to enjoy later! Bailey on the other hand is also fun but really serious and dedicated to producing great movies. I’m not saying that Andy is not but Bailey really seems aware of the production details and is not afraid to suggest ideas or different angles or retakes. I have gone from being rather scared of Bailey on the first day I met him to being really fond of him. Andy too!

How do these two guys differ and what special qualities do they each bring to the movies you make?


Answer: Ok so Andy brings his cheeky charm and of course his hot, muscled body! He also brings his friends and family! It was Andy that introduced me to Bailey (who was the best man at Andy’s wedding) as well as Liam and more recently his brother Patrick!

Bailey brings really great acting performances. He plays the characters so well and convincingly. Also, if I’m shooting with other lads and Bailey is there he actually helps them with their performance. Bailey is also taking harder spankings and again, this is having a knock on effect with other models, so it is all good! Bailey (along with Andy) has been part of this since the beginning and he knows that I am just doing what I can with it all and that I don’t claim to be an expert. Whenever he is around he offers so much emotional support to. He keeps me calm and will help me position cameras set the rooms and so on. Oh and I’m sure Bailey will read this so I guess I should say that he also brings a hot body, an amazing butt as well as being devastatingly handsome!

Which do you prefer? Bailey the spanker, or Bailey getting spanked?

Answer: Oh tough one! Really tough! I will never tire of seeing Bailey getting spanked; however, he has proven to be a great spanker too. It’s almost impossible to compare them as they are so different. So I can’t answer. I will say though that for as long as he is happy to do this stuff, I will be using him in both roles…

 The interviews you have done with both Bailey and Andy were really very revealing; do you think they have changed the fans’ views of the actors and, by extension, their videos?

Answer: I think so yes. I think Andy just reconfirmed what everyone guessed. That he is funny, cheeky, masculine and hot! I think Bailey possibly surprised people with just how friendly and charming he was. Both lads were so open about their own spanking experiences and how they viewed making the movies. Some of their answers even surprised me! It did actually concern me that with the guys beings so open that maybe it would detract from the viewers enjoyment of them in the films, for example, would people enjoy seeing Bailey getting spanked as much if they now think he is less moody, arrogant and deserving as they first thought, but I don’t think that has been the case…

Someone who chose to remain anonymous asked if we would get to see Bailey’s “hole” in a future movie. How intimate to you plan to get with these guys?

Answer: Probably not that intimate. Look, if there was a justifiable reason for including it in the story/film why not? But I can’t think right now of a story where that would happen. In addition a big selling point to getting these guys involved is that it is not overtly sexual…………….. Then again, there is a forfeit in the latest round of Spank Jenga that involves the loser getting spanked ‘diaper’ position (lying on his back with his legs in the air) which is quite revealing! ……. maybe next time Bailey is lying face down soothing is tender bottom after a hard spanking there could be more of a reveal!

How about the other actors you work with, Liam, Karl, Kyle, Billy, Danny and now Patrick, what can you tell us about them and what they are like to work with? Are there any who present particular difficulties?

Answer: Answer In no particular order then! Kyle was a one off. I’m not sure I will be in touch with him again! Liam is brilliant! Let me tell you about the first movie I shot with him. It was called Liam – Spanked for Fighting – Part One. So I needed a reason for him to be visiting Mr X. He was meant to be bringing some Army Cadet uniform. In fact, he never brought any of his stuff as he had stayed with this girl the night before, slept in and left his bag there when leaving in a rush! So I asked about his lack of uniform and a reason for him seeing Mr X and Andy said to Liam, “Go on, tell him what happened with the police”!! Well let’s just say that the reasons for Liam’s punishment in this scene is about as real as it gets! Liam really had been fighting and got in trouble.

I never realised at the time, but when I watched it back I could see how real it was for Liam. Mr X was laying into him about how he had wasted his opportunities, let his Mother down and so on and you could see that Liam was thinking about all this stuff for real. I don’t think anyone had spelled it out to him before so clearly! He really seems genuinely sorry for himself and resigned to the spanking as if it is truly deserved. This also follows through into Part Two with Dr Barton! Then there was another incident with Liam when we filmed his “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”. Liam really got belted hard in this. Like really hard and for a long time. At one point I thought he was laughing a bit (a lot of the guys seem to revert to nervous giggling) and I gently said to Liam, “look mate, we are nearly finished but I need you to stop laughing” Liam said to me in a strained voice, “I’m not laughing”…. It was only when I watched back that I discovered that he really was not laughing and it was him on the very brink of tears/sobs. In fact, I’m 99% sure there were some proper sobs in there….(some viewer called it ‘emotional edging’ which I liked)!

Billy is a joy to work with too. Friendly and easy going! He also takes a hard spanking! The clip “Brett Belts Billy” actually left his bottom bruised for days afterwards. You can see the results of this bruising in Graffiti Artist Gets Spanked – Part Two. Danny is a mate of mine. He has a long term girlfriend. I was there when he called her to ask permission to be in these movies. What a conversation that was! Quite surreal! I mean, can you imagine it….. “Hi love, it’s Danny here, erm, I just wanted to ask you something….., erm….. you know my mate Dave?” “Yes, I know Dave” “Well he is making adult spanking movies, do you mind if I get naked and spanked on film”??? ……….””Yes, love that will be fine, oh and don’t forget to pick up some milk on the way home”!!!!!

 Karl and Bailey in “Caught Spying on Girls”

Karl! (Or 18 year old Karl as he is known around here)! Did you see the spanking that lad took from Bailey in “Caught Spying on Girls”??? Wowee! Even now I can hear the stinging slaps as Bailey really laid into him! That is nothing to what happens to him in the as yet unreleased follow up to this!

Finally we have Patrick. Andy’s brother. Handsome lad! Bit of a young Tom Cruise look going on there… Patrick was the only model I have worked with so far where I got the feeling he was a bit unsure about it all. So I did the appropriate thing under the circumstances….. Which was to get as much footage shot before he bailed out! 🙂

Which of the movies do you feel most proud of and why?

Billy and Bailey in “Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 1”

Answer: It’s a hard to choose just one single movie. Ok, I’m just going to keep this selection down to movies that have so far been released and my answer has to be Bailey Bullies Apprentice! For so many reasons! A huge part of it is to do with the performances on the day. All three models, Danny, Billy and Bailey acted their parts superbly! I watched this again recently and they play it so real! But also, it was done at the end of a long and manic day and even though I knew everyone was tired and time was running out, everyone just went for it! Sure, I had the whole story worked out in my head, but every model brought their own extra thing to it! Bailey telling Billy to fix the boiler by looking at the instructions was unscripted.


It still makes me laugh thinking about it now! Billy asking for some of Bailey’s drink was unplanned and Danny was a great boss! But then we had the big moment where Bailey lifts Billy up with one strong arm to shoulder height and proceeds to spank him whilst he is kicking around in mid air! Woweee! I couldn’t believe it was happening! (In fact Dr Barton emailed me about this saying he had never seen anything like it in Spanking Movies before which I was really proud of)!

I actually showed this to my flatmate (straight guy) who has no interest in spanking. My intention was to stop it when the spanking begins (as he really doesn’t want to see that king of thing)… Here is what happened. First of all he just said how real it was. He got absorbed by the story! He was actually yelling at Bailey calling him names at the way he was treating Billy…. It came to the spanking bit and I stopped it…. “What are you doing, my flatmate yelled”? “You never want to see the spanking stuff” I replied. “switch it back on, I have to see what happens next” he ordered!……. anyway, when Bailey finally gets caught by Danny and ends up getting spanked in front of Billy, my flatmate punches the air and shouts “yes”!!!!!! ……………………..It never ended there. Later that night two of mates came over and one of their girlfriends. Flatmate insisted I put it on! I did! It was the same reaction. They were actually booing Bailey and yelling with delight when he finally got what was coming to him! It was a very surreal night for me!

Can I choose a second favourite please?

Andy and Lewis

It has to be Clean the Apartment – Andy and Lewis. Andy talks about this in his interview. We have Andy spanking his good mate Lewis in this clip. Let me tell you about the location. This was filmed in Lewis’s apartment. I turned up with my filming gear and Andy greeted me downstairs. We walked by one door and he said casually, “this is where I live, my wife and baby are inside” !!!!!! Then we walked to the flat above where his good mate lives. The whole things was madness but yet so normal. I’m thinking, so I’ve turned up to meet Andy, who has left his wife and baby downstairs, to go upstairs with me and get spanked alongside his real life mate!

I was not sure how to make two real life mates spanking each other look real and justified. I was quite worried about that. But Andy and; Lewis played their parts brilliantly and really laid into Lewis! By the end of it Lewis had struggled off the sofa as Andy was still holding him with one arm and spanking his bottom so hard!! The only time we stopped filming was to chat about how Andy should remove Lewis’s underwear. It had to look right and fitting for the situation. It is a big deal for one straight lad to be pulling down the boxers of another guy (never mind spanking his bare bottom) and Andy was asking how he should do it as it felt weird. I just said to Andy, “Look, imagine you were in this situation, Lewis had stopped you getting laid that night and you were furious, how would you do it”? Andy thought about it, looked at me and said, “Ok I got it, start filming”………………………….. Andy then held Lewis down and just ripped his boxers off and then laid into him! Every reaction from Lewis was 100% real. He was squirming, struggling and protesting and Andy just carried on! The colour of Lewis’s bottom at the end shows exactly what he went through!

I just never thought I would get these straight lads spanking each other, never mind it looking so real! All I had to do was stand there and film!

I could go on but I think I did well keeping it down to two movies! 🙂

Which movie did you most enjoy making and why?

Answer: Other than Bailey Bullies Apprentice it has to be the very recent Spank Jenga movies. I liked it because I got the guys doing things I never thought would be possible. (including lying in the diaper position) I also liked these because I could take a back seat and just film. They just about direct themselves…

Bailey takes a Bath

Second to that would be a yet to be released movie called Baileys Bubble Bath Blues! In this movie you get to see not only Bailey in his pyjamas but also his Dad too! But this movie was also filmed directly before Bailey’s Bath Brush Beating and there was a certain feeling of ‘calm before the storm’ in the air! There is also a moment in this where Bailey gets caught by Dad looking at naughty mags and Bailey’s face in it is priceless

Oh can I have another favourite please? How could I forget Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party??????????

Builders Gatecrash a Spanking Party

This is where we get to see Mr X and the legendary Dr Barton in a scene together. Part Two of this has Mr X and Dr Barton each having a builder (Andy and Bailey) over their knee getting spanked simultaneously! The lads had no idea what was going to happen. It was filmed in one take and I just loved it! So did the audience it seemed by the amount of emails I got about that clip! There was one particular section of Part Two of “Builders Gate Crash Spanking Party” which I remember fondly. This entire scene was sprung upon the two builders, they really had no idea what was happening next. So Mr X and Dr Barton come into the room and announce that both lads are going to get spanked. Now Bailey had been spanked earlier by Dr Barton that day and knew how tough and hard he spanked and you see Bailey nearly run towards me (Mr X) to get spanked rather than face Dr Barton again! Very funny!

Do you have plans to use different spankers and authority figures, for instance, will you be working with Dr Barton on any future movies?

Answer: Now that I have Bailey (and to some degree Andy) spanking I am not too bothered right now about other spankers. However, as for working with Dr Barton again. You better believe it! I love working with Dr Barton! He brings something special to everything he does! I love how he lectures and tells the lads off so well! I have also built up a nice friendship with Dr Barton which I treasure.

Things may change but right now (with the exception of the very youthful Dr Barton) I am trying to stay away from the elderly Uncle/Dad/Headmaster spanking the lads. I have nothing against it in principal but I am just trying to take Straight Lads Spanked in a different direction.

Now a question from Welshboy: “I would like to ask Mr X what scene he would like to film, that he has not done before?”

Answer: This is an easy one to answer! It is something I have wanted to do from the beginning but I have still not found the right location……. So picture the scene! We see a group of lads out on the field/park/football pitch playing football! Next up we cut to the locker/shower room where the lads all pile in, strip off their muddy kit and take a group shower. There is a lot of horseplay going on, with the lads hitting each other with towels and so on….. Then the coach comes in! He is angry because of the lad’s poor performance! Then we basically get a lot of spanked lads in the changing room!

I have a very specific changing room in mind though. The kind you would find at an amateur or semi-professional club this is a bit grimy and old fashioned! If anyone has ever seen any of the football films from Triga you will know exactly what I mean! So, I might as well take this chance to ask! If anyone has any ideas for a suitable location within the M25 area of London, please let me know!

Do you think humour can be appropriate in a spanking scenario, or do you prefer the scenes to be played seriously?

Dr Barton

Answer : Oh I am all for some humour! It has to be right though of course! I guess the closest thing I have come to humour was “Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party” Dr Barton’s face at the very end of Part One when he opens the door and says “Ah Mr X! Come In” still makes me smile! Also, the Spank Jenga series is quite funny. The spanking is not being delivered as a punishment, so we can have some more fun with it. Sometimes the whole, “you have been a bad lad and need to be punished can get a bit weary”. Bring on the laughs! Also, thinking about it. The whole sequence leading up to the spanking in Bailey Bullies Apprentice is very funny indeed! Well it makes me laugh a lot anyway!

PTB has asked if it would be possible to see the actors in shorter and tighter sports gear?

Answer: I think this will happen. I am still on the hunt though for a changing room/locker room venue to film in and it will happen for sure. Then again Karl (or 18 year old Karl to give him his full name) wears some Speedos in Caught Spying on Girls!

I now have a question from Bayonette who says: My favourite movies are ones like Bailey the humiliation or Wait till your father gets home, where the spanked boy is embarrassed and humiliated by what is happening to him. Do you plan more embarrassing and/ or humiliating ordeals for your actors?

Answer: Answer Yes I do! It is this aspect that seems to appeal to people the most. I think especially when you are dealing with masculine lads like Andy, Bailey and Liam. I suppose when you are dealing with Straight Lads getting OTK spanking there will always be a degree of humiliation involved but I certainly plan to make that a main feature in further movies.

Bailey waiting for his father

Is part of what appeals to you about the “Wait Till your father gets home” theme, the manner in which it embarrasses and humiliates a grown man by making him revert to being a young boy waiting for his spanking? If not, what is it that appeals to you about that theme?

Answer: OK there are a few reasons as to why I like the Wait Till Your Father Gets Home scenario. From a purely practical point of view this set up works well in having a scene where it is not necessary to show Dad’s face. Which means I can play the part of Dad without having to bother with the mask (I have a feeling we will discuss the mask more later) so if I’m being honest, that was the original motivating factor behind this theme. It’s not so much that I am desperate to be in these movies doing the belting but it means that I can arrange a shoot without having to bring in another actor to play Dad. As I have gone on to do each new Wait Till Your Father Gets Home they have evolved.

For example, with the Bailey one (which is still one of the most popular movies I have released so far) you had Bailey talking to his Dad on the phone before the spanking, pleading with his Dad and protesting that he was too old! I really think that added to the clip… Then in the latest release with Liam we finally have Dad talking all the way through it. Really laying into Liam and telling him off. The Liam one definitely features the hardest belting as well…. I have just filmed one of these with Andy too! So that will be released at some point! But yes, a huge part of the appeal for me of these movies is the waiting for the Dad getting home part. The lad knows what is coming and can’t see any way out of it and knows that he is just going to have to go through with it! The fact that he is now a grown up means it’s gonna be bad and he knows this too!  One other reason why I like these movies is that they are perfect for capturing facial reactions! In fact, I have just remembered that was an important contributing factor with regards to making the first one. Having the camera on the bottom of the bed capturing not only the lad reacting to the whacks from the belt but you can often catch the raised bottom in the background and see the hits all in the same shot. Visually I love that!

I believe your most successful video to date was Bailey’s Bath Brush Beating; it certainly went further than most of your videos, what can you tell us about making that movie, and how you felt about inflicting what must have been a significant degree of pain on young Bailey?

 Bailey’s Bathbrush Beating

Answer: Yes this has sold more than any other movie I have made and it has not even been out for a month yet. To answer your question though about how I felt about beating Bailey so hard? Well I hated it! Truly I did! It’s not really in my nature to inflict serious pain on another person so this was actually a big deal for me… Ok, how did it happen? Well I guess it comes down to business and supply and demand! I am well aware that there is a market for harder spankings like this and I was getting asked more and more to go further.

So I decided to approach Bailey about it. It was funny how it happened. It initially emailed him about it and he replied fairly soon. It was late at night and he told me that he was with his girlfriend and that she had actually offered to pay his fee so that he didn’t feel the need to go through with it! How cute is that??? Anyway, it went ahead because of Bailey. His attitude to it was brilliant. He was up for the challenge.

Actually, I think this is what got Bailey through it. He saw it as a challenge to overcome! Boy did he rise to that challenge! If you have seen the video interview with Bailey you will know the behind the scenes story with what happened regarding filming on that day. But I’ll tell you again here anyway……. So on that day there was some tension in the air! Bailey was naturally nervous, as was I! It’s quite a big step from picking somebody up from the station having a coffee and a chat to then beating their bottom with a hairbrush! I was also using a new camera…. So we shot all the initial section with Bailey coming into see Mr X (incidentally, I think Bailey is awesome in this section. He plays it so well. I really feel that you can sense the dread in the air). So then it was time for the spanking. We decided that I would really go for it over his jeans, hard! It makes sense, at least he has some protection and it would look good on camera.

So I did! I really went for it! I paused and asked if he wanted a break and Bailey told me just to carry on. Now on this day there was no cameraman. The camera was high on a tripod. So I got up to adjust and too my horror I discovered it was not recording! I also had another camera set up for the face shots and that didn’t record either! I was devastated! Bailey was brilliant about it and just said, well let’s go again! So I did, I went through the whole thing again of beating Bailey over his jeans………. My nerves were getting worse by now! I then stopped and checked the camera and realised that once again it was not recording!!!!!! I actually was close to calling it off at this point. Bailey was a real trooper though and was calmer than I was. So we recorded it for the third and final time! This time all was good! I discovered afterwards that the face camera footage was poor quality and too dark to use. However, I had shot a lot of additional face camera shots with the main camera so there was more than enough to make it work….

As it happens, I have been working on the face camera footage and found out it caught the second take which I thought was lost. I have also managed to improve the quality of the image. I may well release this at some point and include some behind the scenes footage and producers notes and so on….

There was one good thing about the whole video though…….. Mr X decided to rub some soothing cream into Bailey’s bruised bottom afterwards. I would be lying if I said I never ‘appreciated’ that moment! 🙂

Another successful video was “Karl caught spying on Girls“, what do you think it was about that movie which made it so popular?

 Bailey and Karl in “Caught Spying on Girls”

Answer: I think there are many different elements that appealed to people with this movie. Ok, so this was the first time we had seen Karl. He really is just 18 and has a very fresh faced, cheeky look about him and I know that certainly appeals to many. Plus we saw him wanking in the shower! So for people who like to see a bit more of the models well you had Karl hard and jerking! Now add into the mix, Bailey as the spanker! Wow! What a great combination. I loved how Bailey played this as the swimming coach as he was lecturing Karl prior to the spanking. Beforehand we had only seen really nasty and arrogant Bailey. In this movie though he was much more like a caring big brother. I thought the chemistry between Bailey and Karl was fantastic!

But then we have the spanking! Boy did Bailey dish it out! In the editing the sound waves of the spanking were pushing the red peaks! This was the hardest OTK spanking filmed on SLS so far (maybe only Brett’s ‘Don’t Steal From Mum – Part Two comes close). Bailey really got into he spanking and at one point close to the end I could see it was enough and Karl had enough and I was trying to get Bailey to stop but he was so focused on spanking the lad’s bottom that he never saw me frantically signalling. I ended up walking forward with the camera and tapping him on his head!

I was actually talking with Dr Barton about this clip too about why it was so popular and he suggested something else. There is a generation of people out there that grew up with spanking (or at least the threat of getting spanked) as a part of every day life. They feel that if this was still the case the youngsters of the day would be a lot more in control and respectful. So actually seeing a cheeky young scamp getting properly punished is pleasing! In this movie you are seeing a very real spanking!

So I think it was a combination of all of the above that made it such a hit!

Now here is some exclusive news for you. I have already filmed a rematch with Bailey and Karl. If you thought this clip was hard, just wait till you see what Bailey dishes out, they way he dishes it out and how much Karl takes! It makes the original movie look like a warm up!

Mr X about to deal with Bailey

I would like to ask you about the character of Mr X, what made you decide on that persona, and how much like the real actor is the character we see. Are we ever likely to see the actor behind the mask?

Answer: I’m astonished it’s taken so long to ask about Mr X!! When you first asked for people to submit questions on Jockspank for this interview I was expecting loads of things along the lines of “when is that freak gonna lose the stupid mask”???

So let’s talk about Mr X then. It was quite simple how it started. Brett wanted to make some new clips, it was a spur of the moment thing and there was no ‘spanker’ there at the time. I was not prepared to show my face on film (more about this later) so for necessity more than anything else the character of Mr X was created! It all happened in a few minutes really. How much am I like the character of Mr X? I’m not 100% sure I’m the right person to ask! I’ll broach this with some of the models next time I see them. I can tell you what Dr Barton said after seeing Mr X on film and then meeting me for real. He said that he never expected me to be so nice!

Clearly Mr X is just a character I am playing so I would hope I am not like that in every day life. However, it is easy for me to play Mr X. I don’t have to think too much about it, so I guess everything he does and says is an extension of me. I’m not given lines to read by somebody else so I think there is a big part of me that is Mr X.

So let’s talk about the mask! Ok, let’s say that there really was a Mr X. A guy who lived in the community that was paid to spank unruly lads. Well I guess he probably would wear a mask. A bit like a public executioner used to! It would mean that Mr X can still visit the shops in his local town without fear of retaliation from some previous person he has spanked. So as far as the character goes, I am fine with him wearing a mask.

However, from my point of view as the producer/director of these movies I would much prefer it if Mr X was not wearing a mask! I’m not a big fan of it! I think facial reactions from both the spanker and spankee are very important and can enhance the movie.

“So why do I insist on wearing the mask I hear you yell”?

Well let me explain! I actually have a real job! Well I have two real jobs in actual fact. One of which sees me in a very caring, trusting and very hands on profession. I work for a highly professional company. My work in Adult Movies does not tally to well with this. In fact, there is every chance I would be fired if discovered. Which is unfortunate!! Otherwise, I am very open and proud of the work that I do on SLS. My family (including three brothers) and close friends all know what I am doing and are very supportive. I feel no shame or embarrassment about it at all.

From a very practical point of view, having me doing some spanking makes sense. It often means that I can make movies with just me and one model. It means I can film at short notice and so on. However, as you have seen and will see I am getting the lads to take over and do more spanking (like Bailey did in “Caught Spying on Girls” or Andy in “Clean Your the Apartment”). There is another reason that I still do some spanking. When working with a brand new model I spend a lot of time on email and phone conversations building up trust between us when trying to persuade them to do this work. On their first shoot they are understandably very nervous and I feel that having me (somebody they have got to know) doing the spanking makes the experience a whole lot easier for them. I think they feel safe in my hands! lol!

So will I ever lose the mask? Yes, I think it’s more than likely that I will. It will take a bit of time though. I am going to wait until I get SLS to a situation where I am actually making a profit for a few consecutive months. I’m not sure if people realise how small the market is for what I am selling. If anyone thinks there is loads of money being made I can assure you that is not the case.

You appear very experienced at what you do. Have you always had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment?

Answer: Do I? I feel like I am making it up as I go along! 🙂 I suppose it is always something I have been curious about and never done much about. So what you have seen on screen has been my own learning curve!

What is it about Male on (Straight) Male spanking that you find most interesting / appeal / exciting?

Answer: Hmm, well I think I kind of answered this before to some degree! I have a self confessed obsession with Straight Lads anyway! So just having a lad over my knee is a thrill! I think it is more to do with the guy submitting, unwillingly to the spanking than the actual administration that appeals to me. Gosh! It’s a difficult one to answer. I mean, why do we like anything? I guess we just do. I’m not sure that I would find it so thrilling with spanking a willing participant that was getting spanked for their own enjoyment.

Do you have any plans to open your own web site?

Answer: Yes I do! Clips4Sale has been a great place to get started but it’s expensive!

Let me explain. Clips4Sale deduct 40% from every sale I make. So if I sell a clip for $10.00 then I only get $6.00 from that!!

So as I said before. This is not something that really generates a lot of cash. Some clips can only sell around 20 copies. The money I have made so far has been spent on model fee’s to make more clips! The whole SLS venture is funded by my other jobs!

Actually let me bring up another subject whilst I’m at it! Pirating! Recently it was pointed out to me that a few of my clips in their entirety had been downloaded onto a free site, by the time I found out 1000’s of people had already watched them. It’s such a shame really because all that will happen if this continues is that I will have to stop making the movies! The real losers of course would be the models that I use who get well rewarded for their work! So may I ask! If anyone sees any of my work (or any of the other studios on Clips4Sale) for free on other sites please let me know ASAP!

So back to the website question. Yes, I certainly do plan to have my own Straight Lads website where I can sell the clips directly without having to go through Clips4Sale! I do of course have my blog which can be found at which acts as a website in the meantime. I update it all the time with all sorts of stuff including free previews and screenshots and so on!

Actually if there is any website designers who want to offer their services please get in touch!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your plans for the future?

Answer Ok; I have two other projects on the go at the moment! One is 100% happening and will be live soon! I have been filming some more, erm, intimate footage of some of the models. I will be keeping this separate from the spanking store and opening a new studio on Clips4Sale. I think the title pretty much gives it away. It is going to be called Straight Lads Wank!

The other project is still in planning stages so I won’t say any more about it now. As soon as all is confirmed, Jockspank will be the first to know!

Also, I get lot’s of people asking if any of the models from SLS are available for private CP work. Well this could be an avenue I explore more at a later date. However, for now, let me answer it this way. Many of the models, in principal would be available. There are many terms though. The main ones being is that you need to be in and around London and be able to accommodate either at home or in a Hotel.

I also get asked if Mr X is available to dish out punishment to deserving people! Well, again, in principal yes. If you are genuinely interested in any of this please drop me an email.

.. erm this seems to be the end of the interview??

Can I take this opportunity to first of all say a massive thanks to everyone that has supported the movies so far? THANK YOU! Every time you buy a movie it allows me to make more! It’s as simple as that. Once the filming day is over the rest of Straight Lads Spanked is fairly solitary. So I’m gonna be honest and say I love comments on my blog. It’s great to get feedback. Even just a simple comment makes my day! I really do read everything and respond to most. Also, if you see me posting on any of the google groups I always appreciate it if you add a comment too. Especially if I am promoting a clip and you want to say something nice about it! It bumps the post to the top and generates interest. Also, If you have any ideas for movies feel free to send me an email. Oh, and this is important! I need new locations! Around London. I’ll consider anything! I’d love the football changing rooms I described above. Also though, how about a pub that is closed in the daytime? A factory building (disused is fine). An office? A plush apartment? A gym? If anyone has ideas and wants to get involved please let me know!

Finally. I’m gonna save my last thank you to Jock Spank and in particular Ward. Ward has been a massive support from day one. The stuff he does behind the scenes for Straight Lads Spanked mainly goes unmentioned. I so appreciate it and to be honest, would not have got this far so quickly without your help! Ward you are truly amazing! Not only with the tech stuff but you have kept me grounded too! Thank you!

I will be reading this on Jockspank, so if anyone has managed to get to the end of this. Well done! I would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment! I would be happy to answer any further questions too!

 Thanks to Mr. X  for such a full and open interview.  I am sure our readers enjoyed it, and hope they will let us know.  If anyone has any comments or additional questions for Mr. X please leave them below:



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11 years ago

Very interesting interview, thanks for doing it.

11 years ago

Love the description of Bailey running to you rather than take another spanking from Dr. Barton

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago
Reply to  Scotty

Hi Scotty!

It was a favourite moment for me too! I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate Bailey throwing himself at you begging to be spanked!


The great thing is, that you can actually see it on the film. I thought I might of imagined it but was happy to see when I watched it back that it really did happen!

Colin Izzard
11 years ago

Wow, what an interview. When I started reading it thought would take couple minutes but took so much longer and kept me absorbed right to the last word. I love the human touch and the bonds you have built with the models and this key difference of straight lads apart from being erotic and frustrating as you described does lead to a loyalty as they are letting you push boundaries and while you reward them well, they are not just in the wide market for easy money – not that any model does not deserve their reward but this seems far more honest. Staggered how many extracts and teasers I have seen when reading the interview, ashamed I do not own any complete clips which I must amend.

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago
Reply to  Colin Izzard

Hi Colin!

I appreciate your comments and glad you enjoyed the interview! It tooks days to answer and I was astonished when I saw how much I had written! I was worried that people would just find it all rather dull!

So you meniton about buying a clip. Which one are you tempted by most of all?

Mr X

11 years ago

I must admit when I first heard of and then saw “Mr. X” in that silly mask, I said “this is so hokey!” But you know what? The persona and character of Mr. X himself has a great deal to do with why these movies are so wildly popular. Mr. X and his mask have now become a “trademark” for Straight Lads Spanked. It’s different. It works well. I would be sorry to see Mr. X eliminated because it will entirely change the interaction and the chemistry amongst the various players. The Mr. X character works very well indeed in these story lines. And, I can also understand why Mr. X would want to shed the mask — it is very hot under there when you are filming, especially under the extra lights at times. I LOVED THIS INTERVIEW!! One of the reasons SLS has been an immediate hit is because of the various interviews that have been done and posted on a few blogs. We get to see a bit of the actors as real people and have an insight into their real-life spanking backgrounds and personal lives. Way to go SLS! You are right on up there at the top competing for our hard earned dollars along with Sting, Reluctant Young Men, Spanking Central, Saarland Spanking Factory and a few others. And you are holding your own and competing very well in this specialized market. My highest regards and respect goes out to the young actors who make all this happen, and to Mr. X, whoever you are, for being the brains of the outfit and pulling it all together. It is a brand new month now, and I can assure you that after reading this interview I plan to purchase 4 or 5 more videos very soon. The old credit card is going to go into meltdown! Continued good luck and best wishes to all of you at Straight Lads Spanked.

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago
Reply to  swatter


You have made my day with that post. Truly you have! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond so fully! It’s nice to know also that some people are ok with Mr X in the mask too!

I hope you enjoy the videos you are planning on purchasing too! The custom is appreciated!


Mr X (the hokey dude in the mask)

11 years ago

That picture of Bailey in the bubble bath is SO hot!

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Just wait till you see Bailey standing up and drying himself off!!!!


Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe
11 years ago

Thanks for a fantastic and fascinating interview. It was so lng I read it in to halves, but thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as it gave one the opportunity to glimpse the mind behind the ski mask.

Straight Lads spanked is one of the most exciting and innovative spanking studios, in fact I should say Straight Lads spanked is one of the most exciting and innovative porn studios. Your videos are well made, cleverly thought out and you get splendid performances from your actors. I have bought a number of your videos, and have enjoyed them all.

Keep up the good work

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago
Reply to  Mister Wolfe

MIster Wolfe!

I am so glad you are enjoying my work! Really appreciate the kind comments too! Well done for getting through the interview! It was fu answering the questions, but I did ramble on a bit!


Jock Butt Kicker
11 years ago

Your studio has quickly become one of my favorites as I definately empathize with the way your mind works especially in what you say about straight guys. Keep up the good work, I wish you loads of success.

Mr. X
Mr. X
11 years ago

Hey Jock Butt Kicker!

Thanks for your comments! It’s good to know that I am not the only one slightly obsessed with straight guys!