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  • Interview with a Spanker – Richard O’Shea of Sting


    It is a great honour for JockSpank that Richard O’Shea of Sting Pictures has agreed to give an interview about his life and work with what the recent JockSpank poll recently declared by far the most popular spanking Movie Studio. As a huge fan of Sting, I am thrilled to be able to put questions to Rich, and have also included a number of questions submitted in advance by members of the M_Spank_M and StingLads Google groups.

    Hi, Rich, thanks very much for agreeing to do this interview. If it is all right with you I would like to start by asking you a few questions about yourself, and then move on to Sting Pictures and also to your latest venture, Hornet Pictures.


    1) When did you first realise that you had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment, was this an early fantasy which you have always had, or something which developed later in life? (What is it you find so appealing about inflicting varying degrees of punishment to the young male bottom?)
    Answer: I often ask myself this question as I expect many do. I’m pretty sure it started at school. I would have been about 14 or 15 and I had been fighting, strangely enough with a friend. He later in life became a high ranking police officer.

    During the scuffle in our form room also the science room we managed to nudge against a high wooden cupboard. On top of this cupboard were stored the tall glass jars used for decompression experiments. As we hit the cupboard one of these started to wobble. We both looked up and in that moment were stricken with that helplessness you feel when you know you cannot prevent a disaster. One of the large glass jars thundered down and smashed in to a thousand pieces on the hard parquet floor.

    In perfect timing our House Master entered the room. Caught red handed I believe is the expression. Mr Wilson was a congenial man and ran the science model club every Thursday night. He liked teaching and we liked him, not so with some of the teachers at our school. He gave Jimmy and I a huge essay to do, mine was about the composition of soap! I mean what the hell can you write about that it was going to take hours, Boys in the 6os in the summer term don’t have hours so we both asked for ‘the alternative’ you could in those days. It was granted and we duly arrived back as ordered at three thirty. Leading up to this I guess you could say is the answer to the above question. I was a bit fearful but also strangely excited. I knew it would be six and I wondered how I would take it. All boys in those days took it no complaining, no PC ‘I’ll tell my dad’ (God forbid) we deserved it, first me then Jimmy took our blazers off bent over the back of a chair and crack six strokes at a steady pace.

    Did it hurt? Too bloody right it did. Did I cry, I didn’t blub as they used say but my eyes were full of tears and running down my face, so were Jimmy’s. I felt no animosity towards Mr Wilson, besides we didn’t now have to the dammed essay. That night we had science model club and if I remember he made a fuss of us and treated us no differently to any of the other lads. Was it an efficient punishment? Well as a young boy I never wanted to feel pain like that again! I guess the fascination developed from that fateful day onwards.

    In answer to the second part of the question. I think it’s got something to do with power and control. Something to do with shapely guys submitting for punishment, something to do with arousal, something to do with the adrenalin rush associated with the moment. It’s perhaps a combination of all these things but one thing I have found is it’s a bit different for everybody.

    2) Are you part of what might be called “the spanking community”, assuming such a community exists in the Czech Republic, or were you part of one whilst in Britain?

    Answer: No I’m not really, nothing haughty about this it’s just the role I now have calls for certain etiquette. I have visited ClubCP in London and stay in touch with them. I would be happy to visit other places but not usually as a participant more as the face of Sting along with Rob. Up until now we have gladly received visitors to the studio but due to certain unforeseen circumstances this is no longer allowed. I‘m not aware of a spanking community in CZ but I expect there is somewhere in Prague.

    3) To what degree, if any, were you influenced by descriptions of corporal punishment and spanking in literature, in movies and of course in the, decidedly non politically correct, comics and magazines which were around when you were growing up? Do you believe that any of these have influenced your work with Sting? (if so are you able to give examples?)

    Answer: I found some episodes of Whacko on YouTube the other night and I had forgotten how involved with school punishment that show used to be. Just about every other scene has the cane wielding professor Jimmy Edwards threatening to dish out a whacking as the demon headmaster of Chislebury School. The whole show seems now in reflection to have been about boys getting the cane hence the title ‘Whacko’ I suppose.

    The Beano, Dandy, Lion and Hotspur comics you name it all featured a spanking or caning sometimes with very inventive instruments and nobody batted a PC eyelid. In terms of being influenced films like ‘If’ starring Malcombe McDowell and the Borstal saga The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, an early acting vehicle for Tom Courtney, would have had been more appropriate. Damn the Defiant was another film of note where a more serious and realistic portrayal of discipline was being dished out, but of course there are many.

    I would love to do the Sting version of Tom Browns Schooldays. It would need a lot of budget and Georgian costumes which are not easy to source. We certainly have the locations here! Maybe one day…any backers out there?

    4) How did Sting Pictures came about? What made you decide to start making male spanking movies?
    Answer: It was in the 80s. A friend complained bitterly that he couldn’t find any decent videos featuring spanking. At that time I was a (younger) pretty well paid lighting cameraman in film and TV. To cut a long story short, on the side we put together the first footage but shelved it after running scared of the authorities. In those days the only way you could get your hands on real porn was to visit an under the counter bookshop in London’s Soho, all videos at ten quid! Illegal then of course and the VHS copies were very fuzzy and virtually unwatchable.

    One has to remember all adult film material was banned in the UK then and only later in the 90s did the BBFC 18 rating come in followed by the18R rating. The UK has always been streets behind other European nations when it comes to adult material. There was a gap till about the mid 90s when we decided to reinstate the whole project and called it simply Sting Pictures. The rest is history. Along with Mans Hand I guess we are now one of the oldest spanking film fetish companies in the world.

    5) When launching Sting, what were the main challenges you faced, setting out on what has turned out to be an ambitious and life changing exercise?

    Answer: Sourcing pro video equipment on the side was a very early problem. It was very very expensive then and we used to hold over cameras and equipment from other pro jobs during the weekend to shoot on. Before that it was just black and white video or 16mm film which was very expensive to shoot on if you didn’t have any budget at all. In the nineties and naughties the equipment got better and better and completely affordable. Now a tiny camera can shoot full 1080i HD with great results. Models were not too much of a problem, it all had to be very hush hush though. Nowadays we just phone an agent!

    6) Sting movies focus almost exclusively on a particularly retro genre set firmly in Britain and largely in the 1950’s and 1960’s, is this because it suits the subject matter or does this period particularly interest you?

    Answer: Costume drama has always interested me but I think the 50s and 60s is more apt and realistic to portray the stories we make. I suppose the 50 and 60s were really the culmination of that style of discipline and upbringing prior to the social worker motivated ideas of the 70s and onwards. Although of course the cane was still used in some schools and detention centres during the 70s. Realistic settings have always been important to us that is really what we have always tried to be about.

    7) Many of your movies are set either in schools, military establishments or reformatories, (Borstals and Prisons) do you have a particular favourite amongst these settings? (For instance, which appeals to you most spanking a schoolboy, a soldier/sailor, or a borstal inmate?)

    Answer: Naval training ships are my favourite subject followed by perhaps Borstal life. A bit of military inclusion does it for me, although I understand by far that the most popular has to be the school days stuff. We are going to do more dads and sons stories soon and perhaps more up to date scenarios too.
    So, spanking a badly behaved cadet is up there on top of the list.

    8) From time to time you also take us back a few decades to Victorian and Edwardian England and the 1900 house of correction, run by the strict Colonel Templeton Lee, played by yourself. To my mind, those particular movies are directed with a certain relish. What is it about that period which you find so appealing?

    Answer: Simply that, if you dig deep enough in your research, the Victorian and Edwardians were far more erotically strict and ceremonial than history would have us believe. Accounts of birching are particularly interesting. A set size for the birch depending on the age of the boy, soaking in brine to make it more subtle and stingy. An assembled array of official dignitaries to oversee the proceedings.

    In the military the use of a feague in birching or caning to make the young squaddie raise his posterior higher. With military and reformatory caning certain clothing had to be worn, i.e. thin white cloth punishment ducks in the navy for caning. Reporting to the dispensary after punishment for disinfectant to be applied to the stripes for both the cane and birch. The Victorian cleanliness is next to godliness approach with shaving and inspection prior to spanking or bare bottom punishments with various instruments. The Eton birching block for example, lads in that position would have their testicles and anus exposed for all to see.

    There are many other procedures coupled with discipline during this time some I probably don’t know about. In the Bridewells it is strongly rumoured in books that gentleman of wealth could book sessions to view a boy or girl receiving a sentence of birching or caning with ‘extras’ thrown in if the price was right! One thing is for sure when you are making the films we do this period gives us a wealth of reasons to add just that little bit more and enhance the erotic side to spanking movies.
    9) In some of the 1900 House movies you have introduced additional enhancements to the punishments, such as washing the unfortunate lads’ bottoms in salt water prior to a birching, or famously by inserting a stick of raw ginger into a miscreant’s rectum prior to punishment, otherwise known as figging (or feaguing). What made you decide to explore these more imaginative / devilish areas of corporal punishment?

    answer: We do quite a lot of research. I think I could write a book on all this by now. However I think it’s fair to say that humiliation is all part of the spanking fetish. Changing in to pyjamas, waiting to be dealt with, corner time afterwards, and from the historic perspective ceremonial preparation. This can include bathing, rectal inspection, shaving the buttocks and the use of substances to increase the pain or discomfort. It’s all an added eroticism and although lots of people have different reasons for being in to spanking we find that by listening to the viewers a lot of the procedural steps before spanking can be, if I may use the phrase very erotic and horny! As adult film makers we have to try to include something for all that falls in to the broad spanking fetish category. I do however like to portray things that may have actually been done at some time in real life and it’s surprising what turns up!

    10) I doubt I am alone in viewing you as not so much a maker of erotic movies an erotic artist, to what degree do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist and am I correct in assuming that quality means as much to you as content?
    Answer: I was essentially a film maker long before I decided to turn my hand to spanking fetish movies with my colleague Rob. We both have a long association with the cinematic arts, he in the sound department and I in visuals. Strange as it may seem I am seldom happy with the the result of a finished film. This is not uncommon with many directors including big budget feature makers. In hindsight you could have always done it better but there has to be a cut off point somewhere. There are also often time and money constraints which don’t help. I make the excuse for myself that we really do multi role as a crew whereas in the past I would only have to wink to be passed a cup of coffee by the runner whose job it was to do so. Whilst we always strive for perfection it sometimes just doesn’t happen but we certainly do our level best to achieve it all the time. Just lately we could have done with a full time continuity girl especially for the shorts faux pas in the last Approved Ed story directed by Jonathan Fox.

    11) Could you tell us about your decision to move the Sting operation to Prague, your reasons for making that move and what changes to the Sting product, both good and bad, that move brought about.
    answer: Contrary to the headline about me that appeared a week or two back we moved to Prague for a number of reasons. Firstly financial. Rent council tax and the like was costing a lot of money in the UK. We have halved the studio budget by coming here and there is no council tax in CZ. Sourcing good models here is much easier and cheaper but there are draw backs. Czech boys tend to be very sturdy, well built, lads and we suffer from a lack of available twinks models. Also getting black and Asian boys is difficult, we used to have a good variety of models with Sting but you seldom see many of these guys in CZ. There are some Asian guys but they are from the close nit Vietnamese society that first came in the communist days.

    We sorely miss being able to have English acting dialogue for some of the scene but of late we have begun to fly lads in from a UK agency and also import some of the old Sting lads too. We’d like to do more of this if we can.

    Another benefit is locations. It is very easy to get clearance to film in locations that would have almost been impossible back in the UK. Here even for adult shooting it seldom a problem and very reasonably priced too.

    Lastly it became uncomfortable business wise with the British government’s failure to make clear what the new violent porn bill actually meant in terms of spanking and BDSM films. Our lawyers told us it’s still a grey area. Unfortunately we didn’t feel comfortable building a business on a governmental grey area and also the inability for the BBFC to get its head round spanking films. In the rest of Europe of course there are no such constraints so when we weighed it all up the move to the Czech Republic seemed the best thing to do. The UK has a strange position in its not illegal to film spanking or BDSM films, the criminal act comes at the point of distribution. You must have a BBFC certificate to publicly distribute a DVD otherwise Trading Standards will be on your back. This summer we are planning some return visits to film on location in London and bring back together a lot of the old Sting lads, that would be fun and we can meet lots of old friends again too.

    12) How different is making Sting style movies in Prague compared to doing so in the UK? Also are you happy in your new home, and view the move as a permanent one?


    Answer: I think I’ve answered quite a lot of this in the last question but I would say its a lot lot easier for us to make the films here. We feel comfortable with it and although there are pitfalls wherever you live daily life commitments need attending to however the net result have been far better than expected. A company like ours is viewed as pretty normal business and nobody gives a knowing look and wink when we go to a DVD pressing plant or get printing done, etc. The Trading Standards Authority won’t bug us because we don’t have a BBFC certificate for the DVDs, etc. They don’t exist. A PC orientated computer repair shop won’t off the busted computer to the constabulary because they’ve found a bit of spanking on it! We will soon enter our fourth year here and the beautiful Czech summer is coming too. I can’t see any good reason to miss that. We have absolutely no plans to return to the UK and we have already stated to learn Czech. Not an easy language I can tell you

    13) Do you have any regrets about the move?

    Answer: None apart from missing Dr Skelps and other friends, all the old Sting lads included. Rob misses a good cup of tea…Not really, sorry I made that up!

    14) Sting is, of course, a joint enterprise between yourself and Rob, which seems to be a very successful partnership. Can you tell us how you came to form your partnership, and what roles you both play in creating Sting Pictures?

    Answer: I have known Rob since he was 16, we go back a very long way and during the years although we did other things apart we finally decided to work together on the STG Pictures project. Sting is not the only thing in our lives. We have worked on film dramas documentaries and general shooting and editing for many professional film & TV companies both British and many foreign too. With Sting I very much take care of direction and shooting, known in the industry purely as production and Rob is really in change of post production. That is final on line editing, F/X sound and picture grading. It really is a case of one could not really work without the other.

    15) Can you tell us about the rest of the Sting team?.

    Jonathan Fox

    Answer: Since moving to Prague we have trained a couple of Czech guys to work alongside us. This is pretty well essential for communication not just with models but also with outside business connections and even legal work. Jonathan Fox has in his own right gone on now to take a hand in directing. He showed a mutual talent for this and over the last two years has been encouraged to watch and ask any questions he liked whilst Rob or I was shooting one of the stories. I am pleased to say he is developing his own style and this has left me free now to push ahead with other plans. Michal Steel the other guy is mainly the studio producer. He works closely with the models and agencies and he is now very much concerned with the Hornet studio. He is respected by many of the new models as having been there before and sometimes also makes a great AD (assistant director) in getting things moving during a shoot.

    16) Both you and Rob regularly act in your movies, how does it feel to be in front of the camera instead of behind it? Do you enjoy acting or do you view it as a necessity? Are you happier directing an actor such as Dexter in playing the spanker?

    Answer: It’s a love hate relationship with both of us. As a director there is only one place for me and that behind the camera. However with Sting is a bit like the sergeant major from the film Zulu. ‘You’re ere cause there no one else; you’re ere because you’re ere!’ This may surprise many but I really want to retire from the acting side. I am absolutely spanked out.

    Yes I know there are dozens out there who would gladly fill my shoes and I feel extremely lucky and very very privileged to have been able to do what we have done….but I cannot take these films any higher if I am trying to act in them all the time as well. I can see what going on when I’m in front of the camera. I know Rob feels the same way too. At least in England we could call upon the excellent Dr Barton, that man playing a headmaster even scares me when he gets going! We could have Brett play a nasty prefect and all in the perfect clipped English accent or cockney drawl. We are training guys here and you will have no doubt seen some of them. Dexter is fantastic and betting better, We now have Scott Hart too along with Alex Granger but it’s going to be an ‘I’ll be back’ accent situation like the terminator till we can sort this out.

    Matt Mills

    17) As a spanking enthusiast, how does it feel to have a lad with film star good looks, and a body to die for, such as Brett, Matt, Darren, Danny or Sebastian bare bottomed and across your knee? Do you now just view it as part of the job, or do you occasionally marvel at your own good luck?

    Answer: Oh blimey why did you ask me that! OK I will tell the absolute truth here. Of course when you see some of the guys you fancy the pants off them any blue blooded individual would if that your type. It’s a natural reaction I don’t mind admitting it. However on a film set it’s very different. Anybody who has been on the set with us will tell you the same. When I’m directing a piece I am absolutely consumed by getting it right. Camera angles, lighting performance, etc. I could go on. The models are there to concentrate, act and earn their days pay. It really is the case that you don’t think much about it. If there is a reset going on and I’ve got say Sebi over my knee I look down and think my goodness what a butt but I usually quickly follow this by asking him is he wants to get up for a break, invariably they’ll say no I I’m OK down here. Then were back to work again and the moment is gone. The truth is you can never get turned on during a shoot but afterwards on some cold winter’s night…well that’s another story isn’t it! I have had my liaisons but that along with many other secrets are entrusted to me to keep. Also there’s is an old adage that applies here somewhere and it’s got something to do with sweets and sweet shops! It really does apply. When you haven’t got it you want it and when you’ve got it you don’t want it…..too much.

    18) How important do you rate the aspect of humiliation in a spanking scenario? I don’t mean heavy S&M type humiliation, but rather the sight of bad lad being shamed and embarrassed as well as spanked?

    Answer: Yes I think this is very much part of the story. Personally I’m not too much in to humiliation but I’d be foolish not to recognise that many are so we put it in when we can. Both Rob and I try to do something different that will suit the many different scenarios we shoot. This includes model characteristics too. Not what we would personally like but a good cross section of what the many would like but, as they say, you can’t please all the people, etc.

    19) There is often a hint of humour in some Sting movies, and of course comedy featured heavily in scenes featuring corporal punishment in comics such as The Beano and Dandy published during the 1950. Do you believe that humour has a place in “spanking porn” and can in itself be sexy, if the handsome boy is the “butt” of the joke?

    Answer: I’ve never been keen on headmaster portrayals for example that are just shouting sessions with the miscreant pupil being referred to as ‘boy’ all the time. My own experience with school was that many masters could be quite humorous some were ogres of course but humour even in discipline can work very well. It’s more the ‘way he tells em’ type of humour where suddenly without knowing it a serious piss take of the lad has taken place. A telling off can be both serious and amusing at the same time.

    Brett and Dr.Barton

    Dr Barton can do this very well, he did it with the runaway Brett in Approved Education II ‘Perhaps you could do us all a favour next time and run a bit faster!’ Behind the camera we were in stitches with Brett fighting to keep that sullen composure he produced so well with. Dr B. At the time he didn’t really have much time for Brett and I think the feeling from Brett was mutual? The scene was electric and now several shoots after they have become the best of friends. The Water Boys had some good fun in it and it gave you a better insight in to the boy’s real characters, it made the whole thing much more erotic and sexy because of the dramatic action leading up to the spankings, etc.

    20) Would you like to tell us about the new Hornet venture and what your plans for it are?

    Answer: STGs new studio Hornet Pictures had been in planning for at least two years. It will essentially make vanilla adult gay films. Vanilla is basically a term used to describe standard gay sex films, not specialist like Sting but standardised stories where gay sex takes place. There are many studios that make films like this but Rob and I wanted to bring a little bit of the magic we felt we have brought to sting, i.e. quality production technique. The first film from this studio is nearly ready to distribute and is entitled ‘The Secrets of College life’. There will be quite a few of the guys you know already from Sting and some you won’t have seen before.

    We plan to follow this first film with a Borstal story. As with Sting much of the subject material will be retro but cinematographically styled to give a bit more edge to the finished film. What we had noticed was that the gay porn film industry was becoming a bit stale with the same old stuff being put on screen a sort of never ending wham bam thank you mam type of producing. I have long been an admirer of the late Jean Daniel Cadinot who as many of you may remember produced some true classics back in the days of 16mm like ‘Les Minets Sauvages (Wild & Crazy Boys) and Sacre College. I hope we can achieve this same sense of real film making with Hornet, let’s hope so but ultimately you will be the judge. From the spanking fetish angle there is a scene where Sebastian and Rowan hunter get a true old fashioned six of the best for getting down to it in the school storeroom! We had to do something for our friends in world of spanking.

    21) Do you get the same enjoyment out of making non-spanking movies as you do making spanking ones, or do you enjoy the creative effort rather than the actual content?

    Answer: About the same really, as I described above when we were shooting we are working and we are lucky to be doing something we love – making films. Any chance to exercise our creative skills on the set is the best time for us whether its is spanking, wanking or killing vampires. Creativity and content go hand in hand. You must be passionate about the subject or script and I’m not just talking about spanking here. As a director (and often the scriptwriter too) you must believe in the subject matter he is putting on to the screen. If any film director does this the passion will show on screen and a deep desire to be as creative as possible will follow naturally, result a great movie! Being able to actually indulge in film making is a privilege, the content doesn’t really matter and to have people watch and criticise your films is an even greater one.

    22) Can you reassure your Sting fans that you will continue to make Spanking movies even if Hornet proves to be a great success?

    Answer: Sting lives! There are no plans to change that but we have to face some home truths here. There is no crock of gold at the end of the spanking film making rainbow. I think it’s fair to say as a spanking studio we have taken Sting Pictures as high as it can go and there is a financial ceiling. We have never been in it just for money; we started because we were in to the spanking fetish scene.

    However in the end you have to be practical about this. Films cannot be made without a budget, the budget comes from production income and with spanking films it is a very limited audience situation. I would love to spend much more on the spanking films but we know that at the end of the day the return just won’t stand it. Hornet on the other hand enters a market far more vast than the spanking fetish clique.

    If we can build Hornet to be as successful in popularity as the Sting films then we have a market twenty times the size if not more. Film makers battle and crave for ‘the budget’ to get their next film made. If we can reap some decent return from Hornet then it can only benefit Sting. It already has with extra players in the scenes and the ability to double up in some stories which will give the Sting films an even better overall finish than they have now. On top of this we are introducing some new CGI processes with Hornet which will enable us to get an even greater sense of realistic portray in future Sting films too. How about ‘Roman School’ or ‘Tom Browns Other Days at Rugby’ now that would be something.

    23) Do you have any other plans for the future or new ventures you have in mind?

    Answer: I think we have enough on our plate right now but I’ve still to do my naval training ship epic T.S Morsus. This has always been my pet project and I want to make it really well.

    24) I really enjoyed the “Instruments of Persuasion” series, do you have plans to make any more, or do you think you have exhausted the choice of instruments?

    answer: If anybody can suggest some instruments we haven’t featured please do but only sensible ideas please, we just ain’t going to do cucumber spanking! We might break up history and do something like the history of the birch, etc. It has already been put forward as a production idea we were just waiting for an equipment upgrade to do it.

    25) Do you plan to explore other spanking themes, such as domestic scenes, modern scenarios, or scenes set in other periods of history?

    Answer: Yes we have never really covered the domestic scene properly and also some more modern day stories too. This was all brought up at at the weekly meeting last week actually. Dads and sons discipline we know is popular, Uncles and nephews too. We’ve never been drawn to it as much as the other subjects we make but market forces dictate so we will be producing some of this material soon. As mentioned above I would like to tackle classic Roman Greek or Spartan stuff too. We have waited for the right time to do this and its fast approaching I think.

    26) What do you enjoy most about being Richard O’Shea the driving force behind Sting Pictures?

    Answer: Well let’s face it I know I get to do some things others dream about but that’s the luck of the draw I suppose. Seriously, more over I enjoy developing the film ideas with the guys here and watching it grow in to the finished productions. What I would like to do is train them up to ensure my redundancy. It all has to end at sometime but it would be great if Sting could carry on the same way in the future and keep producing spank films that folks want to watch.


    The following questions were submitted by members of the M_Spank_M and Stinglads groups:

    1) I’d be curious to know, how Richard OShea locates the young men for the Sting videos.

    answer: We use several agencies who specialise in finding models for the adult industry, two in CZ and one in the UK. We also get referrals now by word of mouth and quite often friends of the lads who already work for us. There are also one or two spotters who actually just go up to guys and ask them if they’d like to earn come cash. Bell Ami recruits a lot of guys like this.

    2) What percentage of the models are straight guys doing it for the money, and what percentage gay?
    Answer: This answer may not please all but at least 90% are straight. Eastern Europe is unusual in that many straight lads are happy to do gay for pay when it comes to adult film work. They often outperform their gay counterparts which is also unique to our geographical location. Things are slowly changing a bit though as more and more influence from the west of Europe slips in.

    3) Were any of the guys involved in the spanking scene before working for Sting?

    Answer: One or two were and some actually find they quite like it by just doing it. I can’t name names as we’re in already in a tricky area there as it is. A couple of the models you have probably seen get spontaneous hard ons after the event.

    4) Were you spanked growing-up; If so why, in what form and from whom?

    Answer: I was lucky I had great parents. If my brother or I misbehaved to the point of needing punishment all my father need to do was glance up to a high shelf in the kitchen. Hidden up there was a whippy instrument known I believe as a bulls piszzle (Actually a stretched bulls willy) that was enough to shut us up. I saw my older brother once get it on the bare bottom lying face down on the carpet. It was over in seconds, he howled, I was only a very little boy then and never ever knew to this day why he got it. My father threatened but never actually hit me. My mother tired of my behaviour one summer evening chased me round the kitchen with the said instrument and tried to make me officially bend over the kitchen table. I refused like a little brat and the chase was on again. We both ended up laughing with my apologising to her for being so naughty. I must have only been about ten or eleven I guess. She never bothered again. She’s gone now but forever to me she will always be the finest women that ever lived! Some people I know are not so lucky with their parents.

    5) Do you prefer your boyz to be cut or uncut?

    Answer: Truthfully its not a big issue with me I am happy with either.

    6) Do you prefer shaved or un-shaved boyz?

    Answer: I prefer shaved especially their butts but I can get quite turned on by hairy laddish legs!

    7) Who was or is your favourite, and least favourite, Sting model?

    Answer: I can’t really answer this as I treat them all the same and it would be terrible to have to actually name the least favourite. There’s good and bad in all of them. The captain of any troop has to be as impartial as possible and I try to do this with all the models.


    I think I could mention David here though he’s one of the nicest lads I have ever met and doesn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. A lot of the lads would run neck and neck in a popularity race.

    8) Which famous personality would you most like to spank, and how?

    Answer: Celeb-spankO-fakes had me spanking Justin Bieber! I guess he would be a lot of people’s choice, but for me the young Rob Lowe would have been wonderful! Another choice would be Robby Benson!

    9) What is your favourite spanking position?

    Answer: Over the knee with legs spread. I also like the idea of on a bed with the guy wearing pyjamas.

    10) Do you prefer over the knee hand spanking or using a cane, strap etc.

    Answer: I prefer both really. I like over the knee hand spanking but also caning or birching over a vaulting horse or touching toes.

    11) Do you think CP should be re-introduced in schools?

    answer: I’m 50/50 about this. Certainly when I was at school it seemed to keep order. The very fact it was there was a deterrent. It’s a pity it has to be but if it works it works. Lots of people would argue against this off course. However in young offenders institutions when the offence is much more serious especially some of the more violent crimes against venerable people or pensioners then I think there is a place for it. If a lad felt the sort of pain he had summarily dished out maybe he would think again. How many times do we read this in the newspapers nowadays…lots!

    12) Do you have a particular favourite among the films and downloads you have made?

    Answer: I have always been happy with My Borstal Days. It’s an early one but it turned out better than we expected. It was one of the first full length features. As I mentioned in a previous answer I am never 100% happy with the finished film thinking in hindsight I could have always done it better. I think Tales from St Datchets Academy worked well too it’s another favourite.

    One of the best loved Sting films is Grey Shorts, looking back at it I would love to re make it but then like all remade classics I would probably not capture whatever it was that made it so popular.

    13) Paul was my favourite Sting lad. Do you think he will make a come back, or that you will find anyone to replace him?

    Paul in the Punishment Book Series

    Answer: Paul has now become Sting legend. It’s highly unlikely he will ever come back. One has to remember these guys grow up. He is a daddy now with several kids and is nearing his 30th birthday. We have waited for another Paul to walk in to the studio door for years and whilst one or two notables like Brett and Matt have filled the gap there was something about Paul that came over on screen that was irreplaceable.

    The famous caning scene in Gray Shorts

    I remember the evening I recruited him. A friend knew of him from his work in a builder’s yard and on his recommendation we took him for dinner at a Beefeater. He loved this type of restaurant. Later in the car I summoned up the courage to ask him if he wanted to work for Sting. My heart was pounding but I took a deep breath and spoke to him like I would have a young squaddie. At the end there was a pause then he simply said, ‘Yeah I’m up for that’ the rest is history, Thank goodness the agents do that nowadays!

    Paul’s final scene was in Asian Incident

    14) I love sports shorts – rugby shorts, football shorts, swimming trunks. Could your 6th formers be caned in these – and keep them on for most of the caning? In the 80s, football kits meant tight nylon short shorts – you can buy them cheaply now. I know you have those dark blue shorts but despite good lighting, only nylon really shows up a sportsman’s backside when it comes to caning! More sports themes and sight of your guys playing sports before being caught out and sent for caning would be great. Thanks for changing the market and keep going!

    answer: I think we can incorporate this in fact I think we should, Its difficult to always get it right as there are so many schools of thought on this. I have often thought of shooting a scene where the lads get an entire caning over their trouser as it would have been in many schools. Also we try to use shorts now and again. Whatever the lad’s wear someone will want it different. Perhaps Jock spank could run a poll on this to give us an idea but back to your point yes we will try to do this in future. Summer is coming and shooting outside sports scenarios will be a lot easier.
    15) Do you think Sting will ever return to the UK?

    answer: One can never say never, but at this time we have no plans to return to the UK. In fact we were discussing where we would go next if it ever came up and further south was the consensus of opinion, warmer climes. Whilst keeping clear of politics and in reference to the demon journalist dramatic title I will always be a Brit but alas now from a generation who as a child was sold a dream about my country that never came true. God bless her.

    End of submitted questions Thanks very much for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything you would like to add, or anything you would like to say to Sting’s many fans?

    It would be most rude of Rob and I not to thank everybody for their loyal support especially during the last month. Some comments were just wonderful, most appreciated. It may sound like a cliché but Sting really is only as good as the films we make. People who buy the films and downloads judge us on this fact alone. To all out customers and supporters especially Dr Skelps who runs the independent fan site so well what more can we say than one very big thank you.

    The End


    There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

  • Interview with a Spanker – Dr. Barton

    I have recently had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the actor, best known as Dr. Richard Barton who has appeared in a large number of Sting Movies and has recently appeared in a production by MancSpank (with more to come I believe).

    Whilst working with Sting he has appeared in various roles in many of their movies and downloads from “Tales from St. Datchets Academy” through to “Refornmatory USA” and “The Headmaster”, playing either Dr. Barton, Mr. Andrews or of course ‘The Governor’. As the strict and magically sarcastic disciplinarian, Richard Barton has been lucky enough to leave his mark on the bare behinds of many of the most iconic of Sting’s young actors, in some classic and unforgettable scenes.

    Richard Barton has been kind enough to agree to let me interview him, and here is the result. I am sure you will enjoy my interview with a particularly lucky spanker.


    Interview with Dr Barton


    Ward: Dr. Barton, you are fast becoming quite an iconic figure for the spanking community following your work with Sting, and more recently with MancSpank, as you appear very experienced and proficient at what you do. Have you always had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment?

    Dr Barton: ‘Iconic’ is a bit daunting! I just thought I was doing it because it was fun!

    My earliest memory of being ‘turned on’ by corporal punishment was aged 8 at primary school when the teacher did a history lesson called ‘Going to school in Tudor times’. She used an illustration from a magazine called ‘Look and Learn’ which showed a stern master wielding a birch and a boy bending over in the classroom. I remember thinking ‘That’s good, I like that!’ When the lesson was over I asked if I could borrow the magazine and took it home to examine it more closely…

    Look and Learn the educational comic magazine

    The rest is, as they say, history!

    Most of the ‘Look and Learn’ material is now available on the web including ‘my’ picture. It’s still good!

    Ward: Are you part of the spanking community in real life?

    Dr Barton: Yes, I have a particular young friend who enjoys the school/CP scene and I attend ‘Boys and Sirs’ in London when I can. I’m also happy to visit or entertain at home people who want some ‘cheeky fun’.



    Dr. Barton with Brett in Approved Education 2


    Ward: You make a very effective movie disciplinarian as you have a very strong screen presence and manage to convey a sense of controlled menace, which I am sure a bad boy would find quite intimidating. How much of the Dr. Barton or Mr. Andrews we see on screen is you, and how much is acting?
    Dr Barton: Thank you for saying that. In a sense it’s all acting and all me at the same time because actors reach inside themselves to use aspects of themselves to create a character.
    In the Sting/MancSpank films I find that assertive, authoritarian side of my nature and let that, hopefully, lead me into the character and it seems to work.


    I also quite enjoy playing the role of sarcastic bastard, it’s very satisfying!


    Ward: How did you first start working with Sting and what are your views on their work?

    The birching scene from Gray Shorts
    click to view a slightly larger image

    Dr Barton: Back in the days of video I bought ‘Skool Days Diary : Grey shorts I’ from Sting and was very impressed at the quality. I had seen some spanking videos but, frankly, most of them were awful! Then I saw ‘Grey shorts’ and it was on a different planet in terms of authenticity and production values. Also, the lads in that video were great, and the canings etc. laid on very well. There is a particular scene where Brett gets a birching which is still, in my opinion, one of the best scenes Sting have done.

    Dr. Barton with Lee in Tales from St Datchets Academy
    Anyway, I was fairly new to the scene, but ‘up for new experiences’ so I wrote to Sting, enclosed my picture and offered my services as a Master. To my amazement and delight they replied and said ‘yes’! My first filming session with Sting ended up as the final scene of ‘Tales from St. Datchet’s Academy’.


    Ward: As you have worked so much with Sting, most of the movies you have appeared in feature “English” style discipline from the 1950’s and 60’s, do you find that genre particularly appealing yourself?

    Dr Barton: Very much so, I love the whole 1940/1950s retro thing, the clothes, and traditional school etc. I find old wooden desks very appealing and the feel of chalk on my fingers! I would have loved to have been a schoolmaster back then in a traditional school.


    Ward: You have appeared in a number of Sting Movies, such as “Approved Education” I and 2, “Borstal Correction”, “Instruments of Persuasion”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Reformatory USA” and “The Headmaster”, do you have a favourite movie, or movie scene you particularly enjoyed, and could you tell us why it was so enjoyable?


    With Ginger in Sticks and Stones
    Click on image to see a larger version
    Dr Barton: I still think the first scene I did for Sting, which ended up in St. Datchet’s, where I wield the birch, is in many ways the best thing I’ve done. My own personal favourite is spanking Ginger in ‘Sticks and stones’. I have abit of a ‘thing’ for ginger hair and Ginger was very ginger! He was a likeable, cute lad with a lovely smackable bottom. Filming that scene was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!



    With Rusty in The Headmaster

    Ward: You are known for having a very firm hand, and I am sure that any boy who has been spanked by you knows he has been spanked, is that merely part of your screen persona or do you actively seek to test a boy to his limits?

    Dr Barton: I wouldn’t say I want to test boys to their limits, but I do believe that if you are going to spank someone you should do it properly and for real. I can’t see the point of silly tapping! All the boys who work for Sting and MancSpank are told exactly what is going to happen and a lot of time is spent with them before filming begins to make sure that they understand what they are letting themselves in for etc. Also, the punishment scenes are not usually filmed as ‘one offs’, there are pauses during filming to reposition cameras etc. At those moments the lad being punished gets a breather and everyone usually asks if they are OK and want to carry on etc. I’ve never known a lad not want to carry on!

    Barry takes a severe belting in Approved Education 2
    On the authenticity thing, I think it’s also worth remembering that the people who buy these DVDs and downloads are not stupid, they know when a spanking or whacking is being faked and they deserve better than that. When I do it, I do it for real.


    Ward: I am sure it must have been a lot of fun working with the Sting crew, do you have any stories or anecdotes you would like to share with JockSpank?

    Assault on the Governor in Reformatory USA


    Dr Barton: One which springs to mind was film with Ron, Reggie and Tigger for ‘Reformatory USA’. There’s a scene during a dorm inspection where Ron and Reggie turn on me (playing the Governor) and beat me up. They were both big, strong lads, quite capable of beating me to a pulp, so I was alittle concerned! However, it was all planned and the scene was filmed, they went for me and I crashed to the floor. Rich O’Shea then said ‘Great, can we do that again…’ so I crash to the floor for a second time.
    By the fourth take I said ‘I think you need a stunt Governor!’ as I was rather bruised by this point! In the end we took five takes of that scene.
    “I get my own back on the three lads”


    However, if you’ve seen the DVD, I get my own back on the three lads!
    Perhaps people who haven’t been in on a shoot don’t realise how much fun and laughter there is in the ‘studio’ whilst it’s all going on.


    Ward: In a question I asked you on the StingLad’s group you listed the Sting Actors you most enjoyed working with, would you mind repeating your comments for JockSpank and telling us more about the young men who’s bottoms you have had the good luck to punish?

    Dr Barton: The answer to that has to be Ginger in ‘Sticks and stones’. He was a nice lad with wonderful hair, a very spankable bottom and was very brave and ‘took it all like a man’ even though he was then very new to it then.

    I have very fond memories of Ginger and hope he is OK.

    Bad lads caught up to no good in St Datchet’s Academy


    Then there was Lee and Nick in ‘Tales from St. Datchet’s’. This was the first CP scene Lee had done and he was great. I felt rather sorry for him as he was thrown in at the deep end having to face a birching from me! But he took it all like a man and it was a very effective scene. Nick was his boyfriend who had just come along for the ride but was persuaded to put on a school uniform and take part in the scene. He doesn’t get whacked, but his presence adds so much to that scene and the chemistry between Nick and Lee is excellent.


    There’s James and Harry, James is very professional about it all and has done some scenes where he’s dishing it out and does it very well. I will admit, I always enjoy watching James, whatever he’s in. I switched James and Harry in ‘Reformatory USA’. Harry’s a really nice lad, always a pleasure to work with and can take it really hot. I give him a good caning in one of the ‘Approved Education’ downloads. I thought he was only getting 12, so laid it on quite crisp, until I was told that actually it was 18…! I decided to ease off just a little, but Harry took it all in his stride!


    Brett and Dr. Barton
    Naturally I cannot answer this question without mentioning the ‘terrible trio’ – Brett, Matt and Tigger! What can I say! Certainly they are all larger than life characters and when you’re working with any of these lads there’s rarely a dull moment, they are always up to something! I only filmed with Matt and Tigger once, but it was quite memorable! Brett is in a class of his own, a tough, handsome lad and a real pro. I’m glad to say that after all the canings and birchings I’ve given him he is still speaking to me!
    With Rowan and Sebastian in “The Headmaster”
    Regarding the Czech lads, I must mention Rusty, Rowan and Sebastian who were in ‘The Headmaster’. Sebastian’s a real case, a cheerful, cheeky lad with a wonderful bottom for spanking. Rowan I was very impressed with as ‘The Headmaster’ was about the first CP thing he’d done and the caning he and Sebastian received was tough. Yet Rowan took it all in his stride. He and Sebastian are friends and I think that comes through in the film and makes it very effective. Rusty impressed me as he just looked so much like an older schoolboy in his uniform. I enjoyed wielding that slipper very much.
    The ones that got away
    The lads I’m sorry I’ve never had a chance to work with are the legendary Paul, Jamie, who took the nettle birching, and David, who is another one with a bottom especially designed for spanking.
    But I think it’s important to say that all the lads I’ve worked with have been great. They are all individuals and bring their own unique contributions to the films. They agree to bare their bottoms and take authentic, hard spankings and whackings for our pleasure and we should not forget this. One of the good things about both Sting and MancSpank is that there is an obvious respect for the lads and a determination to treat them fairly.


    Ward: You have used many different “Instruments of persuasion” in the various movies you have made, the cane on Brett, Ginge and Harry in the “Approved Education” series, the birch on Brett’s upturned behind in “Borstal Correction 2”, The strap on young Barry in Approved education 2, the paddle on Matt Mills in “Reformatory USA”, the hickory switch on James in the same movie and of course the slipper on Rusty in “The HeadMaster”. Do you have a favourite instrument with which you prefer to leave your mark on the young male behind and can you explain why?

    Caning Rowan in the Headmaster
    Dr Barton: The think the traditional crook-handled cane must come first. It is so redolent of traditional, English school. Although I was never caned at school I am old enough to remember classmates who were and sometimes the Headmaster at senior school would appear at assembly with his cane when he wanted to make a particular point. I can always remember getting excited when he did that!


    Spanking Matt Mills in Reformatory USA
    Next is a good old-fashioned spanking. It’s so simple, all you need is a chair to sit on, a boy over your lap and a bare bottom to spank! I have recently grown to enjoy the slipper and hairbrush for spanking, they make boys squirm and yelp and give my hand a break when it starts to hurt during a prolonged spanking.


    Ward: Do you have a particular fantasy scenario which you would like to see filmed and perhaps appear in yourself?


    A seventeenth century schoolroom with lots of dark wooden desks and panelling. At the front is a large desk for me, the schoolmaster. I am dressed in black cap and gown and next to the desk is the birching horse, with a birch rod lying across it. In a basket in the corner of the classroom is a collection of freshly made birches.
    The boys are seated at their desks, sweating over their Latin primers. A few of them are already sitting rather gingerly as they have made silly mistakes in their compositions and taken a trip across the horse to have their bare bottoms crispy swished with the stinging twigs – what bliss!


    Ward: How important do you think humiliation is in a fantasy spanking scenario? (eg: a bully being spanked in front of his victim, an arrogant youth punished in an embarrassing situation etc.)

    With Brett in Borstal Correction 2


    I think it definitely has a place, and any spanking or caning is inherently humiliating for the recipient, that’s part of the punishment. But I don’t think it should be taken too far and become humiliation for humiliations sake because that’s not what this scene is about. If in doubt I would ask myself if such an action is authentic in, say, a school/borstal/cadet school environment of the 1940s or 1950s?
    What is very arousing is the idea of ‘comeuppance’, as you say, a bully being spanked in front of his victims or an arrogant youth bare bottomed and spanked until he cries in front of his mates, or the lad who thinks he’s too old to be spanked finding out it’s not so… the whole idea of cocky lads being taken down a peg or two, that sort of thing is very satisfying and very arousing


    Ward: Do you think humour can be appropriate in a spanking scenario, or do you prefer the scenes to be played seriously?

    Feeling the heat in “Thou shalt not Steal” by MancSpank
    Dr Barton: I think some humour sometimes can make a welcome change. In the download I did with MancSpank (Thou shalt not steal) we played it abit camp when I was watching Gavin being spanked by his step-father – moving my chair for a better view, mopping my brow as I get overheated etc.
    I would like to do a download in the style of a 1940s newsreel called ‘How to cane schoolboys : a Ministry of Education training film’. It would be in grainy black and white, with jolly music in the background and a very well spoken narrator etc, all done as a bit of fun. I think sometimes we can all be so grim and serious in these films, it’s the nature of the genre, I know, but it should be possible to ‘subvert the genre’ gently and affectionately from time to time.


    Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Ward: As you just indicated, you have recently appeared in a movie made by MancSpank and I believe you plan to do some more work with them, would you like to give us your views on their work and tell us why you agreed to work with them?

    Dr Barton: I saw some of their stuff and whilst it’s not as ambitious as the Sting material I got the impression that they were making an effort. They seem to understand what their strengths are and are playing to them. Also, they seemed to like the whole school/domestic thing, which is very much my scene.
    MancSpank’s Stuart in action
    Dr Barton: I was also very impressed with Stuart’s spankings! He really tans the boys’ hides!!! He’s one of the most accomplished spankers I’ve ever seen.
    So I approached them to see if they would be interested and I am very glad to say that they were and we filmed ‘Thou shalt not steal’ back in September.


    Ward: Can you give us any hints as to what future projects you have planned with MancSpank

    Dr Barton: I’m just a humble actor so am not privy to the high level discussions as to future plans! Seriously, we have kicked around some ideas and I expect you might be seeing the return of Dr B as Headmaster, Principal, Governor or even naughty vicar in the not too distant future.
    This might be a good moment to make a plea to your readers: MancSpank are seeking venues for filming in the Manchester/Welsh Border/North West area. If anyone has such a place which has a suitable space for a Headmaster’s study, classroom etc and would like to offer it please get in-touch with Stuart at MancSpank, thank you.


    Ward: Are there any other Spanking studios who’s work you particularly enjoy?

    Dr Barton: Apart from Sting and MancSpank, I like the work of the American producers ‘Spanking Central’ and ‘Spank This’. Spanking Central, in particular, is good in that he produces short films to suit different tastes, some of them are quite ‘heavy’ with restraint and quite severe thrashings, but the ones which deal with school discipline in particular are very good and, I suspect, reflect what still happens in some US schools where the paddle is still used. They also have some very nice lads! There was also a French outfit called TPFL, sadly no more, who produced quite ambitious films with some very nice boys in them.


    Ward: Finally, if you were given a choice of all the Sting Lads, including those you have not yet worked with, which one would you most like to have across your knee this afternoon?

    All the boys I’ve worked with are unique individuals and all have their particular charms, but if I have to make a list, here goes:


    (Perhaps, whilst I’m dealing with young Ginger, the others could form an orderly – and nervous – queue in the hall outside my study? I think this is what could be called ‘Spanker’s Heaven’!)


    Ward: Yes that certainly sounds a heavenly scenario to me as well!! Thanks to Dr. Barton for that insight into a career many of us have enjoyed, admired and envied! We look forward to seeing you in many similar roles in the future.

    The End


    From Instruments of Persuasion Part 2
    With Tigger in Reformatory USA

    Caning Brett in Approved Education 2

    Hickory switching James and Harry in Reformatory USA

    Sebastian OTK in the Headmaster

    Giving Harry 18 strokes in Approved Education 1

    Tanning Matt Mills in Reformatory USA
    Links to both the Sting and MancSpank 18.USC.2257 proof of age declarations can be found in the right hand column at this blog

  • Franco and 1 million hits

    As Spankfan announced earlier, today JockSpank received the One millionth hit since I set up the Online Hit Counter on November 5th Last year. Jockspank currently receives between 7,000 and 8,ooo hits a day from a daily average of 1,800 individual visitors. Which is a remarkable result. Thanks to those who have faithfully supported us.

    To celebrate the One millionth hit, I asked the Spanking artist Franco if he would submit to an interview about himself and his work. He kindly agreed, and here is that interviwe with Franco




    Franco, you rank amongst the most famous and prolific of the so called “Gay spanking artists”, what is it about this particular subject which most attracts you?

    Well, I don’t think or ever thought about being a famous “gay” spanking artist, or even a prolific artist. It wasn’t until my early forties I realized fully what fetish art was. Truth is, I started drawing spankings as a result of erotic effects childhood spanking had on me. Kids can get erotic feelings and sensations, but I think puberty internalizes these feelings into more usual, adult sexual triggers and actions. So, to answer these childhood feelings, I began to draw spankings. As I kid I liked to draw the usual, houses, cars, etc, but in finding an excellent and realistic drawing of “The Old Woman In The Shoe”, I used that drawing as my template, and from that began drawing and thus explaining to myself, my initial spanking fascination, which at that time was, F/M, bare bottom OTK hand spankings. So began the compulsion to relive my boyhood spankings and understand them.

    Sometimes our erotic “triggers and fetishes” make better servants than masters, which probably explains the number of drawings I’ve done. I never wanted to be “prolific”.

    What always fascinated me was the sensual nature of the over the knee spanking. I guess I brought to my pencil, what I experienced; detailed ritual, exposure, embarrassment, and little pain, but great sexual tension, in a pure electric manner, believe it or not, delivered in a loving manner. So, I did not have to adapt any erotic feelings in coping with pain, the pleasures were build in, and that’s what I enjoyed depicting in the drawings. It was important to express an appearance of indignation and high moral duty on part of the spanker, but in reality all were having a great time, playing rolls of administrator, and receiver, with the male posterior the center of the universe, both in action and visually. So while I’m drawing a spanking, I seek to depict it is pure eroticism, via the caress of an articulated slap, delivered in a brisk, unbroken cadence, which affirms control, and the depiction of a good position of reception. I hope I made sense here.

    Are you an artist in “real life” or does your artistic talent only reveal itself when dealing with this subject?

    No, While I did some “mechanical art”, I am not a professional artist, especially not an illustrator, nor designer. There are many other artists who have brought some excellent talents to this field. I do think that the difference between myself and some of the great commissioned spanking art I’ve seen is again, because of my experience. What I lacked in technical expertise, I had in the windmills of my mind. That was a joke.

    Are you a member of what might be called the “Spanking Community” in the wider sense?

    Not now no. When I was a young adult, I had no idea there was anything like that. Maybe in the mid/late seventies there weren’t. But I was a bottom then and sought old or older men to redden my bottom, and I had some wonderful experiences. As I got older I started to give more than receive. I did go to a few spanking clubs in my forties and enjoyed the encounter. But I have to be honest. I appreciated spanking first and spanking as a complete act in itself. The disapointment I had with spanking clubs is that they seemed to be more of extensions of gay sex rather than a pure exploration of spanking. In fact, if there is any criticism I have of “gay spanking” is that the gay seems to overshadow the spanking. Believe me, secure men into spanking will cross all the usual lines, meaning I’ve found the best tops and bottoms were actually straight.

    Your work falls largely into two categories, scenes of young men being spanked, and what one might call images involving “man and machine” where your subjects are probed and punished by progressively more imaginative contraptions, do you see these as a separate genres or an extension of the same theme?

    Well, I think that they are an extension. In fact, in my mind, I see similar components at work in both. With the lengthy, erotic, spanking as in prolonged edging sessions, both have dominant and submissive partners, as well as a bondage aspect at work in both scenes. In spanking the bondage may more be one of emotional, and sexual reactions aided by good OKT positioning, the other a combination of positioning with restraints. Both, if done right are (hopefully), sexually charged, and in the apex of both, less stimulation, and even indirect stimulation is key. In both, the journey is more important than the arrival. Again, keep in mind, my take on spanking is erotic, so the sting is sweet, bittersweet, actually being more on the sweet side. It is the duration of the spanking and all the tactile trappings that work, for the unique individuals who respond to this interplay. It is a specific take on spanking, and not just having your “ass” beaten by someone who thinks their tenderizing a steak.

    So the neophyte riding out his first erotic spanking with wide eyed wonder, thrown into a battle of sensations, and yearning for a climax, because he’s being stimulated so powerfully yet indirectly, giving him the hope and need of an orgasm, may be traveling the same road as the young man who has been tied up, and edged lovingly with various methods.


    Where in your art do you draw the line between punishment and pleasure? (or spanking and sex)
    I have drawn more severe spanking, meaning the usual thing you’d expect to see in school paddlings and domestic styled spanking. Thats as “severe” as I’ve gone to. Spanking is so erotic to me, that the sexual component is built in. In other words, guys can come from being spanked, actually ejaculate and orgasm, others don’t but some have come, inside, which brings a release. Sex is more than intercourse, masturbation, or felatio. While all that’s nice, we have needs to control and be controlled in a loving assuring manner. So, I guess you can say, in spanking art, I’ve only dabbled in depictions of real punishments.

    You are one of a group of Spanking artists, others being Spryte, Copper and sometimes Jonathan who often include and element of humor in your work, is this incidental or do you find that humor, at the expense of your young men has its own erotic impact.

    I think it can have an impact, but I think it just happens in my drawings. I want to show the characters being overwhelmed, embarrassed, or dazzled by sensations. If humor happens in my pieces that’s fine. I’m not into making dark drawings. While some of the bondage, monk, mad scientist stuff I’ve drawn may be more intense, I wanted to get powerful, overwhelming pleasure across, not darkness or heaviness. Humor is wonderful and part of life, and I’ve enjoyed it in the works of these great artists you mentioned. Finally for me depicting some form of embarrassment or humiliation never goes into a grinding degrading of a human being, even in a fictional depiction, I don’t believe that that is a healthy thing to dwell upon.

    How important is “humiliation” to your art and to your spanking fantasies in general?

    Humiliation, or embarrassment is part of life, and like most people who had childhood spanking experiences being embarrassed or humiliated is part of it. However, what was the tone of the embarrassment, how did the humiliation occur? Red ears and a red bum seem to go together, again, as I said earlier, being humiliated through being degraded or beraded is an entirely different ball game.

    Although, as I understand it, you are a gay man, a significant amount of your work involves a Fem Dom theme, usually older women punishing fit young men. What is it about this area which so attracts you?

    I’ts unusual. i’ts straight from my childhood. I don’t flatly embrace “Fem Dom”. My interest lies in the domestic style setting of spanking which is usually, bare hand to bare bottom. The contrast of older woman, to young man, or even old man to young man is very pleasing to me, and seeing a fit young man, positioned, embarrassed, and slapped by a jaded old woman or man is in essence a formula that I’ve always found fascinating. It could go like this:

    Maturity in age, expertise from experience Vs Youthful energy, beauty and inexperience

    Again, this could be in both the spanking and edging arena.

    In F/M spanking I see the matronly lap a place of more deliberate positioning, which adds to the humiliation, exposure and sexual tension. I see the female spanking much longer than severely. I see the jaded matron, getting sexual jollies out of this unlikely coupling, as her expertise in years is applied to his bared and pinioned posterior as she claims to be slapping the wickedness out of that perfect male bottom, but actually in her own way and from such a hidden safe vantage she is sexualizing him. So, as a homosexual, I can enjoy the display of the fit young male in a vulnerable venue.


    Do you have a favourite spanking scenario, or series of particular scenarios which you would like to share with us?

    Mine, usually are jack off fantasies, regarding old, or older mature and high moral adults catching young men in the act of masturbation, then spanking them for it. Now, I really don’t believe in the practice of punishment for masturbation, but this is fantasy, the trick is that the spanking actually helps the boys along, and becomes a vehicle of slow, pleasurable agonizing torture, where they are spanked to an intense orgasm. Anytime stimulation, powerful stimulation is hindered, focused, minimialized, or given in carefully measured fashion, and/or applied through the concepts of “yin and yang”, the end result is powerful. Theres my favorite scenario.

    Do you enjoy the work of other spanking artists?

    Oh Yes, theres a lot of experiences from those artists, as well as concepts, ideas, technique. I’ve always enjoyed the works of Jonathan, Copper, Spryte, and others, I can think of right now. I love Lord Iron’s works, but he’s not into spanking…I wish he’d do one just the same.

    Do you watch many spanking videos/DVDs, and do you have particular views on the various studios past and present?

    In the past I have, but I don’t keep tapes or CDs around much anymore. I remember when AIDS first arrived on the scene and fetish films came into their own, by fetish, I mean spanking. Theres been lots of great work out there, and yet, I sometimes feel that quality has been sacrificed for quality. Another aspect which I think is a negative is that the fetish of spanking depicted on video, seems to take a backseat to sexual orientation. Male/male spanking is usually depicted to gay for me. I’ve often talked to those who do straight spanking, usually M/F and suggested that they get a straight top to spank young men, same with F/M spanking videos, suggesting that they drop the MTV vixens spanking overweight middle aged men, and get some matrons, who don’t look like professional doms, to spank young, fit men. I think this is going to happen because there are studios that seem to be delving into this expression, and their work reflects not only good technical execution and angles, but good spanking technique executed by more mature spankers. But then again, I speak from my niche.

    I asked you if you would give this interview to celebrate JockSpank receiving the one millionth hit, since the hit counter was installed last November. You have told me before that you are a fan of JockSpank, do you have any suggestions as to how we could make it better.

    I think you have it down pat. How can you improve on such an eclectic and open mindset? The variety of this blogg is wonderful for the spanking fan as well as the butt fans out there. Appreciation for the male posterior and spanking go hand in hand and you’ve got both, plus studying artistic expressions.

    Keep doing what your doing, and showing other artists as well. It’ s what made me look and it will make others continue to do the same. Personally, I think Jock spank and Jock Spank II reflect your open, and explorative view of erotica. It is refreshing as well as an excellent commentary on the topic.

    Thanks to Franco for taking us on that journey into a spanking artist’s mind. Finally I asked Franco if he would let me post a selection of his drawings which he particularly enjoyed, and here they are.