Interview with a Bad Boy – Brett Stevens

Jock spank is delighted to present an interview with the handsome Sting Star Brett Stevens, who was recently voted the most popular of all the Sting lads in a recent JockSpank poll. Brett has appeared in a large number of Sting videos, DVDs and downloads, invariably “ending up” with a well spanked red bottom (usually taking more than one bare bottom spanking). Few actors can have suffered quite so much for their art, and Brett has taken a lot of whackings over the years.
And it seems he is going to continue giving us the pleasure of watching him getting his tail toasted, as he now offers his own spanking clips via Clips4Sale, and also plans at least one further trip to Prague to shoot a new film with Sting.
Brett kindly agreed to do an interview for JockSpank, which I hope his many Spanking fans will enjoy. Here it is
Brett, you have been posing for adult pictures since you first turned 18, for instance with ClubLads, as a straight guy, how did you first get involved in what is mainly gay pornography?
Paul who appeared along side Brett in Gray Shorts 1 (above) and Asian Incident

Answer: My older brother Paul on Sting Pictures was doing it first, and asked me if I wanted to. So I thought if he could I could, and the modelling just followed

Apart from Clublads and, of course, Sting, I know you have worked worked for a number of other other studios, do you enjoy the work? And do you have any favourite, apart obviously from Sting?

Answer: To be honest didn’t really enjoy the nude modelling, it was ok, but not for me. The c.p. was different and challenging. Of the other studios. TD monthly were ok, I did a few bits for them they were decent, but yeah always gonna’ be a true sting lad ‘lol’

Brett in some early nude posing for Clublads

How did you feel about first getting involved in Spanking movies?

Answer: nervous but it was a challenge, so was fun

What was the first spanking scene you appeared in? Was it with Sting or with a previous studio? What was the experience like?
Brett in the Naval caning scene from Instruments of Persuasion

Answer: It was with Sting, the first Instruments of Persuasion, I think I was in a navy uniform. Well at first it was hard, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but Sting were very good about it they never made you feel uncomfortable

Brett from a familiar angle

Was being spanked for movies your first experience of spanking, or had you been previously spanked at home?
Answer: My mum used to chase me with the slipper I used to run, but I usually got caught. I was the only one that would run though, my brother and sister would firm it, but I used to get it more then anyone ‘lol’.
Brett in three scenes from Grey Shorts – Skool Days Diary

You took some tough discipline right from the start. For instance, in one of your earliest Sting movies “Grey Shorts – Skool Daze Diary)” you took a caning, then a hand spanking on a recently caned bare bottom and later in the same movie you were bent over the gym horse for a very realistic, and obviously painful, bare bottom birching. When did you first discover that you, or at least your bottom, was capable of taking so much punishment?
Answer: Well I do heal fast and I try to switch off when I’m being dealt with. My marks go strait away within hours, unless I take a real hard caning then they may last a day or two. Sting used to get annoyed as my marks would go so quickly when they wanted to take photos afterwards.
Inspecting the damage

Since Grey Shorts you have gone on to become the owner of one of the most well spanked bottoms in Britain. Do you have any idea how many times you have been spanked?

Answer: I would love to say hundreds but I reckon its pushing a thousand “lol”

That’s a lot of spankings, all well deserved I am sure!

Answer: ‘lol’ guess so!

The classic Brett Stevens pose, which we have all seen in any number of Sting movies, features you bent over with your bare bottom on full display, either waiting to be spanked or in the act of being spanked. How do you feel when you are in that position? Excited? Nervous? A little humiliated? Turned on? Or is it just “part of the job”?
Answer: Well it depends. When Dr. Barton would be behind me I would really try zone out as he delivers well but very hard. Most of the time I’m little nervous but you know it will end soon.

I particularly enjoy watching you being spanked over the knee, as, to my mind, it reduces a strapping young lad to the status of a naughty boy. From the actors point of view, is it different being spanked over someone’s knee than it is for instance bending over a gym horse, or in the traditional bending over and touching your toes position?

Answer: I think being over the knee is more close and personal. and being bent over something is completely the opposite. You don’t feel close to the person at all
You must have heard the line “You won’t sit down for a week young man!” a lot of times, are you someone who recovers quickly after a spanking or does your behind sting for a long while afterwards?

Answer: No buy the next day I’m fine. I joke about it all the time as I get called ‘Rhino Hide’ as I don’t flinch, move, cry out, nothing!

I believe that part of “Asian Incident” was filmed on location in the Far East, if so, that must have been great fun? Is that one of your favourite movies or are there others which you particularly enjoyed making?
Answer: Asian Incident was the best movie ever, I never wanted to leave Thailand, it was one of the best moments of my life and I thank sting for that. It’s the only Sting movie of mine I have in a frame, the lot ‘lol’!

(click here to watch a trailer for Asian Incident)

You have said in the past how much you enjoy working with Dr. Barton (Mr. Andrews) who I will come on to shortly, however, could you tell us what it is like working with Rich and Rob from Sting.
Brett take punishment from both Rich and Rob in Troopers in Trouble

Answer: Well Rich and Rob are both great. They helped me through bad times, great pair. On working with them. well were do I start? they are both good at what they do, and both have ideas all the time, both thinking angles, scenes and new ideas, during the making. So some times they may get stressed but very easy to work with. They also always make sure they feed me, I usually eat them out of house and home, I’m a proper ‘fridge raider’. They are a good team, and they have got better working together as time has gone on good luck to them both!

I believe you guys have a lot of fun while making Sting Movies, is that true?

Answer: Well I don’t stop, I make jokes silly posses all the time. The amount of out takes there must be just of me would make a full length movie on its own. I get the giggles a lot and, as I’m now really close to Rich and Rob, when were all in uniform it just cracks me up when I chase Rob round with canes, straps, anything I can get my hands on. Rich just bends over and takes it like a man.
In the various films you have made with Sting you have been spanked on the bare bottom with with all sorts of implements, canes, birches, slippers, riding crops, belts, straps and tawses, and of course a hairbrush in “The Loose Cannon”, the new movie you made with Dr. Barton, which do you find easiest to take, and which is the worst, and why?

Answer: Can I just say that the hairbrush in “The Loose Cannon” cost like £2 from Boots, so I was told by Dr Barton (its his) but it is the worst thing ever. Seriously if you think you can take it just try it. It’s a killer! It gets me every time, and it takes a lot to get me! Apart from that its all ok, if I had a choice it would be hand as that’s it nice and easy but i’m fine with almost everything else, except small whippy things, and I also had a carpet beater used on me once, that was horrible also.
Speaking of “The Loose Cannon” you have recently set up stores at Clips4Sale and Images for Sale, could you tell us more about these and what you are planning to offer there?

Dr. Barton, Brett and David in one of Brett’s clips “What was it like?”
Answer: Well its been talked about for a while. I’ve wanted to do it for years, I’d like to move on to the bigger stuff, but for now till I raise some capital. I will continue doing the short ones, I’m planning more domestic scenes, and stories set in everyday life. The 50s school thing is Sting’s domain, they’re the best at it and you would have to be stupid to try beat them at that. But I’ve looked and there are holes in the market for certain styles, and I want to fill them. I plan to do a lot better then my last lot. Hopefully you will see some big things from me, fingers crossed.

Do you have many ideas for future clips and photo shoots you plan to make? or are you open to (sensible) suggestions by your fans?

Answer: I am always open to suggestions, but yes so far I’ve come up with lots of ideas. Like the ragtime spanking clip, where students, this time David and me, raise sponsorship on their backsides, it will be an ongoing thing with different doms every time. If anyone has any suggestions just email me at

Dr Barton Canes Brett in one of Brett’s clips

With your new project you have worked a lot with Dr. Barton, from whom you have received a couple of famous hidings in previous Sting Movies (“Approved Education II” and “Borstal Correction II (Back inside”) there seems to be a very good chemistry between you and he, how do you enjoy working with such a strong character, and what is it like to be spanked by him?

Dr Barton ‘delivers hard and on target’
Answer: Well he is great to work with and over time has become a great friend now. At first we didn’t jell but by the second time he spanked me The friendship kind of fixed itself. He delivers hard and on target! He’s great so I really great couldn’t ask for better.

David and Dr. Barton in “Stop Smoking”

The popular Sting actor David has appeared in a number of your new clips, is he a mate of yours away from the spanking scene?

Answer: I trust David plus he can take well. I only recommend people I trust. David is great to work with and gives you and I what we want. but yeah he is a friend of mine, you will see a few old Sting faces, and backsides. popping up

In at least one of the scenes with David, you play the role of the spanker, which is a role you have played in a couple of Sting movies, such as “Reformatory USA” and “Tales of St Datchett’s Academy”, which role do you prefer, being spanked or doing the spanking?
Answer: I prefer being spanked, but I don’t mind I’m very easy going and I enjoy my work, what can I say? ‘lol’
A slippered soccer player in Red Card Red Bottom

(This next question of particular interest to Spankfan, who also posts at JockSpank) In the recent clip “Red Card Red Bottom”, you were spanked in your football (soccer) strip, do you plan to get spanked in your football kit is future clips or movies?

Answer: Yes, I do plan more like that, as I don’t see a lot of sporting spankings maybe other sports too. We should be doing one soon funnily enough

You are a straight man with a young family, however, you also spend a lot of time being spanked by other men, do you gain any pleasure from being spanked by a man? If so what is it you enjoy about it?

Answer: Well yes I do spend a good bit of time being spanked by men, of course I must enjoy it. But I’ve been doing it for so long its like a job in its self, but one I enjoy. I think I enjoy the challenge of it. You don’t know how hard or in some cases how soft a guy is going to spank you ‘lol’ plus its great meeting fans, you’re all brilliant

Do you ever give or take spankings from men other than in movies? What are the circumstances and have you ever had any interesting, are even bad experiences?

Answer: Yes all the time, I do private stuff, all you need to do is email and we would work something out I’ve got a fair few people I see regularly ranging from professionals and celebrities to average Joes. I’ve got loads of stories, but i will tell you a bad one, someone asked for stuff that I wasn’t willing to do and tried to hold a knife to my throat. But I was born in South London, I was the only white kid in my year at school and used to have to fight all the time just to be who I am, so I know how to look after my self so I disarmed him and left. So I wasn’t harmed, but that situation would and could have been much worse.
Brett …..
In a recent poll at JockSpank you were voted the most popular Sting Star by quite a large margin, how does it feel to know you have such a large fan base of people who enjoy watching you get your behind spanked?
Answer: I think its great! I couldn’t believe it shame I didn’t get a trophy ‘lol’ bet that would have been an interesting one! but I must say thanks to all my fans didn’t realise I was that, big to be voted most popular Sting star. sure it wont last ‘lol’
…. and from another angle
Do you have any plans for the future, for instance will we see you in another Sting Movie, and do you intend to continue making spanking clips in Britain?
Answer: I’m hoping to go to Sting soon, its being arranged as we speak, but I’m also planning to do more and more stuff of my own. I’ve loads of ideas and open to them also but yeah i will continue till you all get bored lol please feel free to email me your ideas but please put the word ‘ideas’ in the subject box of email. I will try and use your ideas but, of course, I can’t make promises.

all the best

Brett Stevens

An interesting view from Troopers in Trouble

Thanks for a great Interview Brett, on behalf of everyone at JockSpank we wish every success in the future, and hope we will carry on seeing you and the most spanked bottom in Britain carry on getting spanked for a long time to come.

The End
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US visitors can purchase sting DVDs featuring Brett from Mans Hand Films

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11 years ago

A terrificic interview with a spanking super-star. Thanks!

Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe
11 years ago

Great interview. Brett is a Star

I would like to ask Brett if he has any particular fantasy about being spanked, and what the reason for the spanking would be.

What did he do to deserve it?

Lucky Vassall
11 years ago

All anyone could ask of an interview.
Congratulations to you both. I hope you’ll have opportunities for many more interviews. Both with spankees and spankers.

11 years ago

Thanks to all for a great interview. Brett is my favorite spankee of all not only Sting, but all other studios. Would love to put him over my knee for an afternoon.
Cheers, Brett!

11 years ago

Excellent, very well-done interview with this spanking star!

thank you,

11 years ago

Sensational spectacular spanking stars
bare bottom brothers Paul and Brett.

11 years ago

ah Brett , i have been a big supporter of yours for a long time ,and I think this interview is brilliant

Well done Ward , for setting this up

And I urge all Brett fans to download his clips 🙂

Ugly Doug
11 years ago

Cool interview, kudos to Brett

I am going to enjoy watching “Loose Cannon” a lot more knowing the hairbrush hurt Brett so much.

I’d like to request a clip where he is spanked with a hairbrush and then a carpet beater!

11 years ago

please interview david, sebastian and darren!!! this is amazing!!!

11 years ago

Brett is HOT,love his spankable bottom:)
great Interview Jock thankyou!!


11 years ago

You are my fav Sting star. I loved your Navy Cadet scenes and look forward to see you in footy kit.

11 years ago

Bad boy? certainly not;Brett is one of the most charming and attractive youngmen possible. His answers to the questions are those of true young gent; he shd get a UNESCO award for services to spanking and to us his admirers

9 years ago

I really do like Brett and what a lovely nice bum he has got.