Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked Duos

Spanking at the double!! – two recent updates at Straight Lads Spanked featuring two lads getting spanked by Mr X

Andy & Ryan – Caught In Girls Changing Rooms

Andy Lee & Ryan

Andy Lee will never learn from his past mistakes it seems!Rather than just going to the gym and working out like most other lads, Andy has to get up to mischief. He was caught once again in the girls changing rooms. This time he involved his gym buddy Ryan.

22 year old straight lad has never been is serious trouble before. Ryan has never been sent to visit Mr X before! Ryan is about to receive his first ever spanking!

Andy and Ryan argue over who is to blame. All mr X is interested in though is dishing out the appropriate punishment. These two men are made to gradually strip naked in front of each other and watch as the other receives a hard hand spanking!

As it is Andy Lee’s second visit he also gets a taste of the belt too! Two straight lads, humiliated, shames, spanked, sorry & sore! 

 Paddle Dare – Part Three – Andy Lee & Jay
So after both lads have received their spanking, it’s time for their caning!

Mr X is furious with the guys and he does not go easy on them. They both receive 12 hard strokes from the cane. What makes it worse is that the other lad has to stand and watch his friend receive the painful caning.

Both Andy and Jay end up with sore, striped bottoms!

This movie follows on directly from Paddle Dare – Part Two. You can still download Part One, for free here!

“”More from Producer Dave…. I don’t really have much to add about this movie other than to say that neither Andy or Jay can deal with the cane very well. Andy has got better but Jay genuinely really struggles. Every reaction you see from him, the screams the jumping were 100% genuine. The sweat dripping off both lads also shows how intense it really was. I was actually doubtful whether Jay would actually got through with the final six strokes and if it was not for the fact that Andy did, he would have probably refused!”

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