Foul Mouthed Andy – The Conclusion – Bath Brush & Mouth Soaping

Fr om Straight Lads Spanked

The movie follows on directly from Foul Mouthed Andy when after being dragged to Frankfurt to be punished by Stephen,

Andy is dragged all the way back to London. Andy thinks it is all over. Andy is mistaken! There is no way Mr X is going to allow Andy’s earlier behaviour and attitude to go unchecked. 
By this stage Andy is clearly broken, humble and sorry. So does Mr X show any leniency? No Way!
Andy is ordered to remove his clothes and is dragged over Mr X’s knee for a no nonsense hand spanking. This spanking is worse than any Andy has had before……. Finally Mr X relents and Andy thinks it has finally ended.
Andy was wrong! Mr X leaves the room and returns with a bar of dripping soap and the dreaded bath brush! Andy is forced to take the bar in his mouth and hold it there whilst back over Mr X’s knee and getting beaten with the wooden bath brush!
Andy is punished hard and the look on his face when it is finally offer tells you just how awful the punishment was.
Real Straight Lad, Real Punishment! Hard Spanking!

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