Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party – (Part2)

Part two of Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party From Straight Lads Spanked  

 The first of Dr. Barton’s guests arrives ………

And look who it is …..!!!!
Mr. X the neighborhood spanker, who has dealt with Andy and Bailey before ..

 Andy and Bailey can’t believe it!

They wait like two naughty boys

Dr Barton hatches a plan with Mr X, a plan that will leave the naughty builders with very sore bottoms indeed! 

Dr Barton and Mr X sit in chairs facing each other, grab a builder each and drag them over their knees

 Andy and Bailey are thoroughly spanked, side by side in this humiliating scene!

 Of course the jeans soon come down …..

Spanked on their tight underpants…..

Until they too come down..

 for a good, old fashioned bare bottom spanking!

Dr Barton & Mr X are having a great time! Andy & Bailey protest and struggle but it is futile as the spanks reign down!

Dr Barton really does throw the best parties! 

 Two very sore bottoms!!

Sore and humiliated the builders are ordered back to work

 Mr X and Dr Barton agree they make a great team!

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Well this was such fun to film! The action all happened rather quickly! The best bit was that that Andy and Bailey really had no idea what was planned for them as we wanted to keep the reactions as real as possible! For this reason it was all filmed in one take and the camera action is rather frantic! One tidbit I thought I would share with you is that this scene was filmed on the same day that Bailey had his Red Card Red Bottom spanking from Coach Barton. With that thrashing fresh in his mind you can actually see him make a beeline for Mr X rather than face another spanking from Dr Barton! Funny stuff!

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2 Responses to Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party – (Part2)

  1. Avatar Spankedboy
    Spankedboy says:

    Andy & Bailey really are the sexiest lads, they`re my favourite guys. I love seeing both get spanked. What i really want to see, however, is Andy & Bailey spanking each other – spanking fun with your best mate is the biggest turn on.

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Bailey has the most incredible ass