Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party – (Part1)

There will be a short delay in posting Red Card Red Bottom staring Bailey.  However the handsome Baily together with his equally hunky mate Andy are both in recent release by Straight Lads Spanked “Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party”

Builders Bailey and Andy have been called out by Dr Barton to fix a blocked kitchen sink. Dr Barton tells the Andy & Bailey that he is nipping out to the shops for 30 mins to by supplies for a “Hobby Party” he is hosting later that evening. He explains that he has a lot of equipment set up in the front room and tells the lads not to wander in there when he is out.

Well as soon as Dr Barton those naughty builders raid his fridge and help themselves to some cans of lager

Like two naughty boys…Of course, they can’t help being nosey and decide to explore the front room!

They were not sure what Dr Barton’s hobby was but they certainly did not expect it to be Corporal Punishment! Dr Barton’s collection of spanking impliments has been carefully arranged all around the front room. There are canes, paddles, whips, rulers and plimsols!

The builders fool about with Dr Barton’s CP toys

Dr Barton returns home early to find Andy & Bailey n the forbidden room playing around with his CP equipment! He also discovers that they are drinking his lager!

So Dr Barton tells the builders that since they have disobeyed his instructions and seem so interested in playing with his impliments that they can experience what they feel like when properly applied!

The lads soon find out just how painful they can be as Dr Barton dishes out several swats from the paddle, roman ruler and cane!

Things take an interesting twist in Part Two when one of Dr Barton’s guests arrive early!

More from Mr X……….

This clip is more of a lighthearted scene and we get to see some fun interaction between Andy, Bailey and of course Dr Barton! The swats are dished out over the jeans. Even though the lads backsides are covered by denim they certainly still feel each powerful hit! (Parts 1 & 2 of this series will eventually be released as a complete clip)


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