Birthday Spanking – Andy the Builder

Andy the builder is celebrating his 22nd birthday! Following tradition, the gang of lads that Andy belongs to.have all paid for the birthday boy to visit Mr X for a birthday spanking! This straight, muscled lad receives 22 painful strokes of the cane on his beefy bottom. Mr X makes Andy count out each stinging stroke! This was the first time that str8 lad Andy had ever experienced the cane and he really struggled! What was captured on film were 100% real reactions from Andy bending over and getting properly caned! You can clearly see towards the end that he just wants it all to be over! πŸ™‚

4 Responses to Birthday Spanking – Andy the Builder

  1. Avatar Spankedboy
    Spankedboy says:

    This guy is beautiful – just love him. I could watch him get spanked & caned all day long!

  2. Hey Spankedboy! I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. Have you seen the full clip? Also, I just happened to be emailing with Andy today and I showed him your comment and he said…

    “””and tell that person i said thanks :P::::””””


    Mr X


  4. That should keep him off his potentially lazy tail for a while,
    but(t) as his employer I’ld rather opt for the Alice in Wonderland counterpart of non-birthdays, albeit only by cane on monday, other days just OTK!