Caught Drinking On School Premises! 36 lashes!

 Caught Drinking On School Premises! 36 lashes! is a new release by Brett Stevens

Tim has been caught drinking and smoking on the school premises.

 The headmaster is not at all happy with this behaviour and decides that it needs a serious punishment! The Cane!
 Tim is ordered to bend over the headmasters settee and first of all takes 12 lashes from the can over his trousers.

Even these are really stinging! Tim then has to remove his trousers and take another 12 from the cane over his underwear.

 He really can’t believe it when he is told to fully strip off and ends up stark naked receiving yet another hard strokes from the cane on his bare bottom! 

Punishment over, Tim is told to shower and get ready for bed. We see Tim take a long shower, trying to sooth his aching bottom under the water.

 When he finishes his shower he is met by his housemaster who kindly offers to rub some soothing cream into his sore, striped bottom. 

Exhausted and broken Tim gets on his bed and tries to get some sleep…..


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