BBFC: Wash Your Hands

BBFC: Wash Your Hands

With things as they are you would think that everyone knows to wash their hands regularly and especially after they have been out. But Viktor seems to have forgotten or he is lazy and cant be bothered.



Ryan has a different view on this and he has to take the lad to task over it. He makes the lad wash his hands and then sets about giving him a good reminder.


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Spanking the lad of the counter he is not a happy man and Viktor pays the price. Viktor as have seen in his earlier clips has a very spankable butt and this added to his attitude means its a good way to teach a lesson.












Part of a new mini series where we have to teach lads the new safe way of life we live now.


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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

Strange times we are living through, indeed! So much of what we enjoy taken away from us! But it’s a thrill and a delight to see that one thing this accursed virus hasn’t put a stop to is the wonderful work of BBFC and other spanking studios!

The social distancing rules also haven’t stopped boys getting their bottoms smacked, which is just as well, because it’s quite evident from this video that, if young lads are to learn to observe the new rules, then there is perhaps more of a need for spanking than ever before! And what better way for young Viktor to learn than being bent over the kitchen bench in his shorts and subjected to Ryan’s hard approach to discipline – a good smacked bottom, laid on with all Ryan’s skill and vigour. And as Viktor slowly and reluctantly walks round to Ryan’s side of the bench, it is clear he is in no doubt that he is in for it, big time!

For me, boys always look fantastic bent over in black trousers, long or short, though shorts are always a bonus as far as I’m concerned. Ryan is no exception, in fact those shorts, curved tightly over his cheeky, well-rounded buttocks are if anything further evidence! When they come down – well! WOW! Those boxer-briefs are just the perfect choice of spankingwear – the perfect length to frame the lad’s bum for punishment, patterned and with a great shade of blue for a background! Brilliant!

Viktor’s repeated cries of “OW!” grow in intensity as the spanking moves through the usual stages and first his shorts, then his underpants come down to reveal the gradual pinkening of his pert, hairless bottom as Ryan lays his hand on good and heavy! From these factors and Viktor’s screwed-up eyes, the smacking is clearly doing what any tanning is supposed to do to the lad who is on the receiving end of it! What is interesting and something I didn’t think about the last time we saw Viktor smacked on these underpants, is that the letters AU that are printed all over the boy’s briefs, in any Germanic or Eastern European language form the sound ‘OW’. How Freudian that these letters should appear on a pair of youth’s briefs! Seeing him bend over to pull up first the pants then his shorts was just Boner-Maker City! Or would have been if it hadn’t arisen already (‘arisen’, geddit?! FNARR! FNARR!). If it can be done within the confines of the rules, to see Viktor laid over the knee in those boxers would seriously be the cat’s ass!

Just when the poor lad thinks it’s all over, he has to hold out both his hands for a smack! I reckon he was pretty lucky to get away with only one on each hand and I think if he makes the same error of judgement again, he should be given a few more. I am a great believer in making the punishment fit the crime! I’m open to correction, but I’m pretty sure that smacking a boy’s hands is a first for BBFC. Indeed it is a rarity for any spanking studio, though I have certainly seen it in productions from the Magic Spanking Factory. I am delighted to say I think it works really well! Recently on the Facebook site I manage we have had some discussion about on what part of the anatomy corporal punishment is worst – on the hand or the bum. The conclusion has been interesting, with a majority agreeing that while getting say, the strap across the bottom is unquestionably more embarrassing, if it is laid on over a trouser-seat or indeed a pair of underpants it is potentially less painful than the same strap administered over the bare palm of your hand! That certainly was the consensus among those of us who had experienced both hand and bottom punishments. A shame really, that to get the kudos and street cred accorded to you from receiving corporal punishment, you had to have felt the sting of it across your bottom! Being disciplined with a strap or cane on the hand, however much it hurt, just didn’t cut the mustard!

I imagine that young Viktor is unlikely to forget the rules again in a hurry! However, I shall be only too pleased to observe the consequences over my morning coffee if he does!!