BBFC: Viktor Plugged

BBFC: Viktor Plugged

Viktor is trying to start the day well, he is doing the dishes. But he is making a real noise doing it and that’s not good as Dimitri is on the phone and can’t hear a thing.

Finally losing patience Dimitri grabs hold of Viktor and drags him into the salon and makes him kneel over the coffee table. He spanks the lad hard to try and get the point over that it’s polite to be quiet when some else is on the phone.


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Warning – This video involves the use of a sex toy



A After a spanking on the boxers the bare ass set starts but Dimitri feels he has to really wake the lad’s ideas up. So he grabs a butt plug and inserts it into Viktor. A great addition to any spanking and judging by the moans coming from Viktor an addition he could do without.


A really good walloping follows and it’s no surprise that once the plug is out and Viktor heads out of the room he looks like a lad corrected. .



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Trying to be a good lad and do the dishes or not, being noisy or not, if you walk around the place in a pair of brightly coloured underpants as short, tight and flamboyant as those boxer-briefs that young Alex has on, pretty soon you are going to get a good spanking! And sure enough, it is not long before the boy is bent over the table having his amply proportioned bottom well and truly smacked! Looking as spankable as he does, even from the front in just his T-shirt and pants he can count himself lucky that he is being offered the dignity of being allowed to bend across a table rather than being laid over the knee!

The introduction (literally, haha!) of a plug up the lad’s bottom is one that is likely to expose him to some thrilling sensations! Being smacked while plugged is an amazing feeling, and is in fact a form of punishment requested quite frequently by one of my naughty boys in particular! It is a rare treat to see it on Jock Spank and one I am all for, especially if it enhances the discipline that is being laid on!

Viktor responds in characteristic fashion to being disciplined, and as ever provides us with a true frisson of pleasure! Thank you, Alex, Dimitri and BBFC!

1 year ago

Although ‘bovine brain’ big boy Viktor usually deserves every spanking he gets, and gets them about always and some above his fair share, being too dumb to either avoid or properly try escaping due deserts while an easy prankster joke-butt, this time even those knaves who eagerly play pranks on such an easy victim and popular scapegoat pitty him sincerely. When the math-smart students set him up to loose at card games and have to do all their kitchen chores for a few months, they only meant him to save them siesta and study time and spare them soap-soaked hands, but(t) after Kieran’s ‘kitchen kilt debacle’, Dimitri orders the ‘other hopeless klutz’ to come underwear-only, notably a set from lost and found reserved for dirty jobs, alas several sizes too small for him, so it’s constantly-crueller constrictor-torture on the cleaning cur’s constrained cojones, causing him to cringe continuously and ruefelly regret the rigid ridge riding his raw-reddening rear-crack, and crampily clutter the dishes.
Normally no master would mind if a knave humbly begging permission to continue ‘commando’, even less if that means bare-balls-baring big, bungling boner, balls and bubble-butt, but(t) ‘bovine boy’ bluntly blunders-on till Dimitri is so bothered by the noise that he moodily comes and sees soapy spats over half the kitchen, some damaged crockery and a knave who can’t stand still a second during inspection, hence decides to spank the soap-spotted ‘seat of the problem’ on the spot, then slips slightly over some soaped soup, shifts the scene ear-dragging the slippery, soon seat-stripped scoundrel, sarcastically suggesting to orally apply the baby-pacifier Teodor hinted at lately to teach the tattering teens ‘teeth-clutching’, and when mindlessly-honest Viktor replied he didn’t think he could keep his trap shut better that way, got it deep in the other cheeks set, a Sodomite toy confiscated another term, with the standing order henceforth to do his kitchen chores shower-starkers save a similarly-sub-size-string, and to wash each time another spanking implement or pervertible, to be swatted score-fold ‘to dry it’ on his bare behind bountifully, muzzled to ‘masterly’ mask the moaning-mooded mutt’s meanly-maintained mounds-&manhood-misery.
All arse-agony-always-abjectly-available knaves are amply accustomed to seeing and suffering sensible and supernumerary spanking sessions to Sirs’ satisfaction, as at home, at school and most (almost-)everywhere-else, sorrily-sore seats simply seem standard,
yet hurtful harm to humble-hound-he-hood, apart from a painful ‘slip of the lash’ purple-paining privates, is a nightmare neither wants top witness ever or anywhere,
so they sacrifice some scarse soothing-creme saved-up for special treats to silence the still-steadily-sobbing stud’s sleepers-shocking sharp-soreness-shrieking, helping him hope Teodor’s shift shall end this tightness-torture by resuming regular ragless-rear-raw-redding to right rascal-wrongs the right way.