Spanking Straight Boys: Darren’s Table Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Darren’s Table Spanking

Darren is a tall, muscular and hung straight boy. Today, he’s back for his second spanking. For this spanking, Tom has chosen an implement he rarely uses. It’s a leather gaucho whip from Argentina. It packs a mighty sting.

Tom orders Darren to strip and lie face down on the massage table. He then shows Darren the whip and gives him 30 hard lashes with it.


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There is a bit of spanking by hand, too, but today is primarily about the whip. Darren feels every bit of the whip’s sting and looks as though he might come to tears at various points. At the end of the whipping, he is surprised to see how red his butt is. Still, he tells Tom he’s had worse. If he keeps coming back, he’ll have worse again.

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