BBFC: Viktor Maintenance Spanking

BBFC: Viktor Maintenance Spanking

All lads need a regular spanking to remind them of the rules and keep them on the straight and narrow. Viktor is no exception to this and Dimitri is the man to do it.


Bending over the kitchen counter Viktor presents his rear, wearing trackies which look really hot.


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Dimitri warms him up a treat and then pulls down them down revealing some super tight underwear that show the pert roundness of the lads ass perfectly.





A tweak of the ear is needed to keep Viktor focused as his ass gets hotter. Once down the lads glowing buns not only look good but cry out for more from Dimitri. Looking really put out Viktor takes it well and maybe he has learned that rules apply all the time.






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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

My, my! There are some boys who you can just look at and think “He needs a jolly good spanking!” Young Viktor is definitely one of them! There is a certain truculence radiating from that cheeky face that is, of course, not uncommon in young lads, and in my experience, the way you deal with that is with a good hard smacked bottom – spank it out of them!

Although I love to see boys laid over the knee (especially when the knee is mine!) I also enjoy seeing them bent over an article of furniture, particularly when, like Viktor, they are a bit smaller and have to stretch themselves to bend over it! And there’s no doubt that Viktor bends very spankably. For this punishment we get the best of both worlds as he is bent over both Dimitri’s left knee and the table, ensuring that the lad is well bent over but also that the all important knee is involved in Viktor’s spanking posture too!

All boys look superb bent over in black trousers, whether or not it is to get their bottoms smacked or just to retrieve an object from the floor – I particularly appreciate those lads who bend over to tie their shoe-laces instead of hunkering down as other boys do! And Viktor is no exception! But what a treat when those well-fitting jogging-bottoms come down! What a superb choice of spankingwear from what we are finding definitely is a very spankably stocked pants-drawer – one of the huge joys of watching this naughty boy being disciplined! He has to have chosen these briefs on purpose, knowing he was going to be filmed getting a smacked bum! One thing I love about BBFC is that all the boys are committed wearers of coloured underpants – all right, the odd white pair does make its occasional appearance, but mostly they wear well-fitting coloured briefs which make them look more spankable! Patterned underpants are rare, which is a shame as they can often bring out the roundness of a boy’s bottom in a way that plain-coloured undies don’t. But Viktor’s choice for today- WOW! Beautiful shade of blue spiced up with a very spanky pattern and a lovely smackable sheen! I really would love to see him laid over the knee in them! And personally I think he should get a smacked arse just for wearing them! No doubt about it, these are pants with attitude!!

No instrument of discipline this time – just Dimitri’s hard hand, laid on with a thoroughness that is demonstrated clearly by Viktor’s screwed-up eyes and soundless exclamations of pain! As Dimitri bares the lad’s small pert bottom for the final, most painful phase of the smacking we can see from the red glow emanating from those very bare and hairless buttocks that Viktor is going to be one very sore and sorry boy when it is all over!

Smacks on the trackies 130
Licks on the knix 177
Bare-bottom spanx 176

After all the smacking and ear-pulling I’m sure that last SPANK! across Viktor’s bare backside must have been a massive relief for him! He could have had a lot worse but this is after all just a maintenance spanking – and if Dimitri thinks the lad needs this kind of strict discipline regularly to keep him in line, then I wouldn’t be the one to argue with him!