BBFC: The Strap For Danny

BBFC: The Strap For Danny

In trouble again Danny has to face Dimitri and take a good spanking with the strap. Bending over the table and pinned down by Dimitri the straps starts its work on the lads ass.



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A good warm up on the jeans is followed by a deserved spanking on the underwear, anything that bright needs to be spanked. Keeping the lad focused with a pull of the ear Dimitri uses the strap well on this naughty lad.





A bare ass strapping follows and Danny is really learning something from this punishment. When it ends Danny tries to make a run for the door and escape but Dimitri gets on last flick of the strap to send him on his way





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW!!! This clip takes me back – back to those bad old days of being made to bend over the dining-room table in my briefs to submit to the severe discipline laid on with my guardian’s tough, spanky leather belt! OW! I could almost feel the searing strokes across my backside again as Danny was being punished!

I couldn’t help laughing out loud at the start of the clip – Danny looking so hangdog and struggling to avoid a hiding! And try he might, haha! He’s been walloped by Dimitri before so he knows he’s in for it good and proper! And this time with the leather strap, an awesome instrument of very traditional punishment! The sympathetic part of me, who knows only too well the smarting agony of what the lad is about to have done to him, couldn’t help thinking ‘Poor little fellow!’ However, the more pragmatic part of me and the strict disciplinarian in me knows very well that a boy doesn’t get his bottom smacked unless he has been naughty and deserves what is coming to him! And Danny seems to be one of those boys who need a regular spanking to keep him in line – you can see that just looking at his cheeky face!

Bent over the table in those well-worn black jeans that cling so smackably to his well-rounded and pert bum, Danny looks as magnificently spankable as ever – and as all slender, twinky lads do when bending over in black trousers to be disciplined! He writhes and squirms and is, as usual, very noisy in his response to being strapped! He has always been among the most vocal of the BBFC lads in undergoing his punishment and this time is no exception, with his gasps and grunts of pain from the very first SMACK! There is none of the stoicism that we see with, say, young Philip, who can take a thoroughly smacked arse with little more than the occasional sharp exhalation to indicate that he has felt anything, even when bending over bare-bottomed!

After just over two hundred smacks, a long session over the trouser-seat, the jeans come down – I found myself wondering if he’d got a free pair of dark glasses with those boxer-briefs! I wholeheartedly concur with our commentator that he deserves to be smacked just for wearing underpants that brightly coloured! As the spanking reaches its third and most severe stage and Danny’s pants are taken down to bare his bottom we can see that the slapping leather is doing its work every bit as well as Danny’s gasps of pain and sadly ineffectual attempts to protect his buttocks from the stinging attentions of the strap tell us!

The last few moments of the punishment are a major turn-on if, like me, you love the humiliation of ear-pulling – as Danny is yanked up into a straight position from the table-top by his ear – clearly an exquisitely painful end to a good hard spanking! And then, just when the poor little guy thinks it’s all over, before he even has a chance to pull up his boxer-briefs, SMACK!! – one last painful stroke of the strap to send him literally scampering on his way to his room to nurse his sore bottom and, one sincerely hopes, his bruised ego!

Well, another spanking over for a naughty and erring youth! Will young Danny ever learn his lesson? I’m sure I’m not the only BBFC fan who says I sure as fcuk hope not, hahaha!!!