BBFC: That Sergio

BBFC: That Sergio

Sergio is in trouble again and this time Dimitri is going to teach him a lesson to remember.


Bending the lad over the table he sets about spanking him on the shorts.

The trade mark ear pull is there as is the heavy hand that has a constant job teaching wayward lads the rules.


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Shorts gone we see Sergio’s cute little butt in white boxers, perfectly spankable.




The look on his face says that the lesson from Dimitri is getting through, but for how long we don’t know. A great bare ass spanking to end the lesson and Sergio looks suitably miserable. A super clip with this very spankable lad .


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3 years ago

He looks like an annoying YouTuber and there’s tons of them needing spanked

Always us to hit them up! Well…