Sting Spanking Classic : The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits

The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits
The latest batch of senior boys and prefects at Coombe Hall College have been up to no good again. The Headmaster though is having none of it and steps in when things start to get out of hand.

The first to get his collar felt is prefect Mark Harfield ( Adam Ashton) His pranks and behaviour have got him referred to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Young Harfield, dressed in his pyjamas, finds himself over the knee for a good long stinging spanking. Senior boy or not he’s getting into bed at lights out with a very sore bottom indeed!



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Fifth former Colin Miller (Mark Lewis) is getting far too keen on sneaking away for a quick smoke.

This time however he’s caught in the changing room by a prefect, Tom Ward (Simon Lee) Not happy with his excuses the prefect takes him over his knee for a spanking.




His smooth blemish free bare bottom quickly turns a burning bright red! It’s the strap though that will finish the job and Miller is ordered to lay across the vaulting horse for a scorching session with this biting leather instrument.







5 Responses to Sting Spanking Classic : The Sixth Formers – Bad Habits

  1. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    A great Sting classic!
    Adam Ashton, so handsome! He’s missed.

    By the way, Anyone heard anything about Straight Lads Spanked? No new videos posted now for 12 weeks. Is Dave on vacation? Anyone know?

    • Hi Bastinado Boy

      There is a notice in the Members area at Straight Lads spanked saying that due to a change in his personal circumstances, Dave is no longer in a position of being able to gurantee that he will release a new movie every single week.

      He does say he was hoping to release a nev video every month if he can, but that does not seem to have happened so far.

      I am sure Dave will let us know if anything changes

  2. Nice older film! Mark Lewis has such a spankable butt on him! Thanks Sting for making this available at a reduced price!

  3. Adam Ashton – THE most photographed and the most spanked bottom on the entire internet!
    I have dozens of videos of him from that other studio in Prague. He has been a star with them
    for several years. Before I found these photos I was just thinking about him and what he looks
    like today.