BBFC: Thaigo Wide Open

BBFC: Thaigo Wide Open

What’s good for one is good for another and it is Thiago’s turn to get a paddling with some good swats to the hole.

This is one of those positions that really leaves a lad feeling vulnerable, everything open and on show, and posing an ideal target for well aimed swats.


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He protests and moans so to stop that he gets his underwear stuffed in his mouth. Thats one way to stop any brat moaning, hespits them out at the end and nurses his throbbing butt..




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5 months ago

(Someone should be stripped and seriously spanked, say scarlet-strapped by the sightly stud,for semi-systematically spelling the saintly Santiago-contraction like a taiga weed)

4 months ago

While uncle Franco always enjoyed hosting hottie Thiago, shortly before the knave is about to join Sir’s old frat, albeit without taking regular residence in the frat house, Sir realizes his legacy lad will stay there in the litteral sway of a paddle-happy big brother (and his many mounted-mounds-meanly-martyring mates). So, uncle regrets having handled his handsome handful hardly hard-handed, dangerously lacking due lower-limbs-lustily-lividly-licking-learnt lowlife-lout-life-lessons in suitably-submissive sadistical-spankophile-subject slavish-student-squirt-servitude, without which absolutely-abject arse-agony-always-available attitude he won’t last a ‘pledge introduction weekend’, let alone hell week. 
Franco hastily starts Thiago’s long-overdue frat style house training, to humbly-obediently do any chores and prank-challenges, wait on all elders and their guests as ‘betters’ on hand and foot and simply please his pittiless pantless-posterior-pink-to-purple-pounders purely for their prickish, predatory, privacy-privated-privates-pinching pledger-pleasure, properly-piously, patiently bullied without backtalk. 
For frightfully-firm-foreign-farmer-father-raised Franco, that wasn’t such a problem: he had still grown up like landless, ragged rustic generations longer than the family can remember, working their ‘cheeky chico’ tails off and still having them stripped and whipped ad lib by the padron, his kin, guests and fucking-flailing-fond foremen, Franco’s father and about every ‘educating’ elder, and would have remained under much such whips for life in their Latin land of origin, hadn’t he and his brother, Thiago’s dad, emigrated fleeing civil war and enjoyed special scholarships enabling them to build a bright new life in liberty and relative luxury, their frat fanny-flailings felt like a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminding how extremely lucky their generation had been. 
Now his glorious godson has had it so easy and good all his youth in Western liberal luxury, he can barely imagine the proper pitiful pledge-place is presenting for pleasure the paddle and his perfectly-perilously-pantsed puppy-posterior for plenty of pitiless pristine-pink-to-pain-purple-poundings at prickish-predatory passed-pedagogic paternalistic pleasure and displeasure, painful punishment was rare (even pardon practically permissive rule) and always due derriere-discipline, in fact he associates OTK rides with uncle’s BDSM love rather than punishment, so now needs to be trained for frat(house) servitude and slavishly-submissive attitude as absolutely-abject always-anyhow-arse-agony-available adolescent, hence gets imposed an intimidating load of endless chores impossible to perform fast and well enough, hence lots of loud lectures as ‘lazy, lewd low-life lout’ and lavish, lava-livid leather and lignite lickings in plenty of places and positions without mercy, rather extras, with or without pretext, and any weird twists like fetching in any oriface, ongoing obedient-orbs-to-ordeal-offering of-course. 
Luckily, the nice, naughty knave soon proves a great sport as servile spankee and student to sincere submission, finding proper pride and permutated pleasure in posing as pledge performing permanently to provide his predatory posterior-painer pervish pleasure at the petty price of a permanently-painfully-palpitating puppy-posterior and plus-penile-pleasuring. Perplexingly, the pleasing puerile pup proposes to his preferred preceptor a perpetual practice of periodic pledge-paddling-play, hence every fortnight at uncle’s he’ll catch up with all possible and particularly impossible chores at pain of pain-purple-paddlings and pained-posterior-poundings riding the knee most of the rest of that day, while enjoying fratlife and seeking to be singled-out for being scolded, stripped and spanked by Seniors, actually much milder than Franco’s forceful firm-farmboy-flailings.