BBFC: Taavi Smoking

BBFC: Taavi Smoking

Taavi is laying back on the couch smoking, he knows it’s not allowed in the apartment, and frowned on heavily anyway. Needless to say the lad finds himself ass up over the knee and being spanked in no time at all.



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Why lads do these things when they know the punishment is a question that’s hard to answer. Makes no difference to Teodor who is set on teaching the lad that smoking is bad for you, in more ways than one. The jeans have to go after a warm up and Taavi shows off his butt in light boxers.





But its the bare ass spanking he needs most and just what he gets. We have to wait and see if he has learned to stop smoking or will take the risk again .





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I have to admit I’ve missed young Taavi, so it’s lovely to see him back again – and straight back in at the deep end, laid over the knee, where of course, he truly belongs!

And what a difference! No longer the spooky, spanky little woodland elemental, but a tidy-looking, clean shaven young lad! And looking all the younger and – it has to be said – cheekier for a good shave! It’s as though, aware of his disciplinary needs, someone has rescued the little scallywag from the forest and civilised him – which, let’s face it, he was seriously in need of!

And what better hands to be in for such purposes than the hard hands of Teodor who, in his short time with BBFC has shown himself to be a stern and strict disciplinarian and a hard bottom-smacker, taking seriously the BBFC boys’ need for painful and memorable punishment!

And this is just what’s wanted here! Vaping indeed! I’d almost rather see people with real cigarettes than indulging in this particularly silly form of the habit! I am glad to see Teodor is in agreement as he takes Taavi in hand by his ear and lays him over his knee for a good smacked bottom! And a bottom that looks as pert and cheeky as ever, beautifully clad in close-fitting blue jeans – one of my favourite items of apparel to see a lad bending over in for a spanking!

A glimpse of the waistband of a boy’s underpants while he is getting smacked is always tantalising – even a white waistband, as it sometimes seems to be topping off a pair of coloured underpants. This would be my only source of difference about what is otherwise a superbly spanky video! I had gained the impression that Taavi was a convinced wearer of coloured underpants, and was hoping that if he did possess any white boner-killers, they would remain firmly stowed away at the bottom of his pants-drawer, which is the proper place for white underpants! Alas, the boy’s judgement seems to have lapsed somewhat on this occasion…However, these boxers do have the merit of being a good length for punishment and very clingy, so all has certainly not been lost with his choice of them as spankingwear, haha! Still, young Taavi – we’ve seen them and there’s no reason for us to see you in them again, is that understood, my lad?!!

I had forgotten that Taavi was slightly hairier than the majority of the lads we see on Jock Spank, so when his boxer-briefs were removed it made an interesting change to the norm – not that I would ever complain about the more hairless state of other boys’ buttocks that we see on any of the spanking sites I love so much! But it’s good to ‘ring the changes’ and see a hairier bottom being smacked!

It is intriguing to note that while Teodor is clearly spanking the little fellow hard, there is no sign of the reddening that would have been spreading across other boys’ behinds long before his pants were taken down! However, this should never be taken as a sign that a spanking isn’t hurting. Not one to suffer corporal punishment as stoically as some of the other BBFC lads, Taavi is very vocal indeed in his reactions to the skelping that Teodor is laying on across his arse with unremitting severity! If the loudness of the SMACKS! as Teodor’s hand connects with the wayward young stripling’s well-rounded bum is anything to go by, his cheeks are going to smart, red or not!

I am just thrilled to see Taavi with us again! I do hope that BBFC are going to continue the civilising process with the young scamp – and of course a regularly and severely smacked bottom is an important part of any such process of training and discipline!
Cliff van Spanking.