BBFC: Taavi Paddled

BBFC: Taavi Paddled

BBFC received an email that was short and to the point about Taavi. It said – He looks like a brat, paddle him – well what else could we do but paddle the brat. Ryan likes using the paddle as it gives a great coverage on any lad’s butt.



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Taavi is wearing some shorts that look a bit heavier than usual and that means the paddle is ideal for the task in hand.


But shorts are never going to stay up for long and they go down to reveal some great fitting boxers.





Taavi is one of those lads that moans and groans all the time, I wonder if it is a play for sympathy? If it is it never works. A bare ass paddling int he forest has that lovely outdoor sound of wood on butt that cheers any summers day. A super paddling request for Taavi .





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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

This is only the third time we’ve seen young Taavi getting his bottom smacked and he’s already becoming a huge favourite with me!

The lad just seems to get more spankable with every video we see him in! What I think is good is that the arrogance and attitude that characterised his manner in the first clip (at the beginning anyway!) seems to be getting smacked out of him – I sense a slightly nervous air about the little rascal as he approaches Ryan to be disciplined. And who wouldn’t be, having already had a couple of spankings from Ryan?! Because you would know that it was going to hurt!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching Taavi being laid over the knee (for me, the optimum position for a spanking!) he just looks fantastic bent over that tree-stump – right over it, bent into a very favourable position for corporal punishment! As it happens, there is a good practical reason for not laying a boy over your knee if you’re going to smack his bottom with a paddle. It was actually a friend of mine in the States who was disciplined with the paddle across his bottom when growing up, who advised me that you should make a boy bend over for it, because for a paddling to be as painful as it can be made to feel, you need to be able to take a good swing, and if you’ve got a boy laid across your knee, the swing is restricted. I have tried both – my lads tell me that while they don’t get quite the humiliation that they get from being laid over the knee, it definitely hurts more if they’re bending over the desk or bent over the chair! And Taavi certainly looks every bit as spankable bent over the tree-stump as he looked when he was laid across Ryan’s knee!

There is a youthfulness and vulnerability about Taavi which is accentuated by his slender build and by wearing shorts. As Ryan started to lay the paddle across the boy’s cheeky little bottom, I found I could almost feel each SMACK! myself! OWWW! From the beginning, poor Taavi’s reactions tell us that getting a hiding from Ryan is no joke! His yelping when he is spanked across the bare bum is almost pitiful! I mentioned in my comment about the last smacking Taavi got that I would love to see him spanked in some briefer underpants, and what a selection he came up with from his pants-drawer this time! WOW! Black, one of my all-time favourite spankingwear colours! And just the perfect length to frame his phenomenally pert bottom to perfection for punishment! I just would so love to see him laid over the knee in these boxer-briefs! I was glad when Ryan decided to pull Taavi’s shorts down completely – sometimes I’ve found that what would be an aesthetically amazing spanking because of the colour and length of a pair of underpants that a boy is wearing is actually spoilt because the spanker takes the boy’s trousers down to just below the curves of his buttocks, meaning that you don’t get that delicious framing effect that bare legs topped off by a good short pair of boxer-briefs provide! The camera covers the underpants sequence of the spanking beautifully, going in at angles that show Taavi’s bottom at its most rounded, spankable best! I am thrilled that Taavi is obviously a committed wearer of coloured underpants – if he has any pairs of white boner-killers lurking in the depths of his pants-drawer I trust that that is very firmly where he will leave them when he is going to get spanked!

When Taavi’s downey buttocks are bared for the last part of the spanking, I was rather expecting to see them looking a bit pinker, but of course that’s just the way it is with some young lads. My own naughty boys are perfect examples of how different lads can be in this respect. In the case of one boy his bottom looks like a ripe cherry after just six of the best and in another, I can slipper him till the cows come home and, as hard as the slipper is, it will produce nothing more than a faint pink glow which suffuses the boy’s bottom like a delicate sunset!

When Taavi bends over to pull up his boxer-briefs and then bends down again to pull up his shorts, the camera is absolutely where it ought to be – right behind him! That way the boy’s incredibly spankable rear-view is maximised! That moment when he runs off, clearly convinced that he might get another good tanning if he hangs around, made me laugh out loud!

I have a folder of favourite spanking videos – this one is most definitely going in it! Thank you, BBFC!!!