The most popular request for Taavi after his debut last week is to see him OTK, being outside in the forest is a little added extra to the clip. Ryan calls the lad over and gets him OTK, the shorts Taavi is wearing look good and are ideal for the warm up set.



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Once they are down then the blue underwear really show off the shape of the lads butt. Finally the bare ass spanking, that echoes nicely in the quiet forest.





A super spanking for Taavi although I doubt he feels the same way about it. The forest is ideal for a summer outdoor spanking and when a lad as cute as Taavi is there for it then its a perfect summer day .

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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

There is indeed a special magic about a woodland scene and I’m sorry I’ve only just managed to look at this delightful little clip. I have to say that my heart leapt skywards when I saw that we were going to see young Taavi get a second spanking – and then it did a double somersault when I read that magical abbreviation ‘OTK’! I believe I said in my comment about Taavi’s debut smacking that I hoped to see him laid over the knee next time, so it’s just the cat’s ass to see it so soon!

Despite the fact that Taavi is clearly a brat and a naughty boy, very obviously in need of strict discipline, there is also something very cute and vulnerable about him, which is accentuated by him wearing shorts (as is so often the case with boys). His demeanour demonstrates some reluctance about ‘what he is about to receive’ which is hardly a surprise – he’s already had a thorough good smacking from Ryan, so he has a fair idea of what he’s in for! Nevertheless, he bends over Ryan’s knee obediently enough. This made me pause for thought about the merits of forcibly laying a boy over the knee or making him bend over it of his own accord. I think there is something to be said either way. I was always physically taken in hand and laid forcibly across the knee in my briefs, and while in my later youth I’d almost got two knee-shaped grooves worn in my torso, I never quite got over that mild sense of shock at the position that my guardian always allowed to sink in before laying on the first stroke of the slipper across my bottom! However, having to bend over is an act of submission to discipline, whether it is over the knee, the chair or the desk etc. so it does bring its own special degree of humiliation to a spanking!

Young Taavi evidently has a lower pain threshold than some of the BBFC boys as we can hear from the very vocal responses to his punishment. Even I, severe and hardened disciplinarian that I am, found his whimpering of the word “Prosim! Prosim!” (“Please! Please!”) very touching – I don’t recall hearing that from a BBFC or indeed any Jock Spank lad before while getting his bottom smacked! The ear-pulling obviously gives the boy some trouble – I fully understand that! Although I never had my ear pulled during smacking, I was frequently led by my ear to the dreaded ‘Seat of Learning’ to be laid over the knee! So I know it hurts – by all the angels of Spankers’ Heaven, it HURTS!

Of course, as I looked at the stills from the shorts sequence of the spanking I was thinking ‘I wonder what colour underpants he’s wearing’ – as it happens the boxers that are revealed when his shorts are taken down are a superb colour for spankingwear! I do wonder if Taavi might be persuaded to wear some slightly briefer underpants the next time he gets smacked as they would frame that phenomenally cheeky little bottom of his to utter spanking perfection! Just a thought…

We are seeing some rather downier bottoms generally at JS just recently which makes for an interesting aesthetic, with the dark hair contrasting with the redness underneath it as the boys’ bottoms are bared for the severest part of their punishment! I always felt that smooth and hairless buttocks were the most spankable, but Taavi is living proof that more hairy hindquarters definitely have their very spanky merits too!

The fatherly part of me just couldn’t help an access of pity for poor Taavi as he positively scampers away after his punishment is over.! Poor little lad! I thought. He is undoubtedly thinking that, with Ryan in that mood, he needs to make a quick get away! As it happens, I think that he got off rather lightly this time, even though Ryan smacked him hard!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the shorts 187
Spanks on the pants 96
Slaps on the BARE bottom About 170 – I lost count when Ryan went into rapid-fire spanking mode after about 70, haha! But I picked it up again when the smacking became more measured and counted another 60!
So we have a total of about 360 smacks! A short spanking by BBFC standards, but a hard and high-quality one, with a smashing, wonderfully cheeky little spankee! And of course – I know it’s a cliche – but it is after all quality and not quantity that counts!

If I was Taavi, I wonder if I would be wanting a third dose of Ryan’s hard hand and stern approach to discipline! I hope that he is able to set such feelings aside – if only because, as I have already observed, he so clearly needs it!