BBFC: Taavi Hard Paddling

BBFC: Taavi Hard Paddling

Taavi is getting ready to go out but has messed up so Dimitri gets him for a paddling. Wearing just his shorts the lad has to bend over a chair and take his punishment. Dimitri welds the paddle and the lad pays the price.




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Denim shorts make his butt really spankable but they are soon down and its the black boxers that show off this lads assets. By the look on his face Taavi is concentrating and trying to ignore what the paddle is doing. When he has to stand up and get his boxers pulled down it is obvious why he was looking like that, he is very excited and he bursts out of the boxers.



A hard paddling or a hard from paddling for Taavi. This is a first for Taavi and it looks like there is more to spanking for him than he has let on before. A good bare ass paddling finishes off this session and he is still looking excited as he dresses and leaves. Looks like we are getting close to the zone with Taavi







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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

It’s just been a short while since we saw little Taavi, so it’s great to see him again, this time being bent over the chair in a classic position for corporal punishment! And with the added bonus of being shirtless and showing us a tantalising glimpse of waistband, promising sexier things yet to come! I am just thinking what fun I could have with my cat-o’-five-tails across those smooth, well-moulded shoulders and that very whippable back! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

As the commentator points out, Taavi’s pert, cheeky little bottom looks almost unbearably spankable in those faded jeans – one of my favourite types of trousers for a boy to wear while he is being spanked! They stay in place a fair while, as I like trousers to do when they make a young lad look especially smackable! But this being BBFC, they can’t stay up forever, and the promise of the black designer waistband is fulfilled with a pair of clingy black trunks! So far, Taavi has never let us down by appearing in a pair of white boner-killers – one hopes that if he did have any, he left them back in the forest when he was plucked from the life of a cheeky little woodland sprite, taken in hand, tamed and civilised!

Taavi has never been one to undergo a spanking quietly and as Dimitri continues to lay on some hard discipline US style, he becomes more vocal, his face showing some amusingly agonised expressions! He even, at one point, looked as though he was trying to get away from Dimitri, which is an absolute no-no for any boy while he is getting smacked! When his black boxers are removed and his slightly hirsute buttocks are bared for the last stage of his punishment we can see that the spanking has affected his libido somewhat! I’ve got to say I’m not surprised – at his age, what he has had administered across his bottom would have had my cock standing right up on end like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

From the smacking of the paddle, to the ear-pulling and Taavi’s quickly prevented attempts to ease some of the smarting in his bottom, this is a punishment that I shall find bears watching many times!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the jeans 178
Spanks on the pants 173
Smacks on the bare bottom 132

The last two spanks, as Taavi attempts to make good his escape, had me laughing out loud as they helped him go scampering on his way! They almost seem to have taken him by surprise! A final reminder to this naughty boy that the way of the transgressor surely is hard!!!

2 years ago

Wow, Taavi may be small in stature but he’s not so small ‘down there’!