BBFC: Taavi Gets The Strap

BBFC: Taavi Gets The Strap

It has been pointed out that any lad who presents his butt for spanking like Taavi should be spanked on a regular basis, it would be a shame to miss any opportunity to do so. So Ryan sees the opportunity and gets the lad up against a tree, where he instantly adopts the idea presentation.



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Ryan gives him a warm up with a few swats by hand before getting the strap out and upping the stakes for the lad. Shorts down and a his gorgeous little butt is shown in black boxers, a super target for the strap.




As shapely as they make his butt they also have to go and the fuzzy little butt that they hide is revealed for the strap. Moaning away like always Taavi takes his spanking well and a final caution from Ryan sees him head off into the forest.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Something about the woodland scene along with Taavi’s small and slender stature suggest something almost elemental about him – the way he appears from the forest and disappears back into it. This is spanking at its spookiest!

Four spankings into young Taavi’s career with BBFC and he has certainly experienced a good variety of what the world of corporal punishment has to offer! The strap this time – a time honoured instrument of discipline whose use goes back a long way! From Taavi’s reactions to being leathered with it, it clearly is having the expected effect that it has had on boys down the centuries!

Although I particularly enjoy watching a boy being laid over the knee to get a spanking, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Taavi get his bottom smacked in this position, there is something about the way he bends over that I think makes him more smackable than if he were laid across Ryan’s knee! I wouldn’t often say that of a boy but it has struck me in all three scenarios when Taavi has had to bend over. His spankableness is greatly enhanced by his black trackie-bottoms and even moreso by his tight black boxers! One of the reasons I love black as a colour for spankingwear is that I have yet to meet a young lad who didn’t look super-spankable wearing black briefs or black boxer-briefs as punishment underpants! And Taavi very definitely is no exception!

His rather hairier buttocks, when we get to that bit, tend for me to strengthen the impression of a little woodland being – a spankable young faun, perhaps! Naughty Taavi might be – a brat, I have no doubt – but he is so seriously cute! And with a bottom like his that just shrieks aloud to the highest realms of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked, and what so far looks like a well-stocked pants-drawer, what more could a confirmed BBFC lover want?!