BBFC: Sergio Slacking and Snacking

BBFC: Sergio Slacking and Snacking

Sergio is sitting back having a snack instead of getting on with the chores. He is quite happy until Dimitri comes in and catches him slacking and snacking.


No messing around he is OTK in a flash and getting his butt warmed up.


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The black jeans are good for a wake up set but they have to go and once down Sergio only has thin boxers to protect him from the heavy hand landing on his rear end. A good set here and one that keeps Sergio moaning and moving around.




Then a final bare ass spanking and its job done, lad chastised, butt reddened and a lesson in laziness taught



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

It is a real treat to see young Sergio being laid over the knee once again! I am ashamed to say that I was forgetting just how spankable he is!

And this time, getting smacked by Dimitri! No messing about here – straight across the knee, being spanked hard right from the start! Dimitri’s skill at disciplining young lads shows in the boy’s face and the pinkness of his cheeky, hairless bottom when his boxer-briefs are taken down to bare his bum for the final stage of his punishment! Great choice of spankingwear too – perfect length for spanking and a pattern that surely does bring out the roundness of Sergio’s very pert buttocks! It’s delightfully boner-making to be reacquainted with the contents of this naughty lad’s spankably stocked pants-drawer! Tommy Hilfiger seem to have the knack of making boys’ briefs that could have been designed as punishment underpants – young Robin Palmer wears them particularly smackably!

There is an air of insolence about Sergio, not unusual in older teenage boys, of course. And it can’t be permitted – it needs to be tamed and disciplined and if smacking is the way to do that (which, naturally, I believe it is) then let them be smacked – and smacked hard! I don’t believe many boys would remain truculent and insolent for long over Dimitri’s knee!

I hope now we have Sergio back with us that we can look forward to a few more spankings with his bottom playing the central role!