BBFC: Sergio Made a Mess

BBFC: Sergio Made a Mess

Sergio has had a shower and left the bathroom in a mess. This was found by Teodor and even before Sergio has had a chance to dress he is called in to pay the price for making a mess.



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Teodor makes him kneel on the floor and bend over a chair. A few swats on the towel before it’s off and Sergio soon has a glowing bum. Making him kneel down like this is quite stressful and adds a little something to the spanking that the lad needs.



It is just the right height for Teodor to add some extra weight to as well and the lads butt is a lovely colour by the end of the clip




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

As time goes on I find myself getting less and less certain about many things I used to feel very sure of. But one thing I am absolutely 110% certain of is that I will never ever get tired of watching young Sergio getting his cheeky little bottom smacked!

I find the positioning of the boy in this clip an intriguing one – just like being laid over the knee, only without the knee! I do use that position sometimes with my naughty boys, except that they don’t kneel and bend over the chair – they have to lay over it and they tell me that it is quite a stressful position to maintain, though not quite as stressful as having to bend over and touch their toes!

Even with the towel covering the firm curves of his boyishly prominent buttocks, you can see what a shapely bottom Sergio has – just begging for a spanking! And when the towel is removed, O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! Not only can we see what a perfect target Sergio’s bottom is for punishment – so bare, so round, so deliciously presented for smacking! – but we can also see just how well Teodor knows his job! A deep glowing pink all the way round Sergio’s bum, right down over the sit-spot shows us the reason for the boy’s cries of pain, evoked by the strict discipline that is being laid on!

Even when Sergio is allowed to straighten up after clearly being spanked very hard, his ordeal is not quite over! One final resounding SMACK! sends him scampering on his way with a loud, pain-filled “OW!” I can see one little rascal is going to be sleeping on his tummy tonight…