BBFC: Philip Carpet Beater Request

BBFC: Philip Carpet Beater Request

Tony awaits Philip’s arrival. Philip is a popular lad and this time he has been asked to take a set with the carpet beater over the chair. *

He looks a bit worried when he comes in as the carpet beater is not something he likes at all. He is wearing heavy trackies, it is still quite cold out, and they have to go after a few swats so he can feel the full benefit of the spanking.



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The thin boxers he is wearing offer no protection and the look on his face says that this spanking is getting through.






The final set with the bare ass shows well the impact of the carpet beater and the area it covers. A super spanking for Philip .




2 Responses to BBFC: Philip Carpet Beater Request

  1. Oh, my EARS AND WHISKERS! Talk about starting the day with a BANG!!! A bang on the bottom in this case! Poor old Philip, HAHAHA!!

    A carpet-beater is just like several canes all woven together and is a truly fearsome instrument of punishment! The only time I ever had one used on me, which was for a dare when I was at uni, I literally could not sit down afterwards! I am not surprised that Philip was looking worried! And I have to say that, while this is by no means the longest spanking I’ve seen Tony lay on (see vital stats below), particularly across young Philip’s cheeky bottom, it is probably one of the severest and most intense. I think that shows from the fact that it is the only smacking I recall Philip getting where he has responded to the spanks with anything more than the occasional restrained intake of breath! Also, I would say that that well-rounded bum of his is looking redder than I’ve seen it after any other spanking I’ve seen Philip being given! You could seriously warm a pair of cold hands on that (now if that isn’t a thought to give you a boner!)! I think, too, that the severity of this thrashing is probably a bit too much for Philip’s frequently priapic libido – though I have noticed a tendency for his cock to stand on end more when he is being laid over the knee than when he is otherwise positioned – maybe there’s a psychological connection there.

    As ever, a great selection of spankingwear from Philip’s well-stocked pants-drawer. When he wears boxer-briefs, he always seem to have a pair on that are the perfect length for punishment! And doesn’t he wear them well! I don’t think we’ve seen these particular briefs before, but they’re a great colour to wear for a spanking and I particularly appreciate the contrasting waistband and stripes down the legs! I’d really, REALLY love to see the boy laid over the knee in those!

    For all Philip’s response to this spanking, he is still pretty much his normal stoical self throughout it. I don’t know how he does it – I can think of a couple of my naughty boys who would be reduced to howling, shivering wrecks with just a dozen spanks with that carpet-beater! I have to say that I am always torn after seeing Tony discipline Philip between the lad’s amateur dramatics – the screwed up eyes, the vigorous rubbing of his bottom, between amusement one one hand and thinking ‘Poor little lad!’ on the other. I am at heart an old softie and although I have frequently reduced boys of 20+ to tears as they lay across my knee in their briefs getting their more than just deserts, The fatherly part of me really just wants to sit them down on my lap and cuddle them when they start crying. However, I don’t, because it would, I feel, be very bad for discipline, although I am aware that not all spankers agree with me on that point. Boys need to know where they stand and my ladss know they come to me to get their bottoms smacked – and smacked hard! – not to be hugged and fussed over. MY WORD! The very IDEA!

    Anyway, before I get carried away – thanks, BBFC! Great to see Philip getting walloped again! I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms!

  2. OOPS! I nearly forgot the Vital Statistics!

    Spanks on the trackie-bottoms 64
    Spanks on his underpants 99
    Spanks on the bare bottom 150


    That doesn’t include the one last SPANK with which the young scamp is sent on his way – I always love that little touch!