Sting: Video Preview for Evan Ryker’s Day Off

Here is the video preview for

Evan Ryker’s Day Off

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Evan Ryker’s Day Off– in 1080p Extra High Definition


Evan Ryker’s Day Off – in Standard Definition


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One Response to Sting: Video Preview for Evan Ryker’s Day Off

  1. Avatar Dr_Caine
    Dr_Caine says:

    Stings super boy Evan bent over to perfection in those BEAUTIFUL sky blue shorts. I looked at the sky this morning and thought nothing could better this
    but I was wrong!! The lighting, the camera work, cutting just AMAZING coupled with perfect top Marco’s super hot and hard spanking, I was in spanking Valhalla!
    Sorry I got carried away!
    This was a superbly made clip and I would expect nothing more from Sting. Evan is now a very firm favourite of mine. Good work enough said.