BBFC: Panos Dishes

BBFC: Panos Dishes

The dishes have piled up and it is obvious that Panos has not been doing his chores. Called in and made to face the scene of his crime he stands against the counter and gets a spanking.



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Wearing shorts it shows that he has been out and had no intention of doing the dishes, which means he deserves what he is getting.


Once the shorts are down the tight boxers not only show off his butt well but they emphasize the delightful little wobble of his muscular cheeks.





The wobble is even better once the boxers are down and make this a great spanking for this popular lad. Look suitably chastened at the end Panos sets about doing what would have been easier and less painful in the first place .





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

if there is one thing I cannot abide at any price it is a lazy boy, so I have no sympathy whatever for young Panos when he gets a good hiding for not dealing with his chores when he is first asked.

Although I love to see a boy laid over the knee to be given a spanking, it is interesting to see Panos made to bend over for a change to get his bottom smacked! And his bum does look especially inviting to the hand of a spanker as he is dressed there – black shorts, whether they are short shorts or knee-length ones, do it for me every time! In fact shorts generally of any hue, because they do have a way of making a boy look younger and more spankable!

I have to say I particularly appreciate watching Panos getting smacked on his underpants, especially as he has frequently worn briefs up to now, which frame any lad’s bottom beautifully for discipline! The rather longer trunks that he is wearing here, along with what we’ve seen of the contents of his pants-drawer up to now, show that a truly eclectic collection of boys’ knix lies in those mysterious depths – no doubt we’ll be seeing other interesting pairs as we become more intimately acquainted with Panos!

A thorough and intense punishment and it looks as though it has temporarily taught this lazy youngster a lesson! I know guys who don’t think it’s necessary to smack boys for laziness, but I firmly believe it is bad for discipline to allow it to go unpunished and I for one certainly spank my lads very hard for it! Will a smarting bottom be a true motivator for Panos, though? I imagine we’re all in agreement that we rather hope not…