BBFC: Panos Blue

BBFC: Panos Blue

Seeing Panos OTK and here’s a requested OTK with him. Looking good in trackies Panos goes straight into the position and the spanking starts.



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His butt is presented well and looks good but after a warm up they have to go. The underwear is also well chosen and show him off well. The red glow peeping round the edges of the blue boxers briefs says that Panos is feeling each swat.


A bare ass spanking finale is what he, and every lad, needs. A great request for Panos .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I woke up this morning and my first thought was ‘I wonder which of the BBFC lads is going to be getting his bottom smacked this morning! So it was with the usual excitement I fired up my computer to find we were having another session with Tony and young Panos! am sorry that I haven’t got around to making a comment about Panos yet, especially because when he made his first appearance with BBFC I thought WOW! What a FIND! In particular I really dug the fact that he was wearing black briefs – briefs being such a rare treat to see on any spanking studio site in these days when boys’ preferred fashion in underwear is for boxer-briefs, not that I’m complaining about that! And particularly not this morning with the knix Panos is wearing!

Another thing we haven’t seen a lot of at JS is boys in nylon track-suit bottoms, very popular with lads round where I live, where the seats of them tend to be very well filled out! My naughty boys all have them and often wear them when they come to see me because they know how spankable I find them! And here we have Panos laid over the knee in a pair of navy-blue trackies, which for me are the most smackable of all, the next most spankable being black! The trackies fit perfectly, allowing us to discern the outline of the legs of Panos’ underpants, and when the camera moves round directly behind the boy and gives us that bird’s-eye view, Oh my ears and whiskers! SO-O-O-O ‘kin SPANKABLE!!!

After just a little short of 300 smacks, the trackies inevitably come down and then, OH YES!!! Those boxer-briefs have to have been chosen from Panos’ pants-drawer by him on purpose! Either that, or an angel appeared to him from Spankers’ Heaven with them and said “You’ll wear these over Mr. Vincent’s knee!” The colour and length – just spanking PERFECTION! And how they hug his bum, like a second skin! I was pleased to see a good long smacking laid on across the seat of them! I think Tony showed incredible restraint knowing where to stop – I’m not sure I would have done, hahaha!! And we get the benefit of Conrad’s wonderful photographic skills as he moves the camera in and out at all the best angles to display Panos’ well-rounded buttocks for the viewer’s deepest delight!

One of the things I find fascinating about Tony’s spanking style is that he doesn’t appear ever to be smacking a boy very hard and yet the intensity of the punishment shows in the glimpses of Panos’ pained facial expressions and the pink glow suffusing his bare bottom like the skin of a ripening peach! It’s all in the wrist action, clearly! Finally allowed to straighten up off Tony’s knee, this naughty lad is helped on his way by that final smack on the bottom that I always find such a delicious conclusion to any boy being disciplined at BBFC! For me, it’s become one of this studio’s hallmarks!

Today’s vital statistics
Smackies on the trackies 273
Lix on the knix 256
Don’t spare the bare! 268 smacks!
And 1 for the road
Total: 798 SPANKS!

At the end of the day, you just can’t beat a good old fashioned spanking over the knee! Panos has, in our short acquaintance with him, always maintained a properly solemn demeanour before, during and after spanking, giving the impression that he knows he has been naughty and deserves to be punished! He accepts the strict discipline meted out to him in an appropriately humiliated spirit! And when it comes to boys getting smacked bottoms, humiliation is the name of the game!

Panos always gives the impression of having learnt his lesson…well, I’m sure I’m not alone in my hope that he never does – at least not for a little while!

2 years ago

Panos is handsome young man. He seems like a genuinely nice guy but as we know even good boys need a spanking. And his beefy butt provides a nice ripe target for manual discipline. I’m looking forward to the next time he messes up.