BBFC: Pacco a Chance Meeting

BBFC: Pacco a Chance Meeting

BBFC have been asked how they met Paco. Well it was a chance meeting by Ryan, he was out walking and saw a car parked up and spotted Paco. There was a chat and a deal was made, Ryan hops into the car and they head off to his place.



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Once at the apartment Paco is soon OTK and getting a spanking with the ping pong bat. This is a good way to start things off and while he is paddled on the jeans Paco has to realize this have to go and he has to get the more on his boxers.





The ping pong bat has a lovely little bite to it, as anyone who has had will tell you, and the paddling on the boxers is a step up in pace for the lad and just a pause before he finds himself bare ass and OTK. Paco has a great little butt and this was his first spanking and it was a wake up call for him. So thats how we met Paco and what a great meeting it was .






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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

This chance meeting was certainly a happy one for us BBFC fans! Especially with young Paco in black jeans and wearing a good short pair of coloured boxer-briefs that are perfectto have on for discipline!

Perhaps not quite so much of a happy encounter for young Paco, haha! There he is, taken away to be dealt with, getting a spanking that throws him right in at the deep end – first of all, getting his bottom smacked by Ryan! Then the humiliation of being laid over the knee, the best position for a spanking! And feeling the hard, unyielding wood of the ping-pong bat across his backside! He isn’t going to forget his first encounter with the BBFC gang in a hurry!

Nor are we, of course! I hope we’ll be seeing Paco having many more spankings to remember administered across his cheeky bottom!