BBFC: Meet Adrian

BBFC: Meet Adrian
Adrian is a local lad who decided to come and see what its all about. He has a lovely cheeky smile and really didn’t know what to expect. This was is his first ever spanking and a bit of a wake up call.



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A good warm up on the trousers is followed by a delightful spanking on his briefs, I should have asked him if he had any dark blue ones as they are a popular request. But the shape of his butt is perfectly shown off even in these.





Once he drops those and gets back OTK his great little tanned rear is seen in all its glory, tanned in both sense of the word. This is a great debut for Adrian and he is back soon with what can be best described as a spanking dance.







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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

What a fantastic, hot new addition to Tony’s ‘Team Spankable’! And well and truly thrown in at the deep end for his first spanking, not only laid over the knee, but wearing school uniform, including black trousers in which all boys look absolutely perfect being bent over for a good smacked bottom!

Andwhata bottom young Adrian has to smack! Phenomenally pert and well-rounded, the essence of spankableness! And when the lad’s trousers come down, we get the unexpected treat of seeing that he is wearing briefs and that he is a coloured underpants-wearer! For me, you can’t get better than coloured briefs as spankingwear and I would make it compulsory for boys to wear them for discipline, particularly because I find the outline of the legs of them through a boy’s trousers is a major boner-maker! Choosing my words carefully here, but the light-blue knicks form a really beautiful contrast to the dark skin of the lad’s very slappable thighs and legs! I am looking forward to seeing what other treasure’s Adrian’s pants-drawer yields up as we become (hopefully) better acquainted with the contents of it! I hope that Tony will indeed put the question to him about whether or not he has any dark-blue briefs, as I think he’d look positively uberspankable with them stretched over that cheeky bottom!

Adrian’s punishment finally comes to an end and he is sent off with that last SMACK! across the bum that has become such a super-sexy feature of BBFC films – the last spank that says “There’s plenty more where that came from, my lad!” This lad reminds me a bit of Philip in the way he takes an intense and thorough spanking very stoically – well done, Adrian! And many more of them!