BBFC: Nick Request

BBFC: Nick Request

Nick proved to be quite a hit and one request we had was for a paddling. So he called in on his way back from work, he took a small job locally to stay around for the summer. Wearing a shirt and black trousers he looks quite smart. The paddle lands on the tight trousers with a nice thwack and starts the session off.


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He has chosen these well and his small pert butt is shown off perfectly. But it gets better as when he drops his trousers he is wearing black briefs that look even better. The paddle lands on these with regular swats and keeps the pace going.


Then a bare ass paddling, Nick has that lovely tanned skin colour that gives him a glorious smooth little butt that cries out for a spanking. This is a great paddling for Nick, and with some super camera angles as well.


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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Oh, my ears and whiskers! Surely if ever a young angel twink had come to earth from Spankers’ Heaven, it was young Nick!

It is a real treat to have this bad lad back and once more bent over the way a naughty boy should be, being disciplined with the paddle again, this time rather differently! I note with interest that Tony is punishing Nick by laying the paddle right across both cheeks of his bottom at once, rather than giving him the spanking over alternate buttocks! The two sensations are quite different, the first offering a very comprehensive pain and the second a pain that is more focussed on separate areas of a boy’s bottom! Both have their merits, though I personally prefer to smack both of a boy’s buttocks at once! My own naughty boys feel this does provide a sharper level of pain, with both cheeks of the bum feeling the heat of a smacking at the same time!

I do like to see young lads smartly dressed, which is why I love them in school uniform! And in fact, Nick, in his well-fitting black trousers and short-sleeved light-blue shirt is very reminiscent of a schoolboy, summoned to the headmaster’s office to bend over for corporal punishment! He shows how true it is that all slim-built boys look great in black trousers, especially when they have to bend over for a good thrashing or be laid over the knee for a spanking!

What steals the show for me with this super-spanky clip is the pair of underpants that young Nick is wearing for this paddling! As the camera moves lower down to focus on Nick’s pert bottom and legs, we can see the outline of the legs of a pair of briefs standing out through his trouser-seat most provocatively! I don’t imagine I have to tell you what my next question is, which in fact I’ve been asking myself since the boy came into the room…Yes, you’ve guessed it – what colour briefs is he wearing?! We already know that he is a committed coloured-underpants-wearer and would seem to have a pants-drawer to rival those of the young angel twinks in Spankers’ Heaven!* But there’s something special about this pair! Black, my third favourite colour for spankingwear after royal-blue and navy, but also reminding me forcibly of another preference I have: while I love the sight of a boy in short shorts or a good short pair of coloured boxer-briefs in which a lad can look SO-O-O-O spankable, briefs definitely do have the edge when it comes to  spanky punishment underpants! As well as showing off Nick’s cheekiest of cheeky little bottoms, the briefs allow his very bare and smackable legs to be beautifully displayed! I wonder if I am on my own as I sit here licking my lips and thinking how much I’d like to take my heaviest, toughest leather belt and whip the backs of those lovely smooth and hairless legs all the way from Nick’s ‘sit-spot’ to his knees?!

Inevitably, Nick has to take his pants down, revealing the phenomenon on which I’ve remarked previously – that after a lengthy and punishing session, first of all being spanked on the seat of his trousers and then smacked on his underpants with a good long set of spanks, there looks to be no sign of any impression made by the paddle on the lad’s bottom – whereas we have watched the buttocks of other boys turn a glowing cherry red under the caresses of a spanking paddle! It matches the quiet stoicism with which this gorgeous youngster takes the discipline administered to him – truly like a man! It is interesting how boys vary in this respect, especially when we know from lengthy experience of watching BBFC’s wonderful contributions to the world of internet spanking that Tony well knows how to lay on a smacked bottom!

As Nick bends over to pull up his pants and then bends down again to pull up his trousers, Tony manages to get in a couple of quick smacks on the boy’s underpants – a moment I always find a super turn-on! And, in any case, who could resist the chance for a last whack across those well-rounded buttocks? That would truly be looking a gift horse in the mouth! Or, indeed, a gift boy in the bum!

From what is said at the start of the commentary, Nick is going to be with us for the summer, and I’m sure that BBFC will make the most of that! I’m looking forward to seeing this naughty lad disciplined on a regular basis! Could I possibly reiterate my request to see him being caned in a naughty schoolboy punishment scenario, bending low over the desk? Another delight would be to see him laid over the knee in the briefs he is wearing in today’s clip – possibly also wearing some really short shorts!

* Incontrovertible proof that the young angel twinks in Spankers’ Heaven wear coloured underpants!

1 year ago

Parallel to the prize puppy’s priming piety is profound patriotism, perceived as protecting the proper place to practice pious principles. His clerical uncle-guardian has him enlisted in his school’s cadet corps, but(t) in view of the Ukrainian war that simply seems sincerely sadly sub-standard, scarcely sufficient to subdue scarlet-cheeked shame. Seeking suitable soldier-similarity, the squirt supplicated strict Sir to start a super-strict supplementary soldier-training, subject to seriously-severe ‘Soviet-savage’ spankings. Considering as core-Catholic Russian patriarch Kiril consistently consorts with the Kremlin crimes, offensive Orthodox heresy seems the saddest Satanic subversion of saintliness.
Although Tony has no military background, save serving a single year as conscript private, he agrees to act as founding cadet corps complementary ‘Crimean Cosack Cadets’ company commander, compulsary conscription of all charges and clerically-delegated Catholic cult and confession. As only actually fully-trained corps cadet, Nick is at-once appropriately assigned as triple cadet-corporal, strict Sir’s ‘subaltern’ second in rank: junior instructor, company corporal correction corporal and company chapel choirboy, a curious combination. He firstly acts as holder-down and strips Sir’s charges’ shivering seats for soundly-severe spanking sessions, savagely sanctioning the slightest soldiering sloth or – slip-up with sets of smartly-scarlet-showing swats.
He also takes responsibility for anything that might have been prevented by proper private-training, so reports to CO afterwards almost always to suffer the same paddle as plentifully, on pants and pantsing-twice, proudly presenting his puerile-patriot-posterior perfectly-perilously for pain-purple-pounding, privileged to private-parts-privacy-privation in private, to preserve his pitiless paddling-proposing prestige as perceived by the pack of privates he pants per protocol for plenty of pain-purple-pounding posterior-punishments.
On plenty of military patron saint feasts, he paddles the pouting privates-pack’s piously-perilously-pantsdown-presented puerile-patriot-posteriors as proper patriotic penitence for poor progress in preparing the privates for proper para-standard performance, and promptly prays his piety-&patriotism-pleased preceptor to proceed to parallel purple-paining penitence in private privacy-privation, all performed per permanent pentitential prescription from the company confessor till Crimea and Cosack country are liberated.
Nick is never prouder then putting on his cadet uniform, except enduring exercise-flaws-ensuing eery-exposure, when the pants in beautiful blue come down baring-beyond-bashfulness this beaut-boy’s becomingly-bouncing boyhood (bare-balls and blossoming boner) and black-and-blue-beating-bound brat-bottom for punitive – and, priming-still, penitential paddling, perceived as the painfully-perfect pairing of piety and penitence, for a particular public, piously-patriotic purpose positively priming any pertaining privately to petty puerile persons.
Alas, his piety-deficient, privates-privacy-privated-posterior-punishable private-peers perpetually privately curse him -without confessing so- for causing their commandeering for cadet corps coming with countless clothless cadet-cur-cones-crimson-castigations complementary to their common CP-contexts, for a cause concerning a curious country they couldn’t care for like causes close(r) to home, cured to care in course as patriotic history-buff Nick takes the time to terrifically tender-tan to true tears their trouserless-trembling teen-tails by two-tail-tawse, thornily telling the tush-terror-thought teens the true-threatening-times- tales of Czarist ‘thrall taming’ terror throughout then-empire, thereafter thus-terrorizing CCCP-CP (communist cruelty) and today-Kremlin-terror country-wide in Crimea, Kiev, Cherson, Charkov …