BBFC: Nick Getting There

BBFC: Nick Getting There

In this week’s second clip with Nick we see that things are starting to get to him. Finding himself OTK and getting a well deserved spanking Nick is finding out that there is a lot more to a spanking than just a sore ass.

Looking good in black trousers and a shirt he has that look of a brat trying to hide something, to no avail.


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The choice of underwear we see when he drops his trousers are enough to be spanked for wearing.

But what comes next is a surprise, he drops his underwear and his hard dick stands out.

Looks like the sessions are starting to work on this lad, we will have to keep the pace up and see where we take him. For now the bare ass spanking that ends the set is enough, but the stage is set for something more from Nick .



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

“Oh, my only summer hat!” ejaculated Bob Cherry (Billy Bunter fans will remember how Bob was always ejaculating!). This clip inspired me with a Julie Andrews moment, so please forgive me if I indulge myself:

OTK spankings for lads in black trousers!
Sharp yelps of pain being heard from their houses!
Boys with pert bottoms like jellies on springs!
These are a few of my favourite things!

This is a serious boner-maker of a video! A particular turn-on for me is, as young Nick bends submissively over Tony’s knee, he straightens his right leg, placing himself and his cheeky bottom in a beautifully correct position for the discipline that Tony is about to lay on! Having seen him made to bend over in the last clip, in which position he looked phenomenally spankable, especially when he was being smacked on his underpants, it is a joy to see him once again laid over the knee, particularly in black trousers! Tony is, as ever, thorough in the way he spanks Nick, working his way round the lad’s bottom and taking in his sit-spot so that no area of those peachy, black-trousered buttocks is left unsmacked!

I had my usual question in mind – ‘What colour underpants is he wearing?’ and I have to say that, although it is clear by now that Nick is a very committed coloured-underpants-wearer (of which I naturally approve wholeheartedly!) I wasn’t quite expecting quite such colourful boxer-briefs! I rather think this clip should carry a warning, something like ‘Underpants sequence to be watched only through dark glasses!’ haha! Saying that, remembering back to the seventies and early eighties, loudly-patterned and brightly coloured briefs were de rigeur norm for boys and young men, the brighter the better! And of course, to be really fashionable, you had to wear nylon briefs rather than cotton pants!  I do possess an example of such coloured nylon briefs (see below) which I make my naughty boys wear for especially severe spankings when they have been especially naughty! It never fails to produce a look of fearful anticipation on a lad’s cheeky face when I get these briefs out of the cupboard where I keep all things pertaining to corporal punishment and tell them to put them on, because then they know they are well and truly in for it! Though one or two of them reckon that the feel of the nylon round their nether regions while they are getting their bottoms smacked is a major turn-on! I am inclined to agree with the comment that young Nick probably deserves a spanking just for wearing those briefs! If he doesn’t deserve a smacking, he is certainly, at the very least, inviting a thrashing loud and clear! It does make me wonder what other treasures lie nestling in the lad’s pants-drawer, which would certainly appear to be a richly stocked one!

What follows is just the cat’s ass! After 306 smacks on his pants, Nick has to stand up and pull his boxers down, revealing the fact that the spanking has got him really hard! We don’t see this very often on JS and it always amazes me that we don’t! I have yet to spank a boy who didn’t get hard, often before he was even told to bend over or lay over my knee, let alone before he even got a single smack on the bottom! And certainly, remembering back to my own errant youth, when I got laid across the knee for a smacked arse, my cock invariably stood on end, hard and proud, in a way that would give Telecom Tower a run for its money! I wonder if on another occasion, Nick might go that stage further, as young Philip of BBFC frequently did, and ‘shoot his load’? That truly would be the kipper’s knickers! And I’m sure the lad would enjoy it if he hasn’t previously experienced it – the combination of that searing pain in your bum and the ecstatic shuddering when you come while you’re being smacked is a sensation like no other!

As usual, there is no sign visible on the smooth, unblemished skin of Nick’s deliciously bare and hairless bottom to show that he has had a good, long smacking! I would love to see if a lithe and supple cane could raise some nice red weals across his bum! Or if a strap or a leather belt could produce the characteristic rectangular red welts that punishment with such instruments can raise across a boy’s bottom when he is being disciplined with them!

So, the commentary ends with a most promising and at the same time (for Nick at any rate!) slightly ominous phrase, ‘the stage is set for something more from Nick’. I am sure I am not the only one who will spend the next few days in an agony of anticipation, wondering what that ‘something more’ will turn out to be…

A typical pair of 1970s boys’ briefs. This pair is by Marks and Spencer and is 100% nylon which was the fashion at the time.

1 year ago

Contrary to his clerical guardian’s consistent command, constantly to carefully cup or cloth-cover his currish cock ‘commendably-coyly’ and ‘carefully keep conscience – and corporally clean’, they couldn’t conceive condoning cumming, as crimson-cones-castigated-cur-comfort even less, naturally-naked-nates-kneeding-needy knave Nick now needs to ‘nurture nature’ knob-wise too, forbidden to hide or handle any perky part of his puerile puppy person when punished, prepared for progressive pantsing and – privates-privacy-privation as prescribed parts of pittiless posterior-pain-purple-pounding-protocols, possibly penitent-position-perfected by painfull-penis-pinching. He piously plies to this perplexing, perhaps-pervy prudery-permutation, prepared to penitentially please his painful-posterior-punisher precisely as prescribed, paternalistic privilege priming on priority-principle, primary part of the proper price of prized penitence.
While avidly-almost-always-already-ablaze-adolescent-arse-agonizing avuncular hellfire-sermons always achieved admirable attrition and almost-angelic attitude, ably averting any awareness  of anything ‘awakening as-puber’, penile-prominence pants-pouched or preventively-painfully-pinched,
Tony and his soundly-spankable-squirts-squad simply say a seed-stick standing scared-stiff simply shows or suggests a scoundrel supposes something spells stripping and spanking, similarly seminal-spilling simply shows suitable-spanking-stress struck-soundly, so Sir sees both as healthy and natural in spanking-context, while other masturbation may per puerile person and period be allowed, especially as reward or treat, or permission-lacking posterior-paining-punished, particularly as part of protracted punishments, or per precise paternal-power-prescription, which Sir supposes severest in Nick’s case while uncle lives and will later prolong for a suitable mourning period of a year, so whenever he’s spotted swollen-sex-shaft-showing sans scarlet-stripes or standing spanking-sentence, strict Sir shall sternly, supplementarily strip and sixteen-strokes sally-switch him severely, so sort-of-restricting the sweetie’s seed-shaft-life-start to sensually-significant sensations surrounding submissive spanking-sessions, so still-stirring his stressed-focus on such ‘sound savagery’ as superbly-stimulating, so-far still satisfactory to sight-savouring Sir and sufferance-submissive, suddenly-side-sensation-sensing spankee.