BBFC: Meeting Stephan

BBFC: Meeting Stephan

Dimitri has been out again looking for some new faces for us. This time he has found a really tough looking guy, Stepan. The fact that Stepan is smoking is even better for Dimitri as he has the idea reason to spank the lad.





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Back at the apartment Stepan has to bend over the kitchen counter and get a good walloping from Dimitri. Black jeans fit well but they have to go after a warm, getting down to some light blue underwear that fit well and show of this lads muscular butt.






He is fair skinned and the heavy hand of Dimitri has a spanking bloom showing around the edge of the underwear. Once down his red butt looks good already and all the more reason to carry on the good work.




A well spanked newcomer stands up at the end and flees the room, will we see him again I wonder .

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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I truly hope we do see young Stephan again – he’s absolutely perfect for spanking videos! Wonderfully rounded, pert bottom, especially when he bends over, faded and well-fitting black jeans and then the icing on the cake for me – a clearly confirmed coloured-underpants-wearer, with a pair of boxer-briefs that are just the perfect length for spanking!

His very bare bum bounces delightfully under Dimitri’s punishing hand! He does seem to be relieved when the smacking is over, so yes, let’s hope he does come back – I guess we would all understand if he didn’t, though personally after I have spanked a boy ( and my boys do get their bottoms smacked VERY hard!) I have never known him not want to come back for more!

And if Stephan does indeed come back to be smacked, I hope he’ll be laid over the knee!