BBFC: Meet Taavi

BBFC: Meet Taavi

Taavi is a surly rough lad who does not care about anyone or anything and his attitude shows from the very first time we see him smoking in the forest. Standing there smoking looking every inch a bunch of trouble.



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Ryan was watching as he started to smoke and is far from happy. He hates smoking and hates smoking in the forest even more, fire risk and dropping rubbish everywhere. Marching up to the lad he tells him off, gets rid of the cigarette, and stands him against a tree and sets about spanking him.





Taavi gets the full treatment, jeans, underwear and bare ass and Ryan spares him nothing. The light blue jeans fit well and the black boxers are a very snug fit, showing off his butt nicely. The final bare as spanking on his fuzzy butt is just whats needed on a summers day. A great debut for Taavi.








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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

What a debut indeed for young Taavi! The first, I hope of many more viewings!

My first thought on seeing this new and very spankable young rascal was that he just RADIATES attitude! My word! And those who are familiar with my comments know that attitude in a boy is something with which I have absolutely no patience! A good smacked bottom is what is needed to sort it out – attitude must be spanked out of boys, or where would we be in a society which has its fair share of problems as it is without surly, truculent young lads going around thinking their behaviour is acceptable! Especially when it comes to the dangerous habit of smoking in a woodland area of all places! My goodness, what a stupid boy!

And as Ryan approaches this clearly naughty boy, it is evident from his demeanour that a good smacked bottom is precisely what Taavi is going to get! He is straight in at the deep end being spanked by Ryan and his muscular left arm! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! And what a bottom so spank as well – small, pert, well-rounded and very cheeky, clad very spankably in faded blue jeans! Show me the boy who does not look amazingly spankable dressed in such jeans! And then, when they come down! WOW! Black, my third favourite spankingwear colour after royal-blue and navy! Just what a bottom like Taavi’s needs! I was dreading the possibility of white boner-killers as his jeans came down, but as so often happens with Tony’s boys I need not have worried!

The hapless youngster’s demeanour undergoes a serious change as Ryan lays on a hard punishment! Which of course, is what a spanking properly laid on ought to achieve! Taavi can perhaps be thankful for the fact that he is only being bent over and having to stick his bottom out, though the posture he is having to adopt is just perfect for discipline! He might have been subjected to the embarrassment of being laid over the knee instead, and to be honest, he really does look as though that particular humiliation is very definitely one that needs to come his way! Maybe next time?

It did seem that Taavi was not expecting a spanking and appears quite shocked at the end as he walks away with a noticeable stiffness to his gait (not hte only noticeable stiffness round here right at this minute, haha!). The strict disciplinarian in me hopes he’s learned his lesson! Dr van Spanking, the man, really hopes we find in the near future that he hasn’t! If for no other reason that a bottom like Taavi’s needs to be smacked – and smacked hard and often!