BBFC: Meet Reubin

BBFC: Meet Reubin

Reuben always had an excuse ready when he was supposed to come round. For his delays and making us wait there is no messing around its straight OTK for him and a lesson in time keeping.


He has come straight from college and looks like butter wouldn’t melt he is in fact three days late. Because of this he is in a frame of mind that means he is not going to show any regrets or anything else for that matter. he gets a good spanking on the trousers followed by a set on the underwear.



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Looking at his butt in the underwear it seems he has a great potential as a spankee, and he certainly has the attitude for one. Underwear down he reveals a super little butt that really needs a regular spanking.


His face is set in a determined grimace as he takes the spanking he knows he deserves but resents deeply. A super debut for Reuben.



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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

What a debut for this new BBFC brat! He just radiates ‘asking for it’ and attitude – it seems to shine through my computer screen! I can’t abide my boys pratting about and making excuses, especially when it starts to become apparent that they are putting off the evil hour of a well-deserved punishment and it usually results in a much more severe and thorough spanking when they finally turn up to collect their just deserts! I am pleased that Tony throws young Reuben straight in at the deep end and lays him over his knee to discipline him! The most humiliating position, for me, in which a boy can be spanked – the difference in fact between what I’d define properly as a ‘spanking’ and a mere ‘smacking’. We’ve seen other lads broken in a bit more gently and bent over a table or a desk for their first spanking – not so in Reuben’s case and quite rightly! He needs to learn that he cannot behave in the manner Tony describes and as he lays across the knee getting his amazingly smackable bottom spanked good and hard, he can be left in no doubt that there is no room within Tony’s deliciously punishable little ‘family’ for this kind of naughty and unreliable conduct!

A spanking over black school trousers does it for me every time! And then that delectable moment that I’m always waiting for comes…when Reuben has to take his trousers down! Those of you familiar with my comments and preferences about spankingwear will appreciate that this is the point where I am lifting up my hands to the gods of Spankers’ Heaven and imploring them “Not white underpants! Please! No boner-killers!” And then, either they decide that a little disappointment is good for my soul or – joy! – the lad turns out to be firmly one of the coloured underpants brigade! It’s nearly always the latter – it’s good to see that it’s the case with Reuben and that I’ll be able to look forward to seeing what else he’s got in his pants-drawer in future clips. On the whole, Tony’s boys seem between them to have a pretty flattering, spankableness-enhancing collection of underwear and this smackably short, figure-hugging pair of boxer-briefs being sported by Reuben is a very promising sign of further delights to come!

Tony clearly feels Reuben is in need of strict discipline and lays it on across the lad’s pert, well-rounded bottom with all his customary thoroughness! Reuben is to be commended for taking a good hard spanking quietly, although his facial expressions show us what’s going through his mind, especially when Tony starts to lay the paddle across the boy’s bare, hairless bum! There is a big change in his demeanour during his punishment. When he first bends over Tony’s knee, he seems to be thinking “I can take anything that Tony throws at me.” As the spanking progresses this seems to give way to “ How did I ever get myself into a mess like this?” and as he limps away at the end, rubbing his bottom, all the bravado smacked out of him, his cheeky face just says everything! And that, of course, is how it should be!

A great first spanking, Reuben! 1,146 smacks, 488 of those being on your underpants and over 200 spanks laid on with that sturdy-looking, serviceable paddle! WOW!! It shows you can take what we BBFC afficionados expect of you! I can’t wait for your next smacking! Please don’t be too long in being naughty again!!!