BBFC: Matyas Hot Water

BBFC: Matyas Hot Water

Just for once it looks like Matyas has done things right. He has showered on time and he has even cleaned the bathroom after he used it.

But when Teodor goes to run a bath for himself there is no hot water left.


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Matyas has made a big mistake here. he finds himself grabbing the basin and getting a walloping from a very unhappy Teodor.

The towel is soon out the way, revealing an excited Matyas, not sure if the look on his face is concentration as he tries to hold himself back or regret from using all the water. Either way he gets a good spanking and his ass is soon a great colour. Its no wonder he beats a hasty retreat at the end of this session.


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Having been stripped and soundly spanked frequently in front of about every male around all his youth, prudery never is on Matyas’s mind, and as grim gramps forbade him to lock any inside door at home, he still doesn’t, even at the busy House bathroom, unaware many boys secretly ‘specially enjoy sexily sighting such slim, smart, sweat-cleaned, sweet-natured sub-Sir starkers, even his squirt charges, whom nudity in the House always reminds rigidly (reeping rigid rods) of their steadily-spankable status.
    Nor is he aware that the thoughtless practice at home to grope (or more …) a spankee squirt’s privacy-privated-privates ad lib may explain why he still gets a boner when spanked on the bare and customarily cums when the spanker is such a naturally-intimidating authority figure as gramps or eithrt House Sir.
    Sensible and responsible enough to wholeheartedly embrace the climate and general environmental causes, Matyas evidently eagerly encourages all initiatives to curb waste (also scrooge Teodor’s focus) and pollution by reuse, recycling and so on. He even enjoyed melancholically mixed memories when a charge suggested sharing and partially re-using bath water, just like at home, where housemate – and visiting knaves always share the tub, often re-using an adult’s bath, somewhat chilly without any added warm water. Here his charges agreed to share the tub by pairs and add minimal hot water, even leaving the tub top-half empty.
    As sub-Sir, Matyas has ‘sirely’ status: evidently entitled and expected to go first and all alone, but(t) insisted as excellent eco-endorsement to go last (alone this first ‘test’ time, given the charges number was even) and intended to fill-up as economically, only the gratefull last (most junior) knaves had already run a full tub adding warm water for him, now a prestigious mark of their true and grateful respect, which he actually had to drain part and add some cold water as he nearly burned his boyish bum attempting to get in the weird backward bottom-first way phallus-and-flinging-focusing gramps had tought him at home, where knaves only bathe under avid adult supervision (squirts’ stripped state surely spelling some spanking still starkers soon: it’s never fast, clean, spatfree … enough, a mere hand-spanking feels as a relative reward for doing one’s bare-boyish best, as so often).
    Alas, none of his knaves accounted for the ‘new’ second-hand, sadly-small boiler’s petty capacity, so when Teodor saw the last juniors pair wet and towel-only, he soon tired of punishing their darn dripping by hand-spanking each naked over one knee, and instead of ordering them to fearfully fetch an fearsome implement for firmer fanny-flogging, decided to have his bath early before the boiler slips up again, only to find Matyas toweling-up after using-up the last hot water. Realizing there’s not enough time to wait for the next batch heathing and bathe before he must leave on business, Teodor angrily decides to use this time heathenishly-harshly heating haphazard humblehound-heinie hell-hot by hand here and now, next various implements from the House arsenal in every knaves-room to spread the sightly stern sirely-sentenced message: whichever knave(s) use(s) all hot water will pay for it posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-pounded by pitiless-plenty prop-punishments-plethora.
    The charges are overwhelmed with gratitude he didn’t betray to thundering, towering trembling-twink-tail-torturer Teodor who messed up actually, assuming they would suffer much more meekly-mounted-male-mutt-mounds-misery from senior Sir then he might be spared. However, even gentle Matyas feels it only fair to firmly flog their fearfully-fidgetting fannies fully-frockless for fatally-fully failing fitting-full-disclosure of crucial complications, albeit way less then Teodor surely would. From now on, his charges will duo-bathe in morning and evening shifts, after checking full boilers, only Matyas and the most senior charge or invited Senior mate (as when Matthew returns), will bathe shift-starting, alone or with a Senior buddy, fully in fresh warm water, next each time a pair cues-up towel-only to humbly towel-off their seniors (so starkers) and suffer a short spanking OTK to confirm the complete roster compatible with boiler-capacity left for a full bath. If ever a Sir compromises this carefull clothless  concatenation, the first knaves to find out must immediately warn all upcoming bather pairs to abort their shifts until Matyas has confirmed a fitting reshuffle, which all will then learn lectured leasurely naked over his knee, all duly grateful godson-like it’s not wriggling worm-wretchedly under a squirt-seat-scorching Sir’s wickedly-well-wielded wood and leather.