Bad Scouts Gambling- At Bottom Line

Bad Scouts : Gambling

Boy Scouts Alex and Diego have grown a bit too big for their britches, but Coburn and Hector will help remind them that each is still clearly the boy in Boy Scouts. In this first clip Alex and Diego sneak off to do some gambling at a scout event. Hector finds them at nearly 4 AM in the morning with a pile of money on a billiards table. When sensible answers as to what is going on are not forthcoming, Hector quickly begins to spank the two errant scouts.


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Bad Scouts : Gambling


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3 Responses to Bad Scouts Gambling- At Bottom Line

  1. Would it be possible to see young Alex being spanked in some briefer underpants? Not necessarily briefs, but shorter boxer-briefs like Diego wears? I recall the video where he was smacked in swimming-briefs and he looked so superbly spankable in them!

  2. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    When Alexander Senior’s job finally allowed returning to the ancestral home, he promptly signed-up his ‘super-spankable scoundrel’ son for the severely-spanking-renowned Scarlet scouts troop, said to have turned Sir’s sissy-mates into men meaner then military bootcamp, on top of a strict spanking school and spankophile coaches. Admirably-abject adolescent Alex’s arse already aching almost-always awesomely-awfully, agonized abundantly at-home as about anywhere else anyway, appropriately agreed at-once (avoiding ample additional A-angry arse-agony) as assigned to attend and await as accepted in advance all attitude-adjustments akelas (and aching attributes) administer to his attire-abandoned anal area as for ‘any asinine aping and aberrance’.
    Alex was perplexed, pleasantly surprised that standardized Scarlet scout-squirt-spankings were firm and frequently firstly for fucking flogger-fun, yet foremost fairer and less livid then lots of longer-lasting lessons by lash-lickings at home, and definitely delighted to discover there (days-later domestically delegated) dashing Diego, a deer devilkin and ‘daily deserts’-divested-derriere-discipline-doomed don, son of Spanish aristocracy on exchange program in their new strict school, equally used to get gaily glorious-globes-grilled gruesomely-good here by his hell-hot-hickory-hidings-happy host family as azote-agonized at-home: both bountifully-bare-butt-battered brats became best buddies, beginning as ‘brightest-burning bum’ rivals when their clothed-castigation-‘customed, crisscross-crimson-cuts-covered-cur-cones-captivated classmates admired in gym shower the purple-pained-perky-puppies-pair’s always-awesomely-awfully-agonized arses, actually also almost-all-AAs-students, academical achievers as any A-absence assuredly attracts at-home awfully-abundant arse-agony, alas always arse-up for art, where the arrogant ‘artist’ teacher never rates minors above B ‘on principle’.
    As achievers, afraid not to star at the customary poker night ‘after party’ of their school prom night, Alex actually already angrily alerted at-home his ‘asinine arse will ache in abject awe again and again’ for any dollar he wins less then Senior’s then-record at his prom, the brat-butts-bountifully-battered buddies busily began bettering their bids, after winning all possible scout badges unlike any troopmate, simply systematically spending spare-time sparring at poker semi-secretly in scouts-camp. All went well for months, as the duo never fail any assigned scout duties, until the usually supervising akela Coburn, quarantined for catching Covid, asked as able ad-interim Hector, the humblehound-heinies-harshly-hell-hot-hitting-happy hard-handed headmaster, who strips and spanks ‘scoundrel’ or simply sub-standard schoolboys, here scouts, soundly, also in case of doubt, like now both buddies who can’t quite account formally for their ‘private play’, so promptly pay for it pretty-much as plentifully at school, perfectly-perilously presenting their penitent-pupil-posteriors for pain-purple-poundings at the pitiless prime preceptor’s predatory pups-punisher-pleasure.
    Hector actually is an underpaid fine MBA-manager, who only puts up with his mediocre salary -making more with investments anyhow- on account of his spankophile streak, a ‘performant puppy predator’ permutating perversion into positive pedagogy in the perfect position to pants privates-privacy-privated and plentifully pound puerile pupil posteriors pitilessly pink-to-pain-purple for proper preceptory purposes. His peculiar problem are weekends and holidays, so he loves imposing and personally supervising, super-strict, Saturday morning detentions and remedial Summer classes, guaranteed with systematic strippings and spankings in front of fellow floggable fuckups, fine flailer-fun with FFs-folk, but(t) hates the remainder non-school days without getting to give it good on naked knavish nates to AA-achievers, especially studly squirts like these two smart, shapely, submissive student studs.
    So standing-in as scoutmaster seemed a godsend for Hector, who couldn’t believe his luck to see several of his favourite floggable fledgling-fannies on the attendance checklist, and immediately arranged for Coburn to get a parttime contract at the school -paid by reducing the short school-trips budget, keeping his knaves in spanking-reach a few more days- in exchange for half of the weekends and all school holidays as akela, apt and ample access to abject adolescent arses to agonize as attitude-adjustment absolutely ad-lib.
    It will make a nice change for Sir to order naughty knaves to drop all on ankles and bend over fences, branches or logs in open-air (inspiring him to replace the scrapped trips with class fieldtrips on foot he guides and goades), individually or -greedily- lined-up, soon switching to fresh-cut sally-switches, but to his delight the indoor prelude is for ‘internally absent’ Alex and Diego, so surprised to suddenly see the stern spankophile school-sadist substituting, they sort of stumble seeking excuses, even blaming each-other unprepared. After cold crème-coating each-other’s competently-copiously crimson-castigated cur-cones here and the next few Hector-supervised Saturday afternoons outdoors, they realize their abject arses are up the be upended for super-severe stripped sally-switching at least once per Hector akela shift, probably plenty of purple-paining times, but(t) from the start as each time one of them must fetch and fashion the fresh-cut switch to be soundly, savagely tested, half a dozen from each side on his naked arse, sometimes scolded ‘sissy stick’ at the OTK arse-affliction-assessment and all-over, they prepare to plan their activities and apologetic answers so as never to compromise each-other again, without illusion to get out of this troop, as hence at hiding-happy home each humble-hound is hailed and howls immediately hand-spanked OTK to ‘confess his castigated currishness’ and happily found ravishingly-receptive to rascal-rearing by red-raw-raving rod-rides even more than most schooldays, Hector gets donations for the troop they must deliver, including real Scottish tow- and three-tail tawses from Alexander Senior (like Alex suffers at home by family tradition) and Andalusian azotes from Diego’s godfather to be thoroughly tested on their trouserless-trembling twink-tails to the tireless, thrifty, towering top-teen-tush-tormentor’s terrifically-terrifying thorny-thrasher-taste.