Luis has had requests to see him OTK, so here he is. Shorts and Tshirt make him look quite summery and relaxed but that soon changes as he gets his OTK session.



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Starting off on shorts is the way to go before they are down and he is seen in blue underwear. Some good swats and they also have to come down, a quick adjustment of his junk and its a bare ass spanking.



These Mediterranean lads are hard to colour up but Luis seems to say that his rear is well spanked. A great request .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

My, my! There is something so irresistibly cute about young Luis and at the same time so appealingly naughty and cheeky! The gods of Spankers’ Heaven have surely got together and said “Let us make a spankable Spanish lad!” I’m not surprised at the requests to see him laid over the knee to get his bottom smacked, because he is just built to be smacked in that most humiliating of boys’ punishment positions! A true ‘spankable from the front’! I don’t even need that all-important rear view to be able to see that!

Ironically, stripped down to his heavenly-shade-of-blue underpants, there almost looks to be a sort of innocence about him that you don’t expect to see in a boy who is being given a spanking! Perhaps there is something about the colour blue being associated with innocence – although, that said, I smack boys over underpants of various shades of blue on a regular basis and there is most certainly nothing innocent about them! As I’m quite sure there is nothing innocent about Luis, haha! No boy is innocent who still gets his bottom smacked at that sort of age!

Once again, I marvel at the hirsute legs topped off with a pair of very bare and hairless buttocks! May we know – does he have his bottom shaved before he gets spanked? Or is that the work of Mother Nature? If so, She clearly has an eye for how a boy who is regularly smacked ought to look!