BBFC: Lefteris OTK

BBFC: Lefteris OTK

BBFC are grateful for all the mails about Lefteris, now they can start to make the requests they have had.

Called and told to go OTK Lefteris adopts a position with one leg slightly forward, looks like he is getting ready to make a run for it.


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This really brings out the shape of his small butt. Once he is in underwear only he looks even better. A great little butt for spanking, and he takes it well.





The bare ass spanking make him look like a naked athlete on the blocks and ready for the off, but he is held in place and the swats keep falling. A great OTK for this new lad.





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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Lefteris is an interesting addition to the BBFC spankables’ team. There is a sort of truculence about him that is not unusual in boys of his sort of age and they surely do need it spanked out of them, good and properly! So it is good to see Tony laying young Lefteris over his knee and doing precisely that! His reactions are utterly stoical as we have come to expect from BBFC lads – I wonder how they do it! I certainly, absolutely could not have taken a smacking such as Tony lays on here without making plenty of noise about it!

So far, it seems too, that one of the boxes Lefteris ticks for me is being a coloured-underpants-wearer – no white passion-killers on display so far and I trust that’s how it will remain! Given the current fashions in boys’ underwear, it is quite unusual to see a boy getting smacked in briefs, though we do see it more on BBFC than on other sites. For me they are the optimum style of spankingwear, whether it be underpants or speedos, because of the way they frame a boy’s bottom for discipline! Also, my own naughty boys tell me they feel more embarrassed getting a spanking over briefs than they do when they’re smacked on their boxers. Hence, when they are handed a pair of briefs to wear for a smacked bottom, they know they’re truly in for it – more severity will be employed than usual!

I look forward to seeing this naughty lad subjected to further punishment and to what scenarios BBFC fans might suggest for him. He looks to me as though he could do with being bent over for a good caning! How about it, BBFC?