BBFC: Krystof OTK

BBFC: Krystof OTK

Teodor likes to deal with things as they happen and as Krystof is in trouble again he summons the lad to come. Caught dressing Krystof is wearing only his boxers when he comes in and goes OTK.



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Right from the start it’s hard to tell what his face is showing, pain or pleasure or is this something new. It actually looks like he is a little embarrassed.



Teodor lays the spanking on well and it also starts to look like tears are on the way as well. When Krystof stands up to remove his boxers it becomes clear why he was looking embarrassed, he bounces out of the boxers in a show that says he is getting a lot from this session..





Even after the bare ass set when he stands to leave the room he is still excited, with a very dejected look on his face. There’s a lot more to Krystof that we have to explore.


3 Responses to BBFC: Krystof OTK

  1. O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! I don’t know about anybody else, but this is very definitely the one I’ve been waiting for!

    since we saw young Krystof disciplined for the first time at BBFC, I have been just dying to see him laid over the knee to be spanked! And here it is, my wish come true with a vengeance! Well, after all, he’d been made to bend over twice – he couldn’t escape the humiliation of being laid across the knee for ever! And speaking as an experienced disciplinarian, it is always good early on to establish in a boy’s mind the full extent of what he will need to get used to! what a position, truly, this naughty boy is placed in – almost kneeling, which is appropriate as it is traditionally a posture of penitence! It makes sure that Krystof is well and truly bent over, and I get the distinct impression that he is uncomfortable with the position – as well he might be having to be laid over the knee to get his bottom smacked at his age, my word! While I love canings, strappings and other punishments, you simply can’t beat a traditional, old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking, which requires no special paraphernalia – a chair for the spanker to sit on is all that is needed, and, of course, a hard hand or a slipper!

    I find it fascinating to see the reactions of boys getting a smacked bottom! The delectable Priapic Philip, for instance, can go through a long and severe tanning across his backside without so much as a gasp of pain! Other lads will squirm and yelp as if they were being mortally injured! Krystof’s reactions seem absolutely genuine – though he takes a smacking fairly well, it is clear that it is a stressful experience for him! But then, of course, it is meant to be for any boy!

    Then there is the ‘special effect’ that Krystof’s punishment seems to be having on him, something we are seeing more of at BBFC, and a most welcome development it is indeed! It has always surprised me that we don’t see more lads getting hard at Jock Spank – I know at their sort of age, if I was being laid over the knee wearing only a pair of underpants, getting my bottom smacked, I would have very quickly been as erect as the Statue of Liberty! And boy, do I speak from a WEALTH of experience!

    Which brings me to what a rare and special treat it is to see an errant youngster laid over the knee in nothing but his boxers! He was obviously called in for discipline at just the wrong moment for him (or maybe the right moment for us, LOL!) The clip illustrates just how spankable Calvin Klein underpants make any boy look, whatever the size and shape of his bottom, and Krystof’s boxer-briefs are just perfect for punishment! Coloured and a good length to frame his cheeky bum for smacking!

    It is interesting when Krystof has to take his pants off, to note that as he lays back over Teodor’s knee for the hardest and most embarrassing part of the spanking, the right cheek of his very bare and clearly sore bottom seeme redder than his left cheek – since Teodor appears to be laying on across both his buttocks equally severely – did anybody else notice that?

    As Krystof limps away from the scene of his punishment, obviously finding some serious discomfort in pulling up his underpants he does look like a lad who has learned his lesson! Let’s hope it’s only temporary…

  2. Great video! Thanks Krystof, Teodor & BBFC. I sense a good strapping in the future or is that just wishful thinking? We’ll have to wait & see…

  3. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    (As we don’t get a proper plot, we feel free to invent some, like this one.)
    Some boys ‘just need it often enough, like Krystof’, Teodor was told when he discretely asked the obedient orphan’s former guardian uncle why the knave submits so easily, without the usual pointless attempts with backtalk, excuses and physical wriggling when ordered to offer the orbs for ongoing ordeals both as a ‘sample spanking’ at arrival and a first actual punishment the next day.
    Allegedly his grades, chores and even manners slipped a few days after the mound-marks from his last flogging were gone and the pain ‘forgotten’, so uncle felt it wise to set his charge a few impossible tasks, as an excuse to impose a severe spanking-session no later then two days after the last, and proudly reported continous satisfaction since the bountifully-bare-bubble-butt-beaten-beyond-brattiness boy never ‘forgot his place’ again.
    Teodor forgot (conveniently?) to argue the theory was probably outdated as Krystof hasn’t had opportunity to slip off again since, preferring instead to take his cur-curbing cue from uncle to set his own incompatible rules, as excuse to start each weekend and working week OTK.
    Krystof obviously realized this was as unfair an unnecessary as at uncle’s, but(t) counted himself luckly it was now only twice a week and enough to keep him mindfull for sure.