BBFC: Kiran Up To Old Tricks

BBFC: Kiran Up To Old Tricks

Watching Dimitri leave on an errand Kiran decides to raid the jackets by the door looking for some spare cash.



He thinks this is OK to do without thinking it is actually stealing.


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But Dimitri is back a lot quicker that he expects and catches him in the act of rifling the jackets.

Taken by the ear and led to the salon Kiran finds himself OTK. Dimitri spanks the lad on the jeans as a wake up and then progresses to the underwear. Kiran has a super little butt and in the tight red boxers he looks extra spankable.







To bring the point home to the light fingered lad a bare ass spanking is just the finale he needs. Looks like Kiran maybe a short tempered top but at heart is just a naughty lad that needs to kept in line.


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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

There is just something about young Kiran – it’s the naughty, cheeky and slightly truculent cast to his face and also something about his whole physique from his whippable shoulders to his very pert and cheeky little bottom, down to those slappable legs – that positively shrieks aloud to the highest reaches of Spanker’s Heaven to be laid over the knee and well and truly spanked! Which is why it is a great treat indeed, after watching him a couple of times doing such a fab job in his interesting new role-reversal to see him back across the knee where he absolutely belongs, getting a stern taste of his own medicine from the hard hand of Dimitri! OWW!!!

And how thoroughly deserved a good smacked bottom is on this occasion! I just couldn’t believe the brazen way the little rascal goes on trying to rifle the contents of that coat-pocket even when he is caught red-handed! I think he is jolly lucky to be getting away with a smacking with Dimitri’s hand! If he’d been one of my naughty boys, for an offence like that the cane would be coming out! THWIP! THWIP! THWIPPP!!! Or my thick, tough, three tailed-tawse (how’s that for alliteration?!) THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!

I have often said if I ruled the world (today’s boys wouldn’t know what had hit them!) I would legislate for all teenboys to wear short shorts! However, Kiran is the living proof that I would be very torn between compulsory short shorts and black trousers, which every boy looks super-spankable in! Perhaps we could compromise and say short shorts for the warmer months of the year, say, May through October and black trousers for the colder months! Just imagine that! Kiran’s black jeans accentuate the per curves of his buttocks and frankly they just look beautiful (his buttocks, I mean!)! And we have that lovely tantalising glimpse of a coloured waistband – so full of Eastern European promise!

As we get to my favourite part of any boy’s spanking, which is spiced with some painful and humiliating ear-pulling, it is a delicious turn-on to see Kiran giving a pair of red underpants an airing again – as I’ve observed before, red underpants aren’t a frequent sight on the set of any spanking studio! The smackableness of this pair is definitely enhanced by the fact that they are patterned against their red background. We have of course seen Kiran smacked on these underpants before when Ryan had to take him in hand to dsicipline him! The difference being that in that clip he was made to bend over and I remembered thinking at the time, “I really, REALLY want to see him laid over the knee in those boxer-briefs!” The perfect length for punishment too, not just a fantastic colour! So thank you, Kiran, as once more your pants-drawer has yielded up an amazing pair of spankingwear! Losing the protection of his jeans is clearly making Kiran feel the smacking more as is plain from his attempts to ease the smarting of his bottom by giving his left cheek a couple of rubs. Dimitri is remarkably patient with this. My boys know that they can just about get away with it once while they’re over my knee (although they get an extra six for it!) but more than once and they find themselves having to bend over the desk for twelve of the best with my most supple cane! That’s before they lay back across my knee to finish their slippering!

After over 200 across his briefs, Kiran is bared for the last and most severe stage of his punishment and when he finally is allowed to straighten up, the speed with which he pulls up his pants and trousers and makes a hurried escape suggests he is worried that Dimitri might change his mind about the spanking being over and pull him back down across his knee! Not that I’d be complaining – or feeling sympathetic!

Many congratulations to the cameraman for some really great shots and filming this spanking from the perfect angle! You do a wonderful job, Sir! And to all involved, this has been a brilliant start to my weekend! A spanky THANK YOU from the heart of my bottom!!!