BBFC: Kiran in Trouble

BBFC: Kiran in Trouble

Rule are rules and in the current situation it is easy to forget them, that’s no excuse as Kiran finds out. He is in trouble and finds himself OTK.




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Ryan does not hold back at all and gives the lad what for starting on his torn jeans. Not waiting for the lad to stand up and take down his jeans Ryan grabs them and pulls them down and carries on spanking the lad, almost with missing a step.




A great looking little butt shown off well in the grey boxers. But they too have to go after a good set and Ryan pulls them down to reveal Kiran’s little butt which he then spanks well. This is a session the lad should remember for a while .




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3 years ago

There are some circumstances which are so important that social distancing must be suspended. Understandable in cases like this.

Dr van Spanking
Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Haha! I do SO agree with khakibum! As I’ve observed before, tough times call for tough measures, and these are extraordinarily tough times for us all! It’s at such times that young lads need it dinned into them that they are not too old to be spanked! And Ryan clearly is aware of this need on young Kiran’s behalf!

No arguments – Kiran gets laid over Ryan’s knee straightaway and it is evident from Ryan’s manner that he is in no mood for messing around! Kiran is in for it, good and properly!

This time in well-worn black denims, which all boys look great in especially when they are bending over for a good smacked bottom! And Kiran is laying very tantalisingly with the waistband of his underpants showing clearly above his denims, giving the promise of more spanky things to come! The punishment is going home, evidenced by Kiran’s continual pained gasps and his attempts to protect his bottom from the hard discipline that is being laid on! This seems to be a recent trend by the BBFC lads and I have to say I enjoy seeing it and the spanker’s responses, which in this case is to severely pull the lad’s ear in a humiliating and obviously painful grip!

The spanking moves through the regular stages, and the smacks sound noticeably louder across the seat of Kiran’s underpants! His reactions seem to become slightly more pained, too, as the thin cotton will offer scant protection at best – take it from one who got to know that only too well in his younger days, haha! Another excellently spanky selection from Kiran’s pants-drawer, lightly coloured and just the right length to frame the boy’s bottom perfectly for smacking! After the longest part of the spanking, we reach the well-deserved bare-bottom stage,and it is plain that Kiran is getting to the point of having had enough!

By BBFC standards, the lad has got off quite lightly, though having had Ryan’s hard hand used on him, he probably doesn’t see it that way LOL! However, let us examine the vital statistics:
Spanks on the jeans 107
Smacks on the briefs 148
Slaps on the bare bum 76

Definitely one of the shortest punishments I’ve seen laid on by Ryan or any other BBFC spanker – still, no less enjoyable a watch for that!

We get a range of reactions from boys at Jock Spank when they’ve had their bottoms smacked. More often it is mild shock and visibly considerable pain – sometimes it is hangdog humiliation and very evident shame and embarrassment. In this case, it is obvious from Kiran’s demeanour that he is angry about being spanked! And well he might be – at his age I was often furious about being laid over the knee, although the anger tended to come later (after a very different kind of coming, haha!). But there is a simple answer, Kiran, my boy. You don’t have to be naughty and you don’t have to break the rules, do you, eh?! And if you do, well – you know it’s highly likely you’ll be spending the ensuing night lying on your tummy in your bed!

There’s a lesson there for all young lads. The strict side of me says I hope that after a couple of smacked bottoms as we’ve seen him getting, young Kiran learns it. The BBFC / JS fan must hope that such a welcome addition to our corporal punishment scene fails to lean it – and fails most ignominiously!