Follow up information request regarding Control T

Follow up information request

Hi I am repeating a request I first posted earlier this year

Since the Hot Bottoms website was taken it has been increasingly difficult to obtain Control T videos, so if anyone knows of a source where these classic videos can still be obtained we would be grateful.

Specifically, we are trying to find information about one control T videos entitled Humbled CTS film (#38.1)

The scenario features a janitor who catches two hot young executives committing fraud and forses them to let him spank them rather than calling the cops

If anyone has information on this Control T Video, please leave a comment below. (your e-mail address will not be published, but I can e-mail you privately if required)

Thanks for your help

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2 years ago

I hope you find something

Sadly a lot of these old treasures are lost which is a shame as the performances were a lot freer which I put down to the models not knowing their asses would be all over the internet!

2 years ago

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’ve been trying to catalogue and archive as many videos as I can from all studios – particularly the old treasures. If anyone is up for helping with this, would welcome you getting in touch!