BBFC: Kiran – a Timely Caution

BBFC: Kiran – a Timely Caution

As everything starts to return to normal there remain local regs and rules. Kiran has not been thinking about these and finds himself OTK getting a reminder to stay cautious.


Ryan gives him a good paddling with the ping pong bat and at each stage, jeans, underwear and bare ass he reinforces the message of caution and personal responsibility.


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He always looks great OTK and when he is in underwear he has a super cute spankable butt. I think Kiran has learned his lesson now and be a good lad from now on.




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Whenever young Kiran comes into a room to be disciplined, I always feel he looks as though he has a sign over his head – invisible to all but the most discerning – that says in clear. red flashing letters ‘SPANK ME!’ He is just so ‘kin SMACKABLE! And that is not just his delicious, boyish physique, but the fact that he just radiates attitude! And if there’s one thing I love watching, it is a young lad having his attitude well and truly adjusted – there’s no swifter or surer way of seeing to that than laying on a good smacked bottom!

It is particularly true on this occasion when he presents his profile and we can see just what a pert and well-rounded bottom he has! I sometimes ask myself if the boys are thinking before they come into the room ‘I wonder what position I’m going to get smacked in?’ If the spanker is standing up, that is slightly ambiguous until the boy is taken in hand for the spanking – but if the punisher is sitting down, that can leave the lad in no doubt: he is almost certainly going to be laid over the knee! Which is exactly how Kiran is bent over to be punished, something I never tire of watching happen to the little scamp! The faded black jeans look superb on him, enhancing the cheekiness and smackableness of his perky buttocks!

Ryan begins to lay on good old-fashioned discipline with the ping-pong bat, an innocuous looking but in reality an awesome instrument of punishment that I have seen administered to naughty boys on a fair few extremely delicious occasions! It’s hard and unyielding surface warms a boy’s bottom up very quickly and leaves a long-lasting smarting when the spanking is over. We can’t see a lot of Kiran’s face, but what we can see of it shows that the smacking is being delivered with stinging intensity! Bent over Ryan’s knee in a particularly favourable position to have his bum smacked, Kiran seems to be feeling a certain strain in maintaining the position, which is all to the good – a spanking should never under any circumstances be a physically comfortable experience for a lad, even when he is one of those whose particular tastes incline them towards finding corporal punishment gratifying!

Firmly clamped in position, Kiran can do nothing when, after a lengthy set of SPANKS! on the seat of his jeans, Ryan decides to pull the boy’s trousers down, revealing yet another hitherto unseen selection from his pants-drawer! And what a choice! Short, clingy and a delightful shade of blue for spankingwear! The colour has a particular poignancy for me as I well remember that I was wearing airforce-blue underpants the first time I received the cane. Four hard strokes with a horribly supple rattan rod that bit into my bum like an adder! For some reason, I was always able to remember what colour underpants I was wearing when any landmark punishment was administered to me! The difference between my pants and Kiran’s pants, of course, being that, in line with fashions in boys’ undies at the time, mine were those very brief slip briefs that were so beloved of boys in the 1980s! I’d like to see Kiran bent over the table in those boxer-briefs and perhaps be strapped or well and truly thrashed with a whippy, supple cane!

Given the severity with which Ryan characteristically lays on, I was expecting to see Kiran’s very bare and boyishly hairless bottom look rather redder as his knix were taken down for the last and heaviest part of the spanking! This is variable with boys, though – with some of them, their bottoms colour up slower than others, no matter how hard they are being smacked!

I love the ending – a last, sharp smack on the arse, just as Kiran thinks it’s all over, to help the young scallywag on his way! He makes his escape quite quickly, no doubt thinking that Ryan might change his mind if he hangs around too long – as well he might – I have certainly been known to do it myself!

A superb clip, which got Thursday morning off to a lovely, super-spanky start! Thank you, BBFC!