BBFC: Jonathan Paddled

BBFC: Jonathan Paddled

In trouble again, and with Teodor in no mood to wait, Jonathan comes in wearing only boxers and a tshirt. He is told to stand with his hands on the wall and present his rear for a paddling.


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Turns out Jonathan is one of those vocal lads, the ones that moan and cry out all the time in an attempt to gain sympathy and end the spanking. It never works but lads do like to try anything to get out of the trouble they are in.




A good boxer paddling is followed by a bare ass session and Jonathan seems to be clinging to the wall, good to watch. A great spanking for this impish lad.



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

WOW! What a start to 2021!!! A light to shine in the darkness if ever there was one!

The slender, twinky type of boy or equally the short, stocky sort of lad always look superspankable in a T-shirt and a pair of boxer-briefs! And Jonathan is no exception – my fingers started to itch as soon as he walked in, looking so fetchingly smackable in a snow-white T-shirt and a clingy pair of lightly coloured underpants! It’s rare indeed that we get to see a spanking start straight away on briefs, so for me with my love of punishment on underpants, this was a real treat!! I guess that being smacked on his underpants from the start would increase the severity of the spanking from the word GO!

I found the position which young Jonathan was made to assume for discipline really interesting! Being bent forward, hands on the wall, brings out beautifully the pertness and cheekiness of Jonathan’s small, perky bottom! It is generally a position that my naughty boys have to adopt if they’re going to get a whipping across the back and shoulders as well as across the bottom with my cat-o’-six-tails! I sometimes offer a boy the alternative of having corporal punishment laid on in this fashion because, especially for the older lads, it offers them a less undignified positioning than being laid over the knee or bent over the desk! But the whip hurts very much and, if not carefully administered, can cause permanent damage – not something I’d want to do to a boy. I am wondering about using the position a little more regularly for plain smacked bottoms, because aesthetically it is a most pleasing one!

I have observed before that I can take bare-bottom spankings or leave them, because I much prefer the sight of a young lad being smacked on his underpants or over a pair of short shorts or black trousers. But I’d make an exception in Jonathan’s case because it is a magnificent turn-on in two ways! One is that delicious little bear tattoo on the left cheek of Jonathan’s very bare bottom! The other is the way his bum wobbles delectably with each SPANK! It puts me in mind of two wibbly-wobbly pink blancmanges on springs!

There is nothing stoical about young Jonathan when he is undergoing punishment, unlike some of the other BBFC lads who can take a good, long, hard smacked bottom without uttering more than the very occasional pained gasp! Right from the start he yelps and whimpers like a whipped schoolboy! I should say, though, that this is a true sign of a spanker doing a good job! Which of course Theodor carries out with his customary energy and thoroughness! A spanking is supposed to hurt – there’s no point in it otherwise!

If I could have made any refinement myself to the film, it would have been perhaps to show us more of Jonathan’s rear-view as he walked away – the view of such a cheeky, cute bottom belongs to the world! On a recent occasion that Theodor laid Terry over his knee, he sent him away with a last sharp smack on the bare bottom before the lad had had a chance to pull up his pants and shorts properly! It would be the cat’s ass to see this become a regular feature of spankings from Theodor!

As ever, I offer these thoughts as constructive suggestions and not as complaints. I loved this delightful little boner-maker of a clip and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody at BBFC, Tony and Conrad, all the boys and all the spankers all the very best for 2021! Let’s hope it brings us happier times! Cliff van Spanking.