BBFC: Forgetful Kiran

BBFC: Forgetful Kiran

After a few weeks its easy to start to relax your guard and forget the most basic things, Kiran does just that. Returning from shopping goes to open the fridge before he has washed his hands.



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Ryan is on his case in a flash and stands over the lad as he washes his hands. Then there is the matter of making sure he does not forget a second time. Bending him over the counter Ryan spanks a reminder into the lad. Jeans first and then underwear making sure the message gets right through to Kiran.










A bare ass spanking that serves as a full stop to the lesson is just what the lad needed. A good reminder to not drop safety procedures for Kiran and all lads out there .




2 Responses to BBFC: Forgetful Kiran

  1. Avatar Doctor Caine
    Doctor Caine says:

    Lovely looking boyish blonde hair intrigued to see what’s under the mask. A bit routine though now please lets see the boys naked for a change.

  2. My, my! It is good to see that in these unprecedented times, the tough measures needed to discipline young lads are still very much in place and that spanking is still the basis of those measures! Though I can’t help wondering how many times it’s going to take young Kiran getting his bottom smacked – and smacked hard – before he learns his lesson!

    A reminder is clearly needed for the boy – and what a reminder! This time bending the naughty lad over the kitchen sink, Ryan goes to work on his pert, cheeky bottom with all his customary energy and severity and it is clear that the punishment is a testing one for Kiran – as any spanking absolutely ought to be, of course!

    I really appreciate the way in which, after just over forty smacks, Ryan tightens Kiran’s sagging jeans, allowing us more than a passing glimpse of the boy’s underpants. Not many boys appear on Jock Spank being smacked wearing red underpants, so it was particularly interesting that a couple of fleeting glimpses of Ryan’s waistband showed that he too is wearing red ones! And when that moment comes to which I always so much look forward, and Kiran has to straighten up and take his trousers down, we see that the red is only a background colour to a pair of patterned boxer-briefs, perfect length for punishment and an amazing colour! Kiran does exhibit attitude, which I love to see smacked out of a boy – but these are pants with attitude! And you can’t smack the attitude out of a pair of pants! So far, Kiran’s underpants-drawer is proving itself to be a goodly treasure house of spankingwear! It would assuredly be the kipper’s knickers to see him laid over the knee in these briefs and spanked! As is of course intentional when you take a boy’s trousers down to smack his bum, the punishment is hurting and poor old Kiran makes a couple of ineffectual attempts to defend his tormented buttocks against the harsh slaps raining down fast and furiously across them! Ryan clearly has no patience with this at all and the boy’s defensive hand is quickly smacked out of the way!

    As the last smacks deal their punishing stings to Kiran’s very bare, very pert, hairless bottom, he looks like a lad who is thoroughly chastened and as he bends down to pull up his briefs and trousers (the latter puled up to a beautiful degree of scrumptiously cheeky pertness) he definitely gives the impression of being a wiser and very much sadder boy! And well he might when we examine those boner-making vital statistics:

    190 smacks on the trouser-seat!
    175 smacks on the bright briefs!
    132 smacks on the bare bottom!
    TOTAL: 497 SMACKS!

    Leaving his black jeans unbuttoned – not the wisest move as they could easily fall down, potentially earning the lad another smacking – Kiran attempts his get away – Ryan cannot resist one final SPANK! of dismissal, this time with his leather paddle! This subtly conveys the impression, ‘Next time you get smacked, my lad, it’ll be with this!’ A serious taste of leather! Haha! We live in hope!!!