Spanking Straight Boys: Heath in the Spanking Tower

Spanking Straight Boys: Heath in the Spanking Tower

Heath is a hot, masculine 20-year-old straight boy. This is his second spanking video (and only the second spanking he has ever received).

If you saw Heath’s first spanking, you know that during it he got quite angry and defiant.

Tom decided it was time to put Heath in his place, and that place is in our spanking tower with the humiliating position that it puts boys in. Heath finds himself on his back with his legs and arms locked into a stockade-like apparatus above him. The result is that his legs are spread wide, revealing absolutely everything. The tower also stretches his butt tight, which all of the boys tell us makes the spankings hurt much more.

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Tom uses his hand, a riding crop, rubber slapper/paddle, leather slapper, Canadian school strap and flog on Heath’s tight butt. Heath really feels the spanking early on and is soon writhing about as much as possible (which isn’t much in the spanking tower) and grunting and groaning. You can still see flashes of anger pass over Heath’s face, but they come and go quickly. It’s hard to be defiant while you’re restrained, completely exposed and humiliated in the spanking tower.





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John Smith
John Smith
4 years ago

Very hot guy. Would still love to know what other porn he’s done, since he referred to some. As far as spanking, prefer him naked, OTK by hand.