BBFC: Dominic Request

BBFC: Dominic Request

Called and told to go OTK Dominic looks a bit worried.


Dimitri starts things off with a few hard swats on the jeans.


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He then grabs the ping pong bat to administer a paddling. From now on he really sets about the lads butt. Jeans down and Dominic’s favourite underwear are the next target.










A quick tweak of the lads ear adds a little something to the event. A bare ass paddling finishes things off nicely. The ever naughty Dominic walks off with a well tanned rear end.




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

I’ve been a bit out of sorts for a day or two, so I’m afraid the delights of JS have rather passed me by. So it was great to log onto the site and find the most amazing little clip of delicious Dominic being laid over Dimitri’s knee for a spanking with the ping-pong bat!

Looking very elegant and spankable in a rather more formal, collared shirt and properly pulled up black trousers, it then keeps on just getting better with Dominic taking his trousers down to reveal his ‘favourite’ pair of coloured underpants – those navy- blue and pink striped boxer-briefs, probably the most spankable item of underwear in his nicely-stocked pants-drawer! And when they’re tightened almost to the length of classic y-front briefs and the camera moves in at some really spanky angles – PHWOOARRR!!! What else can I say but that?!!!!!! Especially as I know what sensations the tightening of a boy’s knix during a smacking can create round the front, so to speak! Poor lad, the way he screws up his eyes in pain shows that the spanking is making its point in no uncertain fashion! Dimitri decides to add his own strict ingredient to the mix by pulling Dominic’s ear, something the experienced spanker knows seems to be more painful and humiliating when it is done during the course of a punishment!

The lad’s demeanour as he straightens up off Dimitri’s knee for the last time is suitably chastened – he has had his bottom well and truly smacked and he jolly well knows it! As he walks away with the stiff gait of a well-spanked boy, it is clear that pulling his pants back up is going to be a bit of a hard job as it will reignite the pain! OWWW!!!!

Once again, a short spanking by BBFC standards but a thoroughly jucy one that ticks all of my boxes! Let’s have many more of them and make 2020 a really happy spanky New Year!