Sting: Army Discipline 3 (Part 1 of 2)

Army Discipline 3

Another visit to the 12th Field Cavalry Training Regiment where the young troopers are learning to mount their horses and handle their military equipment properly. Unfortunately in many cases a lot of the lads still don’t know a rifle barrel from the butt and their own butts are quickly made the main target for disciple! The only mounting going will be high over the knees of their strict training Sargent’s for a good spanking.

Cadet Coleman (Paul Wolfe) is one such trooper and ends up having to report to his platoon N.C.O, Junior Training Sargent Douglas (James Holt) Its time for some discipline to sharpen up the hapless trooper Coleman, he’ll make it as a soldier one way or the other.


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The route to success will no doubt be found over the Sargent’s knee, the boys bare backside raised high for a painful spanking.





Then later through the scorching end of his whippy riding crop!









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Army Discipline 3 – in Standard Definition


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5 years ago

Something about a raised-knee spanking always gets me going! Mr. Holt talented on either side of a good spanking as always.